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How To Use Bi-Monthly Self Spanking Reports As A Way To Document Your Journey

As an addition to monthly accountability reports, you should document your self spanking journey also with bi-monthly reports. These reports focus more on your concrete life and should detail how you punished yourself for recent wrongdoings.

I got this idea from reader Joel, who regularly sends them to me as an email.

Joel has improved his drinking and health problems vastly after starting to follow my advice religiously. Here is an excerpt of his recent report (which can be found here as a comment.).



January Mid Report 2017
Joel’s mid January Report 2017
This month has been the start of a new year for me! and so far I started the new year with a new year spanking daily program! that is really working wonders for me.
As I had decided from my December 2016 report, my behaviour had improved so much from my every Sunday Maintenance spankings’ over the four months that I have now gone on to increase that to an every day spanking of 20 swats per day! every day.

[You’re welcome.]


Joel also mentions a goal for these two weeks, here’s his goal from this time:

Be Thankful that you don’t already have everything you desire, if you did, what would there be to look forward to? Be thankful when you don’t know something For it gives you the opportunity to learn. Be thankful for the difficult times. During those times you grow. Be thankful for your limitations Because they give you opportunities for improvement. Be thankful for each new challenge Because it will build your strength and character.
Be thankful for your mistakes they will teach you valuable lessons. Be thankful when your tied weary Because it means you’ve made a difference. It is easy to be thankful for the good things. A life of rich fulfilment comes to those who are also thankful for the setbacks. Gratitude can turn a negative into a positive. Find a way to be thankful for your troubles and they can become your blessing…..


Joel then refers to his recent progress in his maintenance spanking program.

I really like this and read it everyday and try to follow it a long with my 20 swats.
My maintenance Program looks like this so far…..
Day one 1st Jan 2017
Pulled down jeans and underpants and laid on bed on pillows and gave my bear bottom 20 hard stinging spanks with wooden spoon.

[… 2 weeks]
Day twelve 12th Jan 2017
Pulled down shorts and underpants and gave my bear bottom 20 hard spanks with the rubber paddle.


Your report should then conclude with your recent progress. Here’s Joel’s conclusion:


So far I have not had to really have to punish my self for anything real bad this month! as I have more good news to report than bad! my behaviour is much improved and the Maintenance program is really working very very well, thanks to Miss Jessica.

I am going to go and have a monthly visit with my Mistress this Sunday night for a monthly over the knee spanking! I have been very good! but as per my plan I plan to keep to daily maintenance spanking program and seeing my mistress once or twice a month as my firm discipline continues along with your continued advice, and added spankings Miss Jessica, when you think I need it.



The structure Joel chose for his report is a good one – not too long, not too short. It should feature details of your spanking week in a way like Joel did.

Of course, the longer you look back the more you should focus on general things and not on details. Nader, for example, mentioned his 2016 goals in his comment here. He failed them and with my help, he will achieve his 2017 goals.

Here are his failures:

1. I would daily plan to get up early in the morning and go for walk, but could not execute it in the whole year.
2. I missed 40% of targets of my studies and other activities.
3. I became too much indulged in wanking and watching porn.
4. I was unbridled mentally. My psyche remained unsatisfied.

The difference between monthly accountability reports and the bi-monthly ones is details, mostly. Your monthly reports should include

  • did you progress this month
  • did you procrastinate less
  • did you achieve this month’s goals
  • how was the month in general.


For example, in his monthly accountability  report for January 2017, Joel concluded that in this month:

This month Joel started a new Maintenance Spanking program for most of the month! It kept me in line! And in very good spirits, and has improved my behaviour and motivation a lot during the day! and the results have shown though, I have been a bit rude! and out of place come later stages, of this month! that have called for some punishment needs.

He also detailed the spankings by his mistress, which are important in the monthly reports.

As Part of my monthly discipline routine, I shall still have a once or twice a month Punishment spanking with my mistress.

On Sunday 15th Jan 2017 at 8pm I received another long hard pants down over the knee spanking from my Mistress! Spanked with wooden paddles, leather paddles, rubber paddles, wooden hair brush, wooden spoons you name it! my bottom was on fire afterwards as normal! when she punishes me, I get it! but that’s what it is about and I need it.


Another great report was submitted by reader James Yoke, and you can read it here.


You should do so, too. Do you lack discipline or need someone to discipline you? Self spanking is an answer for your problems. Try it out and if you want to learn more, read this.

Miss Jessica, your disciplinarian.


If you want to integrate accountability in your life, become more goal oriented or just want to spank yourself anyway, you should consider, apart from reading the other articles here, to get the The guide for self spanking. It will teach you the backgrounds of spanking, some things to consider when starting first, and various scenarios in which spanking yourself is necessary. 

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  1. Joels’ Accountability Punishment Report February 2017

    This month has been a bit of a tip and go month for me! considering I had been so good in January! though I suppose I can expect I cant be perfect all year round I still cant make excuses for any naughty or bad behaviour and when discipline brakes down! then I have only myself the blame and I have to be accountable for that.

    I have been good for most of the month! but have lost my temper over a few silly things! and been rude which I have since both apologised, to those I was rude with! and gave attitude too! this just not on and though I did apologise and make up for it.

    I also as you know Miss Jessica needed your guidance for punishment and my own Mistresses Guidance for Punishment which has justly had me over this month been well punished 7 times between you both on the 2nd, 5th,7th, 14th,15th, 21st, and 22nd February 2017.

    To highlight my punishment for my rudeness! I paid the price punishments both received by my own Mistress Disciplinarian! and by order of Disciplinarian Miss Jessica.

    Punishment Received direct from my Mistress Miss Melissa

    I received Two serious hard long blistering beat bottom spankings which left my bottom very very sore for a week and a caning from her as well which meant that for a week every time I went to sit down! my sore stinging bottom sent a message to my brain to keep a lid on that naughty tongue of mine that has got my bottom in this state in the first place!.

    Miss Melissa did a great job of tanning my behind with all the leather and wooden implements at hand! over her knee with my pants and underpants down! plus a very long forceful scolding on my childish behaviour of late! and a hard caning which also led to a thin hooked cane been broken over my behind. My Mistress Punished me on a very tender bottom, only two days apart both at 8:pm, only two days apart on Sunday! and Tuesday 5th and 7th February 2017.

    Miss Jessica also has correctly and justly punished me with the following punishments! even with my roasted bottom from my Mistress I have still followed the discipline to carry out my daily maintenance and Miss Jessica’s punishments when asked also to pay for my rudeness and also to remind me to behave to my best abilities which I know when I put my mind to it and follow through I can! which is why spanking and other discipline does help me keep on track so well! just like keeping in shape with exercise.

    Miss Jessica’s First Punishment one

    Miss Jessica gave me the order to give myself 50 swats when she found out I had been a rude! and so I pulled down my pants, and underpants and bent over and gave my bear bottom a stinging 50 hard swats with! a stinging implement on the early morning of the 2nd February 2017.

    Miss Jessica’s Second Punishment

    14th and 15th February 2017

    Miss Jessica gave me more attitude adjustment punishment to do which was on the 14th and 15th February in which she gave me the order to give my self 50 swats with my hand on my bear bottom on one day and the same the next with my hand! and so on the 14th and 15th February 2017 I laid on my bed on pillows on both days and gave my bottom 50 hard spanks! 25 hard slaps on each cheek 100 all up over 2 days as by order by Miss Jessica.

    Miss Jessica’s third Attitude adjustment Punishment

    On Tuesday the 21st February Miss Jessica thought I needed another reminder punishment for my months behaviour! so she gave me the order of a final 50 swats! and so I bent over, and pulled down my pants’ and underpants! and gave my bear bottom another 50 swats, with a spatula.

    Miss Jessica’s forth and final Attitude adjustment Punishment

    I also felt and asked Miss Jessica that I strongly felt I needed this and so I she did. On Wednesday 22nd February Miss Jessica gave me one whole day of detention! of 500 lines which I did, and sent to her! and 15 minutes corner time! as extra punishment I also gave both hands 10 hard slaps with a ruler each! which is 20 hard slaps all up and washed my mouth out with soap in the shower as extra punishment. I felt I deserved it and now I after all the punishment that I have been given this month I feel I have paid for my rudeness early on in the month! and will be much better behaved next month.

    Along with my Punishments that I received from my Mistress and Miss Jessica! I also managed to hold my discipline no matter how sore my bottom was for my daily Maintenance Spankings! and continue the discipline every morning of 20 swats with a stinging different implement everyday of the 28 days of February across my bear bottom! this was done bending over or over my bed on pillows! I shall not highlight this as I have done in the last two reports! as it will make this report drawn out! but every day I use a different stinging implement wooden paddle, leather paddle, rubber paddle, hair brush, wooden back scratcher, spatula, wooden spoon, wooden bread board! belt, long handled wine testing spoon! ping pong paddle etc! so my behind never gets use to the same stinging implement.

    So a break down of my punishment and spankings all up for the Month of February 2017

    Spankings Received from my Mistress in Feb 2017 – 2
    Spankings orders from Miss Jessica in Feb 2017 – 4
    Maintenance Spankings in Feb all up – 28
    Extra Spankings in Feb all up – 2
    Spankings in Feb all up – 36

    January 2017 spankings

    Spankings Received from my Mistress – 1
    Spankings orders from Miss Jessica – 5
    Maintenance Spankings – 31
    Spankings in January – 37

    In all that comes to 73 spankings over January – February 2017.

    In all when I add my first 2 months of 2017 together! though there is mostly Maintenance spankings! over punishment spankings in there I have a well spanked disciplined bottom of 73 spankings in all.

    I feel much better for this! and much better for it! I must give my own Mistress I see once, to twice a month, a big thank you for my big improvements, with my attitude and behaviour modifications, as a person! and success and also a very big thank you to my online Mentor, Tutor and disciplinarian! Miss Jessica.

    This Brings an end to my February 2017 Report.




  2. Thanks Miss Jessica

    I have been very very full on this last week! but shall still send you my up to date life stile report in self spankings on Sunday! when I get the chance. I’m glad you are happy with more spankings in my life so am I. I am finding having a warm bottom more often! and on a daily basis it really works well for me, it is not such a bad thing and I encourage others to give it a go. Maintenance Spanking daily especially! helps me keep much better self control than needing a real big big spanking later on to sort me out most of the time! because I have done something really naughty. So the now 77 spankings this year are really improving my life stile in a big way.

    I don’t think I am weak or without will power! I am far from it! but I have always needed a firm hand and discipline in my life like a lot of stong willed people are at time’s and need discipline. So far Miss Jessica you and my own Mistress and my daily program! are well and truly delivering just the sorting out I need every Month and week.

    I will be able to get another booking with my Mistress next week! some time as well, Your ongoing Mentoring and tutoring in discipline and my own Mistress! a few times a month taking me in hand along with the maintenance program is really helping me keep focused! achieve my goals, and stay well and most of all keeping me out of trouble.




  3. Hi Miss Jessica

    As you will also read from the blog I sent up top! I was going to send you my latest life stile report to your email address on Sunday! but have managed tonight Saturday to send it! so you now have 2 different reports’ sent to your Self Spanking email address.

    Hope they are ok! please let me know.

    Kind Regards



  4. Hi Miss Jessica

    I Left you a few messages up top a few days ago that you must have missed the other night! please read them as I also sent my Life stile report for Feb 2017 on Saturday night to you in your Self Spanking Blog! I also read that Ron up top must have sent you one as well.

    I know some times! when you have over load of emails like you have the last few days! you don’t get them all! so hopefully you will get this one and be able to catch up with my other two one’s up top and Ron’s as well, as the Reports sent to you in Self Spanking. Please let me know what you think and how I am traveling! I am trying! but I like strong guidance! which you are good at.




    • I have read your mail – you’re on a good way. Actually your February report was really good. You do well, but I assigned you a maintenance spanking anyways. Report back on how it went.


  5. Hi Miss Jessica

    I gave my self my normal daily 20 swats across my behind Maintenance with the leather paddle this morning along with the 50 Maintenance that you gave me on top with the wooden paddle across my behind this morning. Thank you once again for my needed discipline I did need it thank you Miss Jessica.




  6. Joel’s Accountability Punishment and Maintenance Report March 2017.

    In the month of March my behaviour was much better than it had been in February in which I needed on going punishment! from Miss Jessica my online Mistress! and also two trips to my Mistress at home for not just maintenance. I also needed a caning on top for punishment in Feb by my physical Mistress Melissa.

    This month the month of March in comparison! has been much better as I have had good control of my behaviour, and only needed my daily Maintenance 20 swats with my hand or a stinging implement.

    Apart from that as my normal Mistress Melissa has been away this month and I can not see her until next month! Miss Jessica has helped me greatly to compensate for that loss of Maintenance Punishment that I need every month in which she has assigned me punishment maintenance spankings and lines to do for most of this month which I am grateful for. I do however need a session soon with my Mistress Melissa soon, and when I do I shall be 100% feeling rightfully disciplined along with Miss Jessica’s regular punishment Maintenance spanking’s for me to do.

    I was unwell for a week or so! so went to spanking my bottom for my daily spanking with my hand for a while.

    I gave myself my normal 20 swats every day throughout March as I have done every day this year! with my hand or a stinging implement with my pants and underpants down in a bending over position! bending over something laying on my bed on pillows or in a new position I have made for spanking! with pillows on a garden chair in which I put my self in a over the knee position and give myself the spanking I need.

    Maintenance daily spanking 20 swats as normal is as follows…..

    day 1 Spatula, Day 2 Hair Brush, Day 3 wooden Spoon, Day 4 leather paddle, From the 5th – to the 16th I spanked with hand, Day 17 wooden spoon, Day 18 rubber paddle, Day 19 Bath Brush, Day 20th wooden paddle, Day 21st Spatula, Day 22nd leather paddle, Day 23rd wooden spoon, Day 24th Bath Brush, Day 25th leather belt, 26th leather paddle, 27th Back scratcher, 28th wooden paddle. 29th leather strap, 30th wooden spoon, 31st leather paddle.

    This brings an end to my normal 20 swats a day across my bear bottom for march in which 31 spankings for every day of March and the year was executed.

    Though I was not naughty over the month of March as Miss Jessica has reminded me I still need regular punishment and spankings to keep my discipline on track. I was unable to be able to see my mistress this month so Miss Jessica improvised throughout the month ordering me to do the following spankings and punishment.

    I received 6 Maintenance spankings and punishment in March by Miss Jessica.

    1)On the 3rd March Miss Jessica gave me the order to give my bear bottom 20 swats in which I gave my self 20 stinging swats across my bear behind with the leather belt.

    2)On the 9th of March I received the order from Miss Jessica to give my self 50 hard spanks as maintenance punishment spanking with wooden paddle.

    3)On the 23rd March I received the order for 40 hard swats across my bear bottom with a bath brush.

    4)On the 26th March I received the order to give my self another 30 swats, I then gave myself another Maintenance Punishment spanking of 30 swats across my bear bottom! which I did with a wooden spoon.

    5)On the 29th March I received the order to give my self another 75 swats across my bear bottom with a wooden paddle as my Mistress is away and that I needed to discipline my self every Wednesday until I see her again. I gave myself the 75 swats with my stinging Wooden paddle across my bear bottom.

    6) On the 30th of March Miss Jessica gave me another Maintenance punishment spanking of 50 spanks across my bear bottom with my hand! and as extra punishment which I sent to her email address Miss Jessica gave me the order to do 200 lines. I first did my 50 stinging spanks across my bear bottom with my hand! and then sat at the computer with my very fresh warm bottom and sent Miss Jessica my 200 lines.

    So this brings an end to this months spankings……

    Spankings for the month of March 2017…..

    Maintenance daily self spankings – 31
    Miss Jessica’s Maintenance Punishment spankings – 6
    Spanking’s for the month of March 2017 – 37

    In all spanking’s for this year between Miss Jessica my internet disciplinarian , Miss Melissa my physical disciplinarian and my self.
    I have been given for the first 3 months of 2017 I have received 111 spankings! plus Mouth washing, lines and corner time.

    I feel however though despite a lot of sore bottoms! I feel the discipline really working so well for me, and I am finding it is helping me to behave much better, and reach my goals of 2017! so I feel it all well worth it.

    That brings an end to my March 2017 Report.




    • Miss Melissa and I are a hell of a time, I might say. Good report, it shows great development. I still assigned you another maintenance spanking and corner time.


  7. Hi Miss Jessica

    I have completed the 50 swats across my bear bottom with the leather belt! and I gave myself another 20 for my maintenance on top with the German Spoon! which I think from my photos you will find interesting.

    I did the 10 minutes of corner time with a very sore bottom! on a hard chair in tight jeans making it sting that much more. I took a photo of me sitting in the seat and also took another four photos of my spanked bottom after the belt and the spoon spanking and have also taken photos of the belt and the spoon I spanked myself with. I have now sent all those photos to your email address which you can now view and please let me know what you think Miss Jessica! as I do appreciate your feedback and good advice.




  8. Hi Miss Jessica

    I sent through my latest Maintenance punishment photos yesterday! of the 50 swats you gave me the order to do. I hope all four Maintenance Spanking photos came out ok for you. Some the lighting could have been better! but I think they showed you the redness of my behind after.

    I do appreciate your discipline and work on me! and hope you like my Evidence photos of the spankings.




    • Aboslutely ! Real life has taken a toll on me recently as well, so I was in “stealth” mode , but this should be better soon. New articles will come up as well.


  9. Hi Miss Jessica

    I was starting to wonder if things was ok with you! good to know your back on your feet, and you are now ok.




  10. Hi Miss Jessica.

    I sent through latest photos yesterday of my time in the corner and hair pulling for 15 minutes. I did the corner time as you requested me to do from 6:14am to 6:28am Saturday the 15th April. Hope they show you enough! it was difficult to do it in the position that I was with my hair being pulled at same time as it hurts, more to the point makes time in the corner a better discipline! punishment and makes you not enjoy it one bit which is the point I think.




    • Good, Joel – they’re great! As Easter present I just ordered you another 20 minutes. From time to time we need to have some minor changes, so that the spankings don’t become boring.


  11. April 2017 Monthly Accountability Punishment Report Joel

    This Month went very much the same as last month! my behaviour was well behaved most of the time! but needed on going maintenance which Miss Jessica did a good job in keeping me on the strait! With her on line mentoring and discipline. I did manage to get one session with my physical disciplinarian! on the afternoon of the 18th April 2017! which was great.

    Other than that my behaviour has been very much very much very controlled! and appropriate in all areas of late! and I am very content with my behaviour of late! and am happy with how I am progressing. I did however with miss Jessica up’ ing the anti on the Maintenance spanking punishment go from the normal 37 spankings the last three months over Jan, Feb, March to 39 over April so in all over the last four months of 2017 I have received a total of 150 spankings this year in total for 2017.

    My Spankings and Punishments for April 2017 for the month look like this.

    Maintenance Punishment Spankings….
    Punishment Maintenance Spanking 1.
    I condemned my self to 300 spanks across my bear bottom with a wooden paddle as Maintenance spanking as to make up for not being able to see my Mistress last month gave to myself on the Sunday 2nd April 2017 Thanking my Mistress Jessica Once Again.

    Punishment Maintenance Spanking 2.
    Miss Jessica assigned me to 50 spanks with the leather belt. I gave my self the strap of 50 swats across my bear bottom on Tuesday 4th April 2017 thanking my Mistress Jessica Once again.

    Punishment Maintenance Spanking 3.
    Miss Jessica Assigned me to another 75 Spanks with the leather paddle in my Mistresses absence as to make up for not being able to see her last month. And so on Wednesday 5th April 2017 I gave my bear bottom another 75 swats with the leather paddle. Thanking Mistress Jessica Again.

    Punishment Maintenance Spanking 4
    Miss Jessica Assigned me to another 50 spanks with the German Spoon as Maintenance Spanking to make up for not seeing my Mistress last month she doing a good job. And so I gave my bear bottom another 50 hard spanks with the thick long hard spoon 50 times on my bear bottom on the Friday 7th April 2017. Once Again thank you to Mistress Jessica Again.

    Punishment Maintenance Spanking 5
    Miss Jessica Assigned me to another 75 Spanks same as last Wednesday with leather paddle in my Mistresses absence. And so gave my bear bottom another 75 swats with the leather paddle on the Wednesday 12th April 2017. Thank you to Mistress Jessica Again.

    Punishment Maintenance Corner Time with a Twist – Punishment 6
    This time no Spanking! But this Punishment was for a change but maintenance and thinking time in absence of my Mistress.
    Miss Jessica Assigned Me 15 minutes corner time! in which I did in Tight jeans with my long hair tied back by a rope from the draw to make it very uncomfortable 15 minutes! as extra punishment. This punishment Maintenance was done on Saturday morning the 15h April 2017. Once again Thank you Mistress Jessica.

    Punishment Maintenance Session With My MISTRESS. Punishment 7.
    This Punishment despite being for mainly maintenance! as I have been a good boy the last month! or so does not matter! I am still in need of some serious over due proper discipline and that what I got! over an hour from 2pm to 3pm of non stop spanking over her knee with lots of stinging implements that sting like hell. This happened to me on Tuesday afternoon on the 18th April 2017. Thank you Miss Mellissa I was sore many days later as normal! great job.

    Punishment Maintenance Spanking 8.
    As Assigned by my Mistress Jessica as further Maintenance Spanking Punishment discipline on Sunday 23rd April 2017 Miss Jessica Assigned me to 70 swats with the German Spoon. And so I gave my bear bottom 70 swats with the German Spoon on Sunday 23rd April 2017. Thanks once again for the Punishment and guidance Miss Jessica.

    Punishment Maintenance Spanking 9.
    As Assigned by My Mistress Jessica I as further Maintenance Spanking Punishment Discipline on Thursday 27th April 2017! I was assigned the order to give my self 60 spanks! with the leather belt across the bear bottom. I gave my bear bottom the 60 swats that night and sent off the photos. Thanks once again to my Mistress Miss Jessica and a big thank you too her help keeping me in line over most of this month! but all of last month! whilst my Mistress was on her travels!.

    I have my next appointment with my Mistress tomorrow evening at 7pm my time! and I have a few more sessions booked this month! so should not have so many issues this month!.

    Anyway as well as the Maintenance Punishments up top!! I have also continued my daily on going self 20 swats on my bear bottom that I give my self every day! and have done since the 1st of January this year. This month the month of April 2017 my daily 20 swat Maintenance Spanking with implement was as so…..

    1st – Switch
    2nd – Spatula
    3rd – wooden Spoon
    4th – wooden spoon
    5th – wooden paddle
    6th – fly swatter
    7th – wooden spoon
    8th – rubber paddle
    9th – leather paddle
    10th – spatula
    11th – 4 by 4
    12th – wooden spoon
    13th – German spoon
    14th – leather belt
    15th – back scratcher
    16th – hair brush
    17th – leather belt
    18th – wooden spoon
    19th – 4 by 4
    20th – wooden paddle
    21st – leather paddle
    22nd – leather paddle
    23rd – leather belt
    24th – leather belt
    25th – wooden paddle
    26th – wooden spoon
    27th – wooden Squash R.
    28th – wooden spoon.
    29th – spatula
    30th – rubber paddle

    This now brings an end to the end of April 2017 Accountability Report, all though there was much spanking and much discipline despite my good behaviour through much of the month! I feel so much better for it! and so much appreciate both Miss Jessica’s efforts and Miss Melissa’s effort.

    Your Loyal Student




  12. Ms. Jessica:

    Here is my punishment report for the last 2 weeks.

    From May 1st thru May 4 I received 300 swats with paddle for lying.

    On May 6th I had a mouth soaping, 20 minutes standing in the corner, 63 swats with the paddle and 49 with the strap for lying again.

    On May 7th I had 82 swats with the paddle and 41 with the strap as a maintenance spanking.

    On May 8th and 9th I received 50 swats for extra spanking from the maintenance spanking.

    On May 13th I received 132 swats with the paddle and 38 with the strap for flirting with other woman.

    On May 14th I received 94 swats with the paddle and 30 with the strap for flirting with other woman again.

    All spanking were on the bare bottom.


  13. Hi J Yoke

    This is Joel, I am offering support to you at this time! and I am not sure what is happening with Mistress Jessica! but I am sure she is very busy with clients and will get back to us as soon as she has some free time!! whatever that means in her busy schedule.

    First of all well done on completing and getting your first Accountability Report out to your online Mistress! to look at and go over! you are on the first steps to good self control and starting to have accountability with your self. Keep it going! your starting to make a turning point! and that is always a positive start.

    Second you talk about the word (FLIRTING) in your Report!! you probably need to be a lot more specific when mentioning words like this! as this can mean anything! and I think you will find Mistress Jessica will be asking the same thing.

    There is healthy flirting which all beings! animals included do to make themselves attracted to the other sex! if this did not happen there would simply be no living thing on Earth as it is that simple!!. If you are flirting in a way which is controlled! polite! with other ladies that have interest in you and you are single! and you are genially seeking a life long partner! then you are doing something positive with your life! not negative!! as you are trying to find your soul partner! love of your life!! settle down! have a family and get your life on track!. That is what comes from Good Dating! and Flirting in that department!!!.

    However if!!! However it is because you have been watching too much porn! playing with your self! and you are want to have it off with every girl that you find your self in a room with!! then you are in deed being a very naughty boy!! and yes you are doing the just thing by taking your self away and dealing with it with stinging punishments!. As I say Flirting has been going on since the world began!! remember there is a healthy Flirt! that is finding your life long soul Partner!! and then their is the Wicked Flirt that is pure Filth and nothing will come from it but leading you to misery and a very very sore bottom! and Mistress Jessica’s disappointment in you.

    I hope my advice! and support has been of some help and assistance to you! again great to see you putting in a report.

    Kind Regards



  14. 1. 6/16/2017- Suicide Thoughts- 125 swats with wooden paddle- 15 minutes in corner
    2. 6/17/2017- Slacking off at work- 71 swats with wooden paddle- 5 minutes in corner
    3. 6/18/17- Maintenance- 149 swats with wooden paddle +4 days of bedtime paddlings- 15 minutes in corner
    4. 6/18/2017- 50 swats with paddle for day 1 of 4 of bed time spankings
    5. 6/19/2017- 50 with the strap for day 2 of 4 of bed time spankings
    6. 6/20/17- 50 with the strap for day 3 of 4 of bed time spankings
    7. 6/21/17- 50 with the strap for day 4 of 4 of bed time spankings
    8. 6/21/17- 160 with paddle for excessive masterbation, 30 minutes in the corner, and 3 days of bed time spankings
    9. 6/22/2017- 50 swats with wooden spoon for day 1 of 3 of bed time spankings
    10. 6/23/2017- 50 swats with paddle on bare bottom for day 2 of 3 of bed time spankings
    11. 6/24/17- 50 swats with paddle on bare bottom for day 3 of bed time spankings
    12. 6/24/17- 184 swats on bare bottom with wooden paddle with baby oil rubbed on for over spending plus 7 days of bed time spankings. 20 minutes in the corner


  15. Hi james joke this is joel again good report. Keep it up. On your health of mind! remember if you feel that run down please seek help online or contact suicide prevention online there are many organisations online and consultants you should talk too. I had depression bad for a few years for a few years my self after i ended up with bad arthritis in 2009. I stacked on so much waight from 2009 to 2014 and i was in so much pain all the time and still like you working! And doing my normal community work! and study but i went from an athlete of 58kl to somone 111 kl in those few years. Today somone who has not seen me in 4 years was shocked! As they did not recognise me! They said good god your half the person you were!. Though i did not tell them i self spank my self! have an online mistress and a phisical mistress i see them once a week for spanking and punishment that all helps me stay earthed! On track! And grounded and my mind refreshed after as it should yours james. I told them lost my high blood pressue, diabetes 2 and have not had an arthritic attack in more than 12 months. I have also boosted my self esteem greatly again! Well and truly back at my best at sport etc! Have a great discipline ongoing weekly set up with my self my self my phisical mistress! And my online mistress even though she only has time to reply due to tight shedule every now and again! But that is why i can also help as well as mentor if miss jessica is going through times in which she can not discipline you on line right now. If you need discipline or any advice by the way just blog like you have done and i shall send you a reply that day. Miss jessica shall reply to you when she can james with lots of great good stern advice and discipline which we all need. Kind regards joel.


    • Thanks Joel! Great job on the progress you have made. The discipline is really helping me. I have seen a lot of improvement in the last few weeks. My mind is now telling me if I do something I have the paddle to expect so that is keeping me on track. I actually have a new rubber paddle on the way for very bad behavior that is supposed to be vicious. I am always open to suggestions or additional punishment if you feel it is appropriate.


    • Your posts are always appreciated, Joel. Thanks for helping me out here … I want you to do 60 swats in your face with your hand now, Joel – your maintenance is necessary.


  16. Hi james you are doing much better i can tell by reading. Try giving your self a daily maintenance spanking like i do every day of 20 swats with wood paddle one day and rubber the next. On top of that do 300 lines a week for miss jessica! For example ( i must be good and strong in keeping discipline for mistress jessica). After having done the lines put your self in the corner for 30 to 45 minutes. I tend to also take photos of my lines, corner time and spanked bottom to mistress jessica and even get my weekly physical mistress mistress melissa to take photos each week of her work on me and send. This evidence is really good feedback for mistress jessica to see how hard your punishing your self and others are! But how well your progressing. Any how mistress jessica when she reads your june report shall be able to analyze how you have gone and be able to now have a better idea on your discipline. In the mean time give the 3 maintenence punishment steps a go! It works real well for my life stile!.remember 20 swats each day! 45 minutes in the corner each week and 300 lines for mistress jessica. And of course whatever mistress jessica thinks is appropriate for your punishment after. Keep it up james you are doing much better and starting to do well keep it up! And i have a rubber paddle my self and i can say i hurts just as much! and really bites as any leather paddle. Best regards joel.


  17. Hi james punch in the following ( i am looking for a mistress disciplinarian in pittsburgh. I gave it a go for you had one top mistress disciplinarian traveling throgh. And by the looks you get a few on reg basis come through. Also by the looks from time to time there is a spanking party help for spankers in your area which may be an idea for you too also find some one permanent. Give it a go! It out there just check them out and go for it. Hey i live in a very quiet place of the world and i get my weekly mistress phisical discipline dont i can tell you. If i can get that in the place i live! You well and truly can in the area in the world. Kind regards joel.


  18. Mid Year Accountability Report, for an overview of the first 6 Month’s of 2017.

    Report look at the first half of 2017 from January 2017 – June 2017.

    Hi mistress Jessica and others! though I see it as important too report every month I also think once about every six months’ I feel I should report an overview of how I have honestly been going with my spankings, Punishments, behaviour and Improvements. Also I think it is a time in which I can look at and reflect! what I need to also improve on behaviour wise! in my own honest words! and those reading I would like others to report and try and do the same.

    This year 2017 I have really tried to up a big improvement in my personal self personality in growing as being the best person I possibly can be in all things!. That being for my family, my health and fitness, my sport, my friends, helping others! helping my community through service work! and advocating for improving for others! improving my manners etc.

    I started the year with the pledge of a daily on going Maintenance spanking of 20 hard swats across my bear bottom with a different implement or my hand! which I have done and do every day of the week which I must say I have found has had it’s on going daily short term! and long term benefits to my overall improvement in manners and discipline and how I overall set my mind every day too do things! I find those 20 stinging swats help me out so much every day.

    I have found having Mistress Jessica my online Disciplinarian sending me on going weekly assigned Maintenance punishments! to improve my behaviour also has played a fantastic part on keeping my behaviour honest! and keeping myself down to earth and in check. Doing sometimes 30 to 45 minutes in the corner or 300 lines! often does me a world of good. And Mistress Jessica always assigns me weekly and fortnightly detailed Self spankings! that help me out so much. though I do now get regular monthly and weekly discipline punishment and long hard spanking from my physical Mistress! I would like to say that Miss Jessica’s online Punishment are just as important! and also in a discipline way correct my discipline behaviour in a way that my physical relationship discipline Mistress does not! so please all keep that in mind. I find it is the obligation of being given the (ASSIGNMENT PUNISHMENT) that makes the big difference which is a large part of self discipline! and Discipline all round. What makes Self Spanking of course such a great part to this assignment especially if it is an assigned spanking from 100 to 500 spanks to give to ones self! is that you must push your self mentally and physically through it! which is a greater challenge from when someone has you over their knee! or over a bed and you have that control taken away fro you and you are having you backside paddled hard. I find these on going online Mistress Assigned self spankings and other punishments very very important for on going self improvement! motivation and self discipline. As well as self bottom spanking I have also found on going self mouth washing out and of course changing the bottom spanking to face slapping works very very well.

    This year I have also tried to up my visits to my physical Mistress! which I have done! when she is here! I have gone this year from last year seeing my physical Mistress from once or twice a month! to once a week! last month I started seeing my physical Mistress Every week. Last week as she is going to be away in a big city for 10 days! and there for I will not get my weekly discipline from her! I had 3 very painful spanking! and scolding sessions from her last week! on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday which to make up for the 10 days she is away! I think is very important.

    Normally now as well as getting a weekly hard long spanking every Tuesday from my Mistress over her knee! or over the bed which depending on my behaviour can bee anywhere from 450 to over 1000 spanks across my bear bottom with many painful implements. I have also found writing lines also for my physical Mistress! and giving them too her every week before my punishment also does so much for me! as does the lines that I do and then photo and send to Mistress Jessica at Self Spankings.

    I have found the first six months from January 2017 – June 2017 has been very fruitful as far as my behaviour and health has been concerned! and I have had much success and am doing many good things for so many! thanks to feeling so much happier with my self! and my ongoing improvement in discipline thanks to my Mistresses first most.

    Though I have made drastic success and improvement to my fitness this year especially! and also I am showing much better accountability for everything I do! and have also well and truly improved my diet! there is still always room for improvement.

    I see the Great benefits that this Discipline Program, that My Mistresses and I have put in place have greatly worked for this first 6 months, of this year! but I think it is also time to now reflect on what I must now be looking at improving! and changing with my behaviour over the last 6 months’ of the year from July 2017 – December 2017.

    My Goals of behaviour improvement for the next 6 months are as such! as I am still in need of improvement. And I have a list of 4 items that I need to report on over the last 6 months! that I think I need improvements.

    1)I am still in need of improving self motivation at times! and need on going discipline from my Mistresses and my self to achieve this.

    2)I need to improve how at times I can improve the way I handle my time! even if I do have a buzzy schedule! I still need improvement! and on going Discipline I believe is a key.

    3) Though I normally have great self control! and don’t use bad words! I sometimes have a very naughty mouth that needs sorting out! and I though when I do use naughty words and am punished for it! I can be doing a lot better! and something at times I am not proud of and nor should I be.

    4) Again though I am not a dirty person! I am some times a little erratic in my home chore’s and they don’t get done on time! I have had to be punished by my Mistresses and my self on a number of times! and this is something that needs improvement also.

    Looking at my spankings this year Jan – June 2017……..

    Every day maintenance spankings for the year Jan – June 2017 – 181

    Maintenance and Punishment Assigned spankings M Jessica – 26

    Maintenance and Punishment Spankings given by M Melissa – 11

    Birthday Spanking for the first time – 1

    In all not including time outs! lines and mouth washing out I have received the following in all in spankings and face slapping’s. In all I have received from Jan 1st to June 30th 2017 in all 219 spankings for the year.

    I must now take this time now to thank Both my Mistresses! My Online Mistress! Mistress Jessica, and also my physical Mistress Melissa! for all my improved behaviour and manner changes this year! and for my great changes in discipline.

    This now Brings an end to my Mid Year Accountability Report.

    Best Regards to all, Your loyal Student Joel.


    • Joel, thank you very much! A detailed and great report, I’m proud of you.

      The line “This year 2017 I have really tried to up a big improvement in my personal self personality in growing as being the best person I possibly can be in all things!. ” is something I can personally vouch for.

      Your development this year is great and I believe that self spanking has helped you tremendously in it. As a courtesy, I will not assign you a spanking today. Keep up the good work!


  19. Dear Mistress and Joel:

    I have found me a disciplinarian who is called a mentor. She dishes out severe but deserved punishments. I have had her for a week plus my punishments I have been doing. She has introduced spankings on my thighs which are currently bruised and in severe pain. She is also using capasin cream which burns like crazy. Here are my punishments for the last 2 weeks.:

    13. 6/25/2017- 65 swats with paddle on bare bottom, 35 with strap on bare bottom, 14 days bed time spanking, and 35 minutes in corner.
    14. 6/25/17- 50 swats with wooden paddle for day 1 of 7 of bed time spankings
    15. 6/26/17 50 swats with wooden paddle for day 2 of 7 of bed time spankings
    16. 6/27/2017- 50 swats with wooden paddle for day 3 of 7 of bed time spankings
    17. 6/28/17- 50 swats with wooden paddle for day 4 of 7 of bed time spankings
    18. 6/29/17 50 swats with wooden paddle for day 5 of 7 of bed time spankings
    19. 6/30/17- 50 swats with wooden paddle for day 6 of 7 of bed time spankings
    20. 6/30/17- 160 Swats with paddle on bare for excessive masterbation, 74 with rubber paddle, 35 minutes in corner, and 3 days of bed time spankings
    21. 7/1/2017- 50 swats with wooden spoon for day 7 of 7 of bed time spankings
    22. 7/2/2017- 148 swats with paddle, 145 with rubber paddle, 160 written lines, and 7 days of bed time spankings
    23. 7/2/17- 50 swats with wooden paddle for day 1 of 14 of bed time spankings
    24. 7/3/17 – 50 swats with wooden paddle for day 2 of 14 of bed time spankings
    25. 7/4/17- 92 swats with cane, 94 with wooden paddle, 96 with rubber paddle, and 102 with wooden spoon on bare bottom for threatening violence on others. Also 130 written lines, a mouth soaping, 5 days of bed time spankings, and 35 minutes in the corner.
    26. 7/4/17- 50 swats with wooden paddle for day 3 of 14 of bed time spankings
    27. 7/4/17- 680 swats from mentor for swearing. Paddle, rubber paddle, cane, wooden spoon, and hairbrush used. 17 miniutes of corner time with hand on head.
    28. 7/6/17- 140 with cane and wooden paddle for swearing. 2 minutes with wooden spoon and rubber paddle for over spending.
    29. 7/6/17- 50 swats with wooden paddle for day 4 of 14 of bed time spankings
    30. 7/6/17- 520 swats with paddle, cane, wooden spoon, rubber paddle from mentor for swearing. 400 of those directly on inner thighs.
    31. 7/7/17- 50 swats with wooden paddle for day 5 of 14 of bed time spankings
    32. 7/7/17- 30 swats with wooden paddle, 20 with cane from mentor for swearing and latness to punishment. Capasin cream on bare bottom afterwards
    33. 7/8/17- 198 with cane, 172 with wooden paddle for maintenance, 40 minutes in corner, 6 days of bed time spanking, 3 hours being naked
    34. 7/8/17- 50 swats with wooden paddle for day 6 of 14 of bed time spankings
    35. 7/8/17- 5:00 minutes with wooden paddle, 11 minutes with cane on sit spot, 200 swats with rubber paddle and wooden spoon on thigh, grounded for remainder of weekend and capasin cream on bare bottom for remainder of night with tight underwear.


  20. Hi James

    That is just fantastic news! and I told you from my research into your area that you had some great no nonsense disciplinarians there. As far as a physical Disciplinarian and Mentor she sounds just what you need! in the same way my physical Mistress! Mistress Melissa is too me. The Punishment needs to be server as well! and going away being sore for up to 5 days is normal! after your first few appointments so don’t be put off as it different from self spanking! I been getting physical punishment from Mistresses for 15 years and I still come away sore but my backside and thighs don’t get so bruised any more and that even after taking a real blistering hiding! but it still hurts just as much.

    Your accountability in your report and honesty is real great! and you are giving yourself much longer and better self spankings too! for your offences which Mistress Jessica will also help you out with. Keep this up! and keep working with both Mistress Jessica as your Online Disciplinarian! and Keep up your appointments now with your new physical mentor and physical Disciplinarian! and I shall also be there in the middle if you want any advice.

    Keep it up James! I am real happy and excited for you! you have made a huge step in self discipline, and changing your life stile. Keep it up, you are doing so well.

    Best Wishes Joel


  21. Joel,

    Hope your doing well. I received a severe punishment from my mentor last night. Pretty much broke every rule in one day so i was severely punished. Am groiunded for a week. But she has decided i need to buy a bigger paddle. Is it possible to still self spank with a big wooden school paddle that is 16 inches long? If so any suggestions? Thank you.


  22. Hi james yes should not be a problem! Just remember though you need to work your self spankings in with your mistresses punishments due to your self pain level. This is important to start out with that you measure this properly. Your phisical mistress sounds like she is doing a great job and taking you in hand real well. Miss jessica will be happy for you too and im sure have some great self punishments for you too do on top as well! But good on you for doing your self spankings on your very sore spanked skin after your phisical mistress has punished you! Well done i know what that feels like. Keep it going. If you dont want to over damage your self too much but still self spank yourself daily for discipline inbetween your full on mistress punishments! Try using lighter but stinging tools like a spatula! Wooden spoon or leather belt!!they still sting a lot but will leave your skin in better shape to take a long hard beating from your phisical mistress that is good for you at this time. Keep going james you will get there it takes time. Best wishes joel.


    • Thanks Joel! She actually give me self spankings at home. I see her weekly but have to check in daily. If I break a rule she directs one on the spot. Thru messenger. Like last night I broke 3 rules so she directed about a 2 hour punishment. That included corner time, spankings like about 500 swats total on thighs and bottom, 2 mouth soapings, and am grounded thru Sunday. Once I come home from work I have to be sitting in the corner until bed time. Luckily I didn’t break a rule today so I just have to sit in the corner till 11 pm. Right she is not happy with me so she wants me to find a really good paddle.


  23. Hi james this is good news she has good control and yes she is helping you to establish and harden yourself to strong self control and discipline. She will get the best out of you. Keep it up. Another paddle worth trying is believe it or not one of those beach paddles they hurt just as bad but if i was you go to a local fetish store dont be shy and ask and try some of their products! I have got wood! Leather and rubber paddles from mine that have just killed for pain! Then again it a shop for just that so dont be shy and well done on your great relationship with your physical mistress and mentor she is doing you a world of good. Best regards joel.


  24. Ms. Jessica

    I’m sorry It’s been awhile since I last posted. I have had a lot of personal issues. I wanted to give my bimonthly report. Last week I had spankings 4 out of 7 days but have misplaced the details.

    On 8-28 I had 120 swats with the rubber paddle and 120 swats and 20 minutes in the corner for missed medicine.

    On 8-31 I had 78 swats with the wooden spoon, 106 swats with rubber paddle, 92 swats with wooden paddle, and 66 with the strap. I had to rubb capasin cream after and do 1 hour in the corner for swearing.

    On 9-2 I had 141 swats with the wooden paddle and 25 minutes in the corner.

    I recently started a system where every mistake does not lead to a spanking but where it builds up to it quickly. It is helping.


    • Good report. Now I want you to a maintenance spanking: 100 swats with the wooden paddle tomorrow on your bottm. After this, 45 minutes in the corner. Mistress


  25. Here is my report for the last 2 weeks:

    9-4 I had 20 minutes in the corner for flirting with women with intent to cheat.
    On 9-6 I had 114 swats with wooden paddle, 90 with the spoon, and 92 with rubber paddle for lying. I also had 15 minutes in the corner,and 180 written lines.
    On 9-8 I had 137 swats with rubber paddle for a maintenance and also had 100 swats with wooden paddle and 45 minutes in corner from Miss Jessica.
    On 9-9 I had 20 minutes in the corner for missed medication.
    On 9-10 I had 20 minutes in corner for swearing.
    On 9-12 I had 123 swats with wooden paddle, 141 with rubber paddle, and 174 swats with spoon for lying. I also had 3 days of no video games, a mouth soaping, 100 written lines, and 30 minutes in the corner.
    On 9-16 I had 151 swats with wooden bath brush for a maintenance spanking. I also had 20 minutes in the corner and 5 days of bedtime spankings.


    • Hi James you are doing so well. Sorry I have not got in touch last few weeks everything has been full on. I be sending my report for August in the next couple of hours. You are doing real well with your Mistress discipline keep it up😊. Kind Regards Joel.


    • 9.12 was a good day for your discipline ! If you played video games again, I want you to stand in the corner for 45 minutes! Let this be a lesson to you! Mistress


  26. Ms. Jessica,

    Here arevmy discipline for the past 2 weeks:

    On 9-22 I had 270 swats with the bath brush and 188 swats with the wooden paddle and 10 minutes in the corner for swearing.

    On 9-24 I had 102 swats with the bath brush , 4 days of bed time spabkings, and 15 minutes in the corner for missed medication

    On 9-25 I had 146 swats with the wooden paddle, another 4 days of bed time spankings and 35 minutes in the corner for missed medication.

    On 9-26 I had 162 with the strap and 30 minutes in the corner for a maintenance spanking.

    On 9-27 I had 189 swats with rubber paddle and a mouth soaping for swearing.

    On 9-29 I had 192 swats with the wooden paddle 4 days of bedtime spankings and 10 minutes in the corner for missed medication.

    On 10-1 I had 54 with rubber paddle, 40 with wooden paddle, 26 with the strap and 15 minutes in tge corner for refusing to do a punishment.

    On 10-1 I had 117 swats with the wooden paddle for lying.


  27. Ms. Jessica-

    Here is my spanking report as promised:

    On 11-6 I had 148 swats with the wooden spoon on my inner thighs, 87 with the strap on upper thighs, and 105 with the bath brush for lying. I was also given 30 minutes in the corner, a mouth soaping, and 7 days of the paddle before bed time.

    On 11-11 You had me do 100 slaps to the face, another mouth soaping, and 35 minutes in the corner.

    On 11-12 I lied again and was given 118 with the bath brush, 119 with the spoon on my inner thighs, and 79 with the strap on my upper thighs. I also had 35 minutes in the corner, grounded from video games for 7 days, another 7 days of bed time paddling, and another mouth soaping. I realize the lying needs to stop it I am sure the punishments need to be taken up for a level. I am open to suggestions.


  28. Miss Jessica,

    Here are my punishments for the last 2 weeks. Well I only have 1 week since I lost the other week. So i pray I am not punished for that.

    On 12/4 I received the 166 swats with the paddle for excessive swearing. I was also grounded for 4 days, had a mouth soaping, had capasin cream applied after spanking, and spent 40 minutes in the corner.

    On 12\5 I had 126 swats with the paddle for excessive masterbating.

    On 12/7 I had 100 swats with the bath brush for overspending.

    I am really noticing major improvement in my behavior and hope to continue in the future.


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