Spanking yourself

Why Do You Need To Spank Yourself?

Hello naughty one,

What naughty antics have you been up to this week? Been irresponsible with your budget? Procrastinating? Been rude, disrespectful, or bratty?

Do tell.

Confess you naughty antics in the comments section and I’ll assign you a self-spanking punishment that will make you think twice before acting up again!

Get ready to feel like this naughty boy, or worse:



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155 thoughts on “Why Do You Need To Spank Yourself?

  1. Hello Ms. Jessica,

    I will confess something that might make me deserve a good, hard spanking assignment. I messed my budget up .. I bought porn clips and watched them while i was “stoking it” .. Or, while i was “wanking” as is often said by people in England. 🙂


  2. Hi Miss Jessica

    Yes I know you must be sick of me confessing my bad behaviour by now! but I do think I need good correctional guidance on this one please.

    I must confess to being naughty in the area of motivation! for a upcoming sporting event which is unlike me as I am normally very very competitive! but I have no excuses as I have lapsed bad and

    Though I have been great with my game training and performing very well with good results! I am entering a big tournament middle of next month and have had some very naughty lapses. My diet is great! I don’t drink or smoke by the way! and my sports training in training practice is great to! but I have found of late I sometimes miss my 3kL run during the day! and have twice this week!! already failed to use the Gym for my 1 hour work out. What makes this laps for those two days I missed in the GYM most bad!! is the fact that I have my own Gym and have my own Gym program!!.

    I think I need to be punished for this, this time!! and if possible I think I may be in need of a daily punishment to make sure I don’t laps from now on do you think this is a good idea?.

    Any how Miss Jessica I leave it in your hands for my just punishment and correction again.


  3. Hello Miss Jessica,

    When I read your post butterflies hit my stomach and I knew I needed to reply. I am a bit ashamed to admit to it but I am still guilty of procrastination. While I did complete one overdue work assignment others remain untouched. I have no excuse. Time was on my side but instead I put them off and made up excuses to my boss as to why I had not completed them.

    For what it is worth I am worried and wary of what may come but I will accept whatever punishment you assign. I know my behavior needs to change.



  4. Hi I am a college student who is new to this. I have been procrastinating a lot these days to the point where I do homework at the very last minute and I failed one of my exams. Can you help me correct this?


    • Go do the homework, obviously. Before you start, 20 swats, and 20 swats when you’re done, whenever that be. DO NOT SLEEP OR TAKE ANY BREAK WHILE YOU’RE DOING YOUR HOMEWORK.
      Otherwise, 40 swats extra on the spot!
      Report back!


      • Thanks Ms. Jessica. You have literally given me the beating of my life. I am honestly glad you’re not my real mom or else i wouldve gotten a beaten everyday.


  5. Monthly Punishment Report

    Hi Miss Jessica

    I must report my October spankings and other punishments and Maintenance Spankings

    Sunday Maintenance Self – Spankings

    Sunday the 2nd of October 2016 – Pulled down my pants and underpants and put myself across bed on pillows. Gave my bear bottom 15 hard spanks with the leather paddle.
    Sunday 9th of October 2016 – Pulled down my pants and underpants and bent over stool! and gave my bear bottom 15 hard spanks with the wooden spoon.
    Sunday 16th October 2016 – pulled down my pants and underpants and laid over bed with pillows and gave my bear bottom 15 hard spanks with a leather paddle.
    Sunday 23rd October 2016 – Pulled down my pants and underpants and laid on bed on pillows and gave my bear bottom 15 hard spanks with the wooden spoon.
    Tomorrow Sunday 30th October 2016 I shall pull down my pants and underpants and lay over the bed with pillows and give myself another 15 hard spanks with the leather paddle.

    Over the knee Friday Maintenance Spankings from my partner! for being a peeping Tomb.

    On Friday night the 21st October 2016 my very cross partner took me across her knee and spanked my bear bottom with her hand! Wooden spoon and leather paddle for around 45 minutes.
    Friday 28th of October 2016 my partner took me over her knee and gave my bear bottom another long hard spanking with her hand, leather paddle and wooden spoon.

    Self – Spanking punishments and self – Punishments

    1st Punishment! for Procrastination and not getting things done on time.
    On Monday the 10th October 2016 – pulled down pants and underpants and in a standing position gave my bear bottom 200 spanks with spatula. I then gave myself 30 minutes corner time sitting in tight pants that made my bottom sting and burn for the 30 minutes! I then finished the punishment by pulling my pants down and giving my self another 100 hard spanks with the spatula standing up.

    On Saturday the 15th October 2016 I Gave myself a Public Spanking in a back toilet in a coffee shop for myself being rude!! I gave myself 20 hard spanks on the bear bottom standing up with a spatula. Left toilet with a spanked bottom and the Coffee shop had lots of people in it! but that makes up part of the punishment.

    Punishment time for offenses done during the last few weeks. Punished for 5 offenses on Monday 17th of October 2016. First punishment offense I pulled down pants and underpants and gave my self 30 hard spanks with long stinging tool. Next punishment for offense no 2 I bent over again and gave my bear bottom another 100 spanks with long stinging tool. 3rd offense I gave my bear bottom another 100 spanks with the long stinging tool! 4th Punishment 100 spanks with the long stinging tool and finally I gave my self 25 slaps across the face with the long stinging tool and finally as extra punishment I gave myself 20 lines as extra punishment.
    In all for the 5 offenses I punished myself for I gave myself 330 spanks on the bear bottom with stinging long tool! 25 slaps across the face with the same tool and 20 lines to finish up on to make the punishment sink in.

    Next Punishment was for not getting house work done when I was suppose to.
    I gave myself this day punishment on Thursday October 20th 2016 on my day off. I pulled my pants down to my knees and from 11am – 5pm I would do house work and every 10 minutes or so I would take the wooden spoon and give my bear bottom a good 15 to 20 spanks in between cleaning up. By the time I had finally done all my house chores like I should have done before they all got out of control I had a sore red bottom.

    Punishment for being a Peeping Tomb
    Pulled down pants and underwear and laid over bed and pillows and gave myself a stinging 60 spank switching! 30 on each cheek. Also reported this to this site and to my lady partner as extra punishment. I also gave myself 60 minutes in the corner and 100 lines as extra punishment.

    This comes to the end of my monthly corrections and punishment! I feel much better in myself for the punishment I have received.

    Thank you once again Miss Jessica.


  6. Miss Jessica: I thought I would relate a recent experience to you and how I took your advice. A few days ago I realized that I was neglecting my responsibilities and I came to the conclusion following your advice that I should be punished and spanked. I decided that I would follow your suggestion and give myself a “self spanking” I decided on a date and time. It was going to be the next day at 8 pm. As you suggested I laid out my spanking implements, in my case they are a flat wooden coat hanger, which stings like the devil and the dreaded wooden hairbrush. I had the whole next day to think about the spanking. Each time I saw the implements I kept thinking to my self “am I crazy, I don’t want a spanking, I hate receiving a spanking”. I know that for a spanking to be effective it has to be painful, it has to leave a lasting impression so I’ll change my ways just to avoid receiving another dreadful spanking. I made a promise that I would go through with it and decided on giving myself a hard spanking and not to stop until I finished. I got more anxious as the day passed by. I kept vacillating back and forth trying to talk myself out of giving myself a spanking. I originally decided to give myself 20 swats with the coat hanger, followed by 5 minutes standing in the corner, followed by 20 swats from the horrible hairbrush. When the time came, I lowered by pants and underwear and laid on some pillows at the edge of my bed. The first 5 swats from the wooden coat hanger hurt much more than I expected. I have not been spanked for a long time and my butt was really tender. The next 5 swats really stung – “OWWWW no more” I said to myself. I promised I would finish the spanking. 5 more swats and I said “OMG am I crazy” ? It took all my emotional strength to deliver the final 5 swats. I jumped up and started rubbing my score butt. I heard a voice in my head say, “In the corner you bad boy and no rubbing” I stood in the corner of my bedroom wondering why I had agreed to this form of punishment. My thoughts went to “OK,, that is enough” Just as I was talking myself out of any more spanking, I remembered my pledge to complete the spanking, so I walked slowly back to the table to pick up the hairbrush, tapped it against my hand and said to myself “I don’t think I can take it”. I bent over the pillows again – I closed my eyes and gave myself 5 swats with the hairbrush. Before I could recover, for those awful swats, I gave myself 5 more swats, fast all over my bottom. OMG, I had to stop, they hurt so much. I had to catch my breath. Only 10 more –I can do it. I decided to give them slowly which was a big mistake. My bottom was red hot and each spank layered over a previous spank. I tried to find a part of bottom that didn’t hurt which was also a mistake, because I landed some on the bottom of my butt by my thighs. I can’t believe I got through the last 5 swats and I was swearing to be good and behave. I got up and looked at my bottom in the mirror. My bottom was bright red and there was small bumps, like pimples. When I touched them a shot of pain shot through me. The whole self spanking experience was awful. I told myself I had better behave and do everything I could to avoid another spanking.


  7. Miss Jessica

    I have been missing school work and even failed a test due to lack of preparation. I had improvement in not watching pornography but in the last week not so much. Your punishments have helped me in the past. I thank you for your time.


      • Ms. Jessica

        I gave myself 30 swats with the wooden paddle. I also gave myself 100 swats with the hairbrush and 15 minutes in the corner for doing poorly on an assignment. Thank you for the discipline.


  8. Hi Miss Jessica

    As part of a punishment I have committed my self to for being unreliable to this week! in my community services! I have given myself this punishment and as normal have decided to Report this as part of the humiliation of the punishment.

    This week though I have been working hard and not had time for my normal community commitments! I have been very naughty with my communication with my service work and forgotten to report to them, and communicate to get someone to fill my absence. This I find very very unreliable, disrespectful and no excuses! I need to get my act together this week and I must feel the strong desire for tough punishment to sort myself out.

    Starting today Thursday 3rd November I gave my self 100 spanks with the switch and 100 with a hard sole slipper across the bear bottom on the bed! As I think I really deserve the harsh sting’ of the switch and hard slipper. I shall repeat another 100 with the slipper tonight! And after this stinging Spanking, I shall put myself in the corner for 30 minutes sitting on a chair with nose in corner! In tight pants’ that will be like sitting on a hot grill. I shall repeat the slipper spanking for a week from tomorrow, Friday the 4th November 2016 until next Friday the 11th November 2016 giving myself 200 spanks across the bear bottom with the slipper over the bed! followed my a roasting 30 minutes after each daily spanking in the corner sitting on a chair in tight pants with nose in the corner.

    I am expecting this punishment to seriously correct my behaviour and be at my best responsible behaviour from now on.

    Again thank you Miss Jessica for your understanding and guidance in this matter.


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  10. Hi Miss Jessica

    No I am giving my self that many, and it is tough correction! and yes may seem hard to believe I agree! and I am very sore.

    The slipper I am using is more like a small shoe with a wood sole on it! I would not be able to spank my self 200 times with a slipper or shoe if I was spanking from very hard up high, and down! as I would only be able to do about 12 or 15 at the most! But as I like my punishments to last and really sink in! So that I don’t re offend! I like my spankings to be long. Even half way gives a real sting! and I do it on my stomach on the bed not a bending over position! and after 200 from half way is enough with a slipper and I get good results. That is the great thing I have found with the slipper, it is so tough on your bottom that you only need to spank with minimum force and the results are the best I have found.
    The other secret to pushing myself this long is to give myself 20! stop and then give myself a good scolding in between spanking! after a few minutes repeat again another 20 and give yourself another scolding followed by another 20 spanks! I Continue this until I have finished the spanking! and you have been given a good scolding by yourself to get the message across! followed by the painful slippering over a long period of time.

    I only ever use Slipper, Cane or Switch if I think I have done something real bad! that needs the most painful spanking! as the three spanking tools leave such a large impression not to repeat the offense again. I only ever have given myself 6 – 12 with the cane as it is most savage. For less offenses I use my Hand, Wooden spoon, Spatula’s and Paddles! that also have a big influence not to repeat! but not as Harsh as the Slipper, Cane and Switches.

    I promise you Miss Jessica this is the truth! and I will never lie to you! as it would not serve me or be of no benefit to me! As I seek strong guidance and self correction and I am very serious in my life correction from myself and others. I really do appreciate your on going advice and am thankful for your mentoring in these matters.

    As I see, you see that I have chosen to be to harsh on my self! and I think you are correct, now I reflect on the punishment. I am going to down grade to a spanking item that I am using to the Wooden spoons that also stings a lot! but I agree not so harsh on myself for the next week. The Slippering and switching I gave myself yesterday will do for those tools for now! and 200 daily with the wooden spoon shall do! along with 30 minutes corner time that I must say I hate more than the spanking itself.



  11. Hi Miss Jessica

    Since Thursday I have continued my one week Punishment. I switched and spanked myself with a switch and slipper 200 times and gave myself 30 minutes corner time which was very painful I must admit on the Thursday.

    I decided not to continue with the Switch or Slipper as tooo harsh I think! on my self as you will agree and advised me so.
    Instead I have given my self on Friday! Saturday and today Sunday 200 each day with wooden spoon which still leaves me with a very sore bottom but not any way as sore or welted with the Switch or Slipper, but I deserve it. I shall continue this until next Friday with corner time after my wooden spoon spanking is complete.
    As I have said I hope not to re-offend in this manner again so I want the lesson to sink in.
    I also continued on today to give my self my Sunday maintenance Spanking, with 15 swats across my bear behind with the wooden spoon this morning.



  12. Hi Miss Jessica

    I am seeing a Disciplinarian that does me so much good! when she is in my home city, this upcoming Friday night! I have booked for 8pm. I need to see her as my behaviour last week and this week have been so bad. Miss Melissa will roast my behind further when she finds out some of the things I have done! again I do need this.

    I know it is completely different seeing a Disciplinarian, even seeing the same lady I still get real nervous! about 10 minutes before I am due for my appointment with her. Even though I am use to tough punishment! She has a presence that before seeing her is like being in big trouble with the principle! at School some how! And it is that same very nervous feeling.
    She does a great job with helping my nerves! and once I am in her presence, it is gone! and we find ourselves discussing first my latest behaviour issues! and she will then roast my behind appropriately. I guess by the end of this week I shall be sitting on a very sore bottom for a few days! my own self spanking’s have already
    made my bottom sore.
    As my Disciplinarian Miss Melissa scolds me when she is halfway through my spanking! (If I had behaved my self in stead of being a naughty little boy! I would not be needing Miss Melissa to punish me so hard all the time).



  13. Hi Miss Jessica
    Again tonight is the night I see Miss Melissa. I know I am in so much trouble. My bottom got its last 200 with the wooden spoon today which I have given myself for the last week! So my behind is already warmed up as it is. I know it will be so much more warm and sore after tonight.



  14. Hi Miss Jessica

    Today I am writing this on a still very sore bottom! and think it will take a few days before the sting from both cheeks goes away. Miss Melissa gave me another long and hard spanking at her motel last night between 8 – 9 pm. Miss Melissa used a number of items including hairbrush, paddles, and even a riding crop on my behind last night. I had an hours appointment and spent most of it listening to the hard slaps to my bottom and the explosive sting from each and every one.

    At the end of the session she said I am a bad boy! but a good bad boy. I know I am going to be watching my behaviour this week! and I have one last appointment with Miss Melissa next Friday! at the same time as she said I should get another one before she goes to straiten me out good.
    Next Friday will have been the 9th time I have seen her this year. She does a great job and I always feel so much more sorted out and better within my self for a session with her afterwards! even when I am bending over or over her knee getting an unbearable roasting that seems almost to go on forever.

    With all that said! if I break any of the set up rules I have in place! or misbehave from now and next Friday when I see my Miss again! sore bottom or not I shall not hesitate to give my self a good spanking! and report it my bad behaviour to you and then will report my bad behaviour to Miss Melissa.

    Please Miss Jessica if you think I need any further correction or advice on what I am doing! please let me know! I always appreciate your advice and mentoring! and you have certainly helped me greatly on how I look at my self spankings! and the meaning to them. The self spanking have felt that much more powerful with your advice coming through all the time! for this I thank you just as much as the miss I see that roasts my behind during the year.
    You have set up a fantastic online site for those that really need this correction in their lives, and It is fantastic to see so many reaching out for the structure and correction that they need in their lives.


  15. Hi Miss Jessica

    I have to admit that yesterday was self spanking Maintenance day, with the leather paddle and with a still very sore bottom! especially on the right hand side! I did yelp! a few times giving myself that 15 I can tell you.

    I am going to see my Miss again this Friday! so if I don’t want a constant sore behind I had better atone my behaviour this week and get it together.
    I now feel I have the motivation from it all to do so.



  16. Hi Miss Jessica
    I went and had my second Friday night session with Miss Jessica last night.
    Boy I am again sitting on a very sore red bottom and even after having been given one heck of a roasting off her 5 hours ago my bottom is still very sore and red.

    I also still gave myself that 20 that you requested! and I shall do the same today and Sunday along with my normal Maintenance spanking on Sunday. Thank you for the 60 spanks over these next 3 days I deserve it.

    On another note I find seeing my Mistress once or twice a month! very important, and I find seeing her very nervous just before seeing her. But she always greets me with a fantastic smile and makes me feel very welcome before our session. She is very easy to talk with! and she always has a full understanding of the things’ that I talk with her about. I never complain, and I am always very thankful for her discipline! even when I am over her lap gritting my teeth! as she swats away all over my behind and I think to myself I cant take any more.
    What I find so fantastic and what I love about my disciplinarian is that before and after the painful long punishment! she always finds the time to sooth my emotions as I am an emotional person.
    I have had to punish my self once this week with a good spanking and write lines! and have endured two Fridays’ in a row with a bottom blistering experience with my discipline Miss Melissa! Also with these next 40 remaining swats, with the leather paddle over the next few days! along with my Maintenance spanking this
    Sunday in which it is the wooden spoons turn this Sunday I think I my have a very very’ sore bottom over the next few days! Will indeed help me to re-asses my behaviour this month, and should keep me on the strait path of good Attitude adjustment and correction.
    Ps Miss Melissa broke a wooden spoon over my bottom tonight! Ouch. She also used 5 other stinging items’ over my bear bottom between 8pm and 9pm.



  17. Hi Miss Jessica

    I completed the 60 swats this morning on my bear bottom with the leather paddle today and also gave myself 15 with the Wooden Spoon for my maintenance spanking. I also forgot to answer the question about how I found Miss Melissa.
    Since 2002 along time now! when I was 22 to the age of 36 in 2016 I have experienced 7 different discipline Mistresses over that period of time. The reason for this in the place I live I have had some that travel to the city! in which I live and others’ who have stayed for a few years and moved on.
    As of late there has been other mistresses of discipline that I could have used! but since May I really like the lady that I have seen 9 times now for my discipline needs.
    Miss Melissa really knows how far to take my spankings! and she is very understanding of my needs! and I feel that we have that thing that clicks! with some people over others! Hope I am making sense of my words! because it is hard to explain how she controls my emotions! and takes me to my limits.

    I find Self Spanking and other corrective punishments! help most of the time with correcting my behaviour such as giving myself apart from self spankings! lines! washing mouth out with soap and sitting or standing in the corner for a long time! helps just great along with your advice and correction. I see a Disciplinarian when I really need one! for what I see as Gross bad behaviour! though that is probably my tough mother coming out of me at times! my mother is a perfectionist and I am at times! in the same category with myself! in myself aiming for perfect behaviour in my life.
    Some months’ I don’t need to see my Disciplinarian! other times as this month I will have to see her twice in a month. I had to see her thus this year twice in May, twice in June, twice in July, once in August and this month of November I have had to see her twice.
    I am going to have to work hard on my behaviour modification in December! or my behind will get another dose of what it got this month along with other Discipline punishments.



  18. I really need to be punished. I’ve been super cranky with my family today. I have also been slacking off at work. I’ve tried multiple things to improve my attitude and work habits,but nothing has worked very well.
    Can you give me the punishment I so desperately need?
    Thank you,


  19. I need good firm spanking (typical hair/bathbrushes, paddles no canes unfortunately) I have been lazy n taking out the trash and taking care of the litter box. I have also not gone shopping when I should have….


  20. Hi Miss Jessica

    It is early December and I need to send you my November monthly punishment Report! and last month was far from my best month! but I promise to put in a big effort this month the last month of the year being good will to all as well.

    November 2016 Punishment Report

    My behaviour was so bad I had to see my Mistress Melissa twice in November. On Friday night 11th November and again on Friday night the 18th November 2016 for my one hour bear bottom roasting! which she well and truly gave me with every implement she had and I had! which for my behaviour last month! I confess I deserved every bit of it.

    To my own correction Punishment and Maintenance Spankings under your good guidance.

    Maintenance Spankings

    Sunday 6th November – Pulled down pants and underpants and bent over lounge chair and gave myself 15 hard spanks with the wooden spoon.

    Sunday 13th November – Pulled down pants and underpants and laid on bed on pillows and gave myself 15 hard spanks with the leather paddle.

    Sunday 20th November – Pulled down pants and underpants and bent over and gave myself 15 hard spanks with the wooden spoon.

    Sunday 27th November – Pulled down pants and underpants and bent over and gave myself 15 hard spanks with the leather paddle.

    Extra Maintenance correctional Spanking by your command miss Jessica

    Received and commanded as 20 swats across my bear bottom for three days. This was done laying over my bed on pillows, with my pants and underpants down and over three days on Friday 18th November, I gave myself 20 with the leather paddle, another 20 on Saturday the 19th November and Sunday the 20th November. Total of 60 Swats all up with the leather paddle across my bear bottom over those three days.

    Self Spanking and Self Punishment

    In all over November I ended up self punishing my self 5 times in all! which is the same as October! however though some of the offences I punished myself for had been for minor behaviour issues some was for some very incorrect behaviour that needed harsh spanking and punishment which I gave myself plus two visits to my Mistress.

    Punishment one – This Punishment was to be server as I had let down a bunch of service people in my service area when I forgot to correspond with the other Volunteers! I may have been working hard with work and forgot my community commitments but this in my book was not an excuse and server punishment was needed. This Punishment was to last from Thursday 3rd November – Thursday 10th November for my Gross loss of accountability and responsibility.

    Thursday 3rd November – Laid across the bed on pillows and first gave myself a terrible blistering welting 100 lashes with a thin switch. This was followed 5 minutes later on the bed on my already welted behind with a further 100 with the wooden slipper. I would then do the ritual of 200 spanks across my bear bottom every day with a wooden spoon until Thursday 10th November over my bed on pillows. As Further Punishment I dis 100 lines and also did 30 minutes sitting in the corner after being freshly spanked in tight jeans with nose in the corner. Also one of my trips to Mistress Melissa was Punishment for this offence – so I think this demonstrates my remorse for what I did and I think in the end I was well punished and have paid for what I did. I will not do it again.

    Punishment 2 – I can not stand laziness when it comes to food! and I never buy take away! well on this day I let myself down and did so – and it was just YUK.

    As Punishment I did the following.

    Monday 7th November
    I along with having already that day already given my self 200 with the wooden spoon earlier for the ongoing first punishment! went and put myself over the bed again on pillows and pulled down my pants and underpants and gave myself another good very stinging 40 hard swats, with a long handled implement on my bear and already sore behind. I then sat down at the kitchen table on my sore bottom and wrote ‘I must not eat junk food’ I did that 40 times. Later that night after I had come home from playing sport and probably burnt off a few of those extra horrible calories I had taken in when I had that take away!! I went and had a shower and as Extra punishment as my mouth and tongue had played a major part in my taste for bad food at lunch time I washed my mouth out with a big bar a soap.

    Punishment No.3

    Monday 14th November
    After having made it late to a work shift when all was quiet and under control I took myself to a private place in the back changing rooms and pulled down my pants and underpants and in a standing position then gave myself 40 good hard spanks with a wooden spoon on the bear bottom. As Extra punishment in my own time I gave myself 20 lines.

    Punishment No.4

    Wednesday 16th November
    After having stuffed up the Volunteers roster already this month it came back to haunt me even more and I made another mistake but not as bad at least and it was fixable!! never the less I still felt I had to be accountable for this and again punished myself further. Whilst at the Volunteer location I took myself to a private changing room place and pulled down my pants and underpants and in a standing position gave myself a good 40 spanks with a wooden spoon. I would also later give myself 20 lines to do.

    Punishment No.5

    Monday 28th November & Tuesday 29th November

    after a day in which was not going well for me work wise though I don’t normally curse which is no EXCUSE AT ALL! I found my self dropping a few interesting and not very nice word’s in public at work! which involved the F word and the B word! I never do this often but this day I did and boy what a wicked mouth.

    Well as was agreed Miss Jessica a dirty mouth from a naughty boy or girl needs working on!! and that’s what it got.

    I gave myself the 40 swats across my bear bottom with the wooden paddle that you demanded me to do over two days 20 one day 20 the next! and also I washed my mouth out with soap twice over two days and sat and did 40 lines. As Extra Punishment however I also pulled down my pants and underpants sat down at the kitchen table and to make it finally sink in! I was to write 20 lines followed by a hard swat every time I had completed a line on my bear bottom with the paddle! hence another 20 lines and another 20 hard swats with that wooden paddle. As the final punishment I put on my tight jeans that set fire to my sore bottom and placed my self in the corner sitting my behind on the hard bench in the corner for the next 30 minutes.

    This Punishment was carried out for cursing
    Monday 28th November
    20 Hard Swats across my bear bottom with wooden paddle standing up, 20 lines and Mouth washed out with soap.
    Tuesday 29th November
    20 hard Swats across my bear bottom with wooden paddle standing up, 20 lines and mouth washed out with soap. Later 20 lines along with 20 hard swats for each line written with wooden paddle. Last punishment 30 minutes in the corner in tight jeans with nose in corner on hard bench.

    This Miss Jessica brings to an end my November 2016 Self Punishment Report! I shall be doing my best this Christmas Month and last month of the year to be much better behaved! so far I have started the new month a fresh! and have also got as you can see a fresh in my mind the lessons I learnt from my own Punishments thanks to both your leadership miss Jessica, and from my very good disciplinarian Miss Melissa.



  21. Hi Miss Jessica
    Not sure if you got my November report I noticed! when I sent it your latest posts, just came through about an hour before! so you may have not noticed it.
    Anyway so far so good! it is the 5th of December today, and have only had to give myself the Sunday maintenance spanking thus far. If I keep this behaviour up I may only need to see my Mistress once or not at all this month! and only need a few self punishment spankings! we shall see I trying hard.



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  23. Hi Ma’am. I am 22 years old boy, still studying. But recently I failed one of my exams. I live from two weeks alone, because my Landlord went on holiday. She is in her early forties and she is very dominant woman, I am not allowed to make any parties in her house or drink beer. She spanks me if i get bad grade. Now I am alone and I can whatever I want. Before exam instead of learning I was masturbating two times a day, drinking and watching tv. I really strict woman I need really hard spanking, maybe wet hairbrush or switch. I want to have bruises on my ass.


      • Ma’am
        I am still following your instructions, 50 swats every day but it didn help me – I am still masturbating a lot instead of learning.. My landlord coming back 14th. I think that some of the public humiliation after spanking would help me. We live in a house in the city center and we have a lot of huge windows. Maybe it would be necessary for naghty boy as me be at home all the time with my bottom bared? I think the rule of taking my pants as soon as possible after I enter home would help me. And after my spankings opening those curtains and fully showing my red bottom would be very embarrasing. I wonder what my landlor would do if she saw me bared bottom welcoming her.

        I have a photos after my spanking, is it possible to send You, Ma’am for opinion?


      • Yes,

        you can send me your pics – actually, many do.
        My email is within the book (on Amazon).
        Also, don’t forget to drop a nice review upon purchase.


  24. Hi Miss
    I am 19 years old girl who attends to school. I am addicted to masturbation. I often go to school in skirt and without panties, then go to school toilet even during lesson to masturbate. Once I was masturbating during lesson under desk because I was sitting in last row. I really need to be punished


  25. New to this wonderful blog! I happened to oversleep this morning and saw spanking instructions for another. May I administer that same punishment today (100 by hand and 200 by hairbrush), or would you prefer to sentence me differently?


      • Oh, my gosh. I’m sitting here on a hard wooden chair still a bit sore from yesterday’s 300 lick spanking (no exaggeration, I can send photos of the result if you desire).

        These are the implements I own: two wooden hairbrushes, a short cane, leather slapper, crop, long plastic shoe horn (stings more than one would think), and a long heavy braided belt.

        However, I have a question about your lovely directions. When you say ’50 with each implement’ does that mean that when using a short handled implement like a hairbrush, I should give myself 50 on each cheek, or 50 strokes total? And for longer implements (like the cane), is the punishment 50 total or 50 from each side (first with the left hand, and then another 50 with the right)?

        Thank you for your wonderful directions!


      • Tim,

        I like your enthusiasm.
        As for the pictures, yes, send them! The email is in the book.
        When I say 50, I mean 50 in total.

        Honestly your numbers seem high.


      • Sorry it’s taken so long to reply, Ma’am. I finally had the opportunity to get the 50 strokes from each implement. I emailed you a photo of the results. I hope you like it. Also in that email I included a picture of the 300 spanks I gave myself a couple of weeks ago. Really, I did! Maybe I don’t spank hard enough. Thank you again for the wonderful directions. P.S. – the book is very good!


      • Thank you, Miss Jessica!

        I will! I’ve been a self spanker for a long time and so appreciate connecting with someone who both understands it and is so willing and expert on handing out spanking punishments.

        What else would you like? More pictures? Descriptions of my self spankings? Other punishments I’ve administered?

        Just let me know.



  26. Hi Ma’am,
    21 year old. I’ve been cussing a lot. It’s getting out of hand. What should I do?


  27. Hello Ma’am. I really punished myself today. I had a lot of things building up like not being so attentive to my wife. Telling fibs at work, calling in sick when I really wasn’t.
    I started out with a high volume Strong soapsuds enema. Next was a fleet enema followed by a tampon. I have 3 items that I spank with. A wooden spoon, a wooden spatula and a large wooden bath brush. I spanked myself with each item for 2 minutes. The first spanking I put a bar of Dove soap in my mouth. For the second spanking I put a bar of Ivory in my mouth. I hope I did a good job punishing myself Ma’am. If there are any other punishments you think I deserve, please tell me/


  28. Well Ma’am. growing up I had my mouth washed out with several times. They would always come before the spanking. Mother would escort me, very unwillingly of course into the bathroom and made me remove my t-shirt. I watched with tears running down my face as mother took a bar of Ivory soap she kept under the sink out and began lathering up a wash cloth. She asked me politely to open my mouth, I knew if I didn’t she would get my father involved. That happened only once and that time Lava soap was used along with a trip across my fathers lap, then handing me, a crying mess with soap lather on my lips and tears streaming down my face to mother. My father watching, she began the punishment she was going to give me. She again politely to open my mouth. I did and her lathered washcloth put into my mouth. Every inch of my mouth was scrubbed even under my tongue. She pulled the washcloth out and asked me if I was sorry for what I had done to earn this punishment. My mouth covered in Ivory lather, I managed to get out a yes. I was then handed a clean washcloth and a glass of water and told I could rinse. I was taken across her lap and she blistered my bottom.

    That’s the worst mouth soaping I had ever received. I could still taste the soap hours later and I spent the rest of the day laying on my stomach.

    I truly hope that this pleases you Ma’am. I am looking forward to you assigning me a punishment in the future.


    • Wow , mouth soaping is not a thing I had checked out yet but it sounds interesting. What do you think about it, how were your experiences?So far, you’ve described the soaping very precisely but I also want to know how it felt.


      • Ma’am, so sorry for not responding sooner. This time it was just a dry bar in my mouth, but I could still taste it. I have had several through soapings growing up though and let me tell you, they are no fun what so ever. Then I would have a lathered up washcloth shoved in my mouth and had to keep it there for the count of 90, then I was taken across moms lap and thoroughly spanked. I think I could benefit from something like this because of lying and language. I have tried to do so several times, but talked myself out of it. I think I need to be ordered to do so.



  29. Hi Miss Jessica

    As you know I tend to wash my mouth out a lot with soap! as well! with a bar of soap to this day as extra punishment, to this day for cussing. This also goes back to my child hood, a bit like Harvey! to my mothers punishments! often before my bottom got a good bear bottom hiding! I would also get the mouth scrubbing soap treatment! only my farther and siblings was never around to witness it or be involved in it! it was always a private punishment affair in our household and she was the one that did the punishing! I shall give my mother that grace and boy she was always the best at it.

    These days if I find my self mouthing off! or using bad words! then I think the best punishment, is when I go home is in the shower mouth gets washed out with a bar of soap, bottom gets a dam good paddling, and half an hour in the corner in tight jeans! on a hard bench to think about behaviour! and possibly if my behaviour has been bad enough another dose of the soap another bear bottom paddling! and 100 lines on top to really send both the message and lesson home!.




  30. Ma’am

    I have been really slacking in cleaning the apartment. I would appreciate if you would assign a punishment. I had difficulties remembering medicine. I have been self spanked for the last week for that. I just had a 150 swats with the paddle and strap for that. Thank you for your time.


  31. I’ve been a very naughty boy , again !! I’ve been failing to cook fresh food , which I bought for last weekend , and have now had to throw it away , which I hate doing !! still I need a really good punishment for repeatedly doing things , saying things , not doing things that I know I should , Not giving up smoking which is a real must . I love self spanking , and do it regularly !! I* use a cane , and thrash my bare bum as hard as I think I can stand it , generally about 3/4 strength , though , and I aim for up to 200 at a time !!! Any suggestions for me please ,


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  33. Ma’am
    I am 22 yo student and I write here second time. First spanking didnt help. I stole a pair of white socks from my girlfriend and sniffed it with masturbation. I should be spanked severly


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  35. Hi Miss Jessica

    This morning is Sunday the 2nd April! and I have just given myself another 300 swat Maintenance punishment over the knee chair! with my wooden paddle for my self not being able to see my Mistress for a month! and of course for both of you good mistresses.

    I also took photos and sent them to you by your email address please let me know what you think.
    They did not come out that well due to lighting! but as you can see my bottom is very red! and very very sore and stinging and throbbing very bad now! but I deserve it, and thank you Miss Jessica for helping me to continue installing self discipline in me.




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  37. Mistress,

    I have to say I am very ashamed to report I have been extremely masterbating and watching porn much more than usual. I feel guilty about it. I’m not sure what punishment is appropriate but will take any you give me. Thank you.


    • I want you to do 50 push ups and not drink any alcohol for the next 7 days ! also 50 swats this evening, use your hand. Make it tsting. We’ll rid you of this horrible attitude.


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  39. Good day Miss Jessica
    My name is Tim and i am new here.
    I look at almost every day pornos.
    With her help I would like to stop.
    Warm greetings from Germany.


  40. I am not sure if this is still a thing. I am new to self spanking, and i feel i am not disciplining myself enough.
    I have been lying and stealing a lot. And i want to find the correct punishment. Thank you


    • … You need to stand in the corner for 30 minutes today and give yourself 30 swats in the face with your hand for the next three days. Report back in a week. Mistress


      • Sorry this is a day late, i have been working a lot recently.
        I did as you said, been getting a little better. Also i would like help on quitting smoking weed if you have any ideas


  41. Firstly let me confess to not having self spanked for a while .I used to self spank , with a cane , almost daily throughout the winter months , but with the warmer weather and the need for windows to be open and neighbours out in gardens etc I can,t quite bring myself to do it !!!
    Missing it like mad , but refuse to shut windows !!


  42. Hi Ian

    May I be of some help I been in your boat many times! and have neighbours that live real close too me in my situation. I live in Australia and I live in an environment in which I have real cold weather in Winter in which it can drop below – 6 some nights and during our summers it is the opposite it can reach 43+ In my situation I also need two air cons! one Water Cooler and a three fans!! it that hot in summer!! and yes the odd window cracked open. I spank myself everyday! of the week with a stinging implement! as I refuse for my sacred discipline time between my self and my well being be taken away from me! because of what others may think of me it your life choice and a good disciplined one.

    However if you want to open that window and stay cool and still want to cane that bottom of yours I do have a few tips for you as I have done all of them and I can tell you your gardening close by neighbour wont know a thing.
    Take your self into the bedroom! Living Room or Kitchen! and make sure the blinds are at least half way down! or whatever you have covering your windows so that they cant see what your doing for a start! put on some music with a bit of soul would be good! don’t need too blow the neighbour hood away! as that disrespecting their peace in the garden! but just loud enough to cover up the swish! and Crack! and Ouch if you know what I mean.
    A good idea is to put on a Music DVD or CD near the window so it blocks the sound out. Also go out and buy your self a standard Fan for about 20$ this shall rotate cool air around the room and you shall also be able to bring your window down to just been open a jar! which will also cut down the noise by 90%. Just a few ideas for you to hopefully get you back to that great discipline habit you had and I know Miss Jessica will agree on you starting up again.

    Best caning wishes to you Ian. Regards Joel


      • Well Joel , I find it easier when I’m in the bath, as with a bit of warm water on your bum You can take much harder strokes by twisting tour body and then THRASHING your bear bum with the CANE !!!! I hold the cane in my right hand and don’t quite bend over / but ensure that the cane reaches BOTH cheeks as many times as I;d like !!!!
        Hope this is of nuse to you my friend !!


      • Hi ian that also a good idea and by the way after having had a shower or bath with warm water the skin is more tender so you are 100% correct. After that you should use oil strait after burns like crazy. I given my self a few bath and shower spankings and even given myself cornrer time in the shower cubicle. I not sure though the bath room as far as noise the best place to spank yourself if you want to cut down on people hearing you spank your self as everything echos from the bath room! As you dont want those around you to hear you. Thanks for the advice though! And good for the swish of a short cane! Infact i shall give my self 20 strokes in the bath tonight! for my daily maintenance thank you for your advice. My best regards to you ian.


      • Hi Ian

        I took your advice and gave the caning thing in the bath after I had a warm bath. I had also been a bit naughty with my mouth during yesterday! so I also whilst I was at it caned myself 20 times Maintenance in the bath + 50 with the short thin cane and I scrubbed my mouth out with a nice big thick bar of soap! I then dried myself! rubbed oil into my bottom! and gave myself half an hour in the corner in the shower cubical as I have done before! good self Punishment! again very useful advice and thanks for it! hope your self punishment is going well we all need discipline.

        Best regards Joel.


    • I didn’t know temperature in Australia oscillates that much. Great ideas, and as a reward, I want you to do wear your penis cage today until tomorrow. I will be checking this from now on.


      • Hi mistress Jessica it now the end of saturday the 22nd and so far the cage has been a good punishment. It comming up too 6pm and have had it on since 4am this smorning. Also gave my self 100 spanks with the wooden spoon on my bear bottom put on tight jeans and will do 100 lines for you for getting your name wrong again. Will send you photos again when i have done my lines. Your loyal student Joel.


  43. Hi James

    First I use only thin! short hooked canes’ as they more mobile and flexible fore Self Spanking I have found! and unlike thick canes they also have a nasty bite to them. The best position I have found! is to spank your self over a bending over position! over something that will take your body weight nicely and also it needs to be something that you can bend over properly. I have found the best thing I have is a nice medium size bar stool! as I can bend over nicely over it! and it has nice padding on top as I go completely over it! as I only use a short cane! but deadly! I get a real good arms length or more including added height from the cane and can bring it down with a real nasty swish! and Crack that is very very effective.

    I also have an old School desk which I also use to bend over on and spank myself on with all implements! as well as the cane. I also Self spank over the bed and have invented an Over The Knee Spanking Chair as well to give me that optional experience as well for lesser spankings. Try the Stool position Caning it works for me! but it important that you find one that is your height! so that you can go over it properly and get that proper swing! or it wont work as well as you want it too.


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