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Jessica is a sexy, feminine spanker who has read and written a lot about punishment, maintenance, discipline and/or humiliation to naughty boys and girls, wayward husbands, disobedient wives, and so on. She is a slender, 30-ish white woman and passionate fan of spanking. She started with spanking herself, but today also regularly  whips the ass of her boyfriend to hold him in line and show him that she’s in charge. She has no problems reducing grown men to tears and knows exactly how to maximize their pain, embarassment, humiliation, in front of others or alone, to discipline them. Read her posts here !

John, on the other hand, is a self-spanker. Having hidden his fetishes and desires for a long time, he now proudly talks about it on the internet. John and Jessica are not together – but they have a different relationship. Read more from John here.

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