Spanking yourself

Why Do You Need To Spank Yourself?

Hello naughty one,

What naughty antics have you been up to this week? Been irresponsible with your budget? Procrastinating? Been rude, disrespectful, or bratty?

Do tell.

Confess you naughty antics in the comments section and I’ll assign you a self-spanking punishment that will make you think twice before acting up again!

Get ready to feel like this naughty boy, or worse:



If you want to integrate accountability in your life, become more goal oriented or just want to spank yourself anyway, you should consider, apart from reading the other articles here, to get the The guide for self spanking. It will teach you the backgrounds of spanking, some things to consider when starting first, and various scenarios in which spanking yourself is necessary. 

Check out the guide here or click on this image, to go directly to Amazon:


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145 thoughts on “Why Do You Need To Spank Yourself?

  1. Hi Mistress Jessica. I have put on the cage and have also sent you a photo!. I shall have it on all today Saturday and all Sunday. Thank you for your punishment. I shall also do 100 swats with the wood clothes brush! And 100 lines for getting your name mixed up again with my other mistress. Your loyal student Joel.


  2. Hi Miss Jessica, I think that its time that I start acting up for my actions, I just found out this blog and I will do anything to improve my behaviour. It is very difficult to find a disciplinarian round here. Lately I have been smoking behind my parents back which I know that they are very against it. And also I have been lacking in my school work and getting some low grades (I’m in the final 2 years in University.) Please tell me what to do Thanks


  3. Miss Jessica, I have been naughty recently.. I’ve neglected my chores at home; cleaning, doing the dishes etc. I’ve also procrastinated my schoolwork terribly – rushing assignments at last minute resulting in them not being as good as they could be. In some cases even worse – where I haven’t turned then in at all… I’ve been lying to my teachers about why my schoolwork’s dropping, because I don’t want to tell them I’ve just been lazy…
    Would you please assign me a punishment to help me improve my behaviour?


  4. Miss Jessica; next weekend I will be alone in a hotel room and wondered if you would be so kind as to help me design some punishments for recent transgressions. I am planning on five self-spanking sessions — Friday afternoon, Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday night.

    I have several major transgressions for which I am seeking appropriate punishment:
    A $30 parking ticket (2nd ticket in 6 months)
    A $30 late fee for not paying a bill on time
    A $49 interest charge associated with not paying that bill on time
    An inappropriate comment to my wife
    A $450 bill for a new credit card
    $250 for the hotel room (which I can afford, but is an extravagance)

    I will have with me:
    2 hard wooden hairbrushes
    1 leather paddle
    1 30″ cane
    1 heavy leather belt
    2 sets of nipple clamps
    2 butt plugs
    a variety of women’s panties
    2 sets of handcuffs

    I have a flurry of hard self-spankings, short bursts of corner time while restrained, mouth soaping, pubic cross-dressing, and other punishments swirling in my head but need help defining it all into organized punishment sessions. Would you please provide your professional guidance?



    • Spectacularly well. I wrote myself a series of notes to organize the various spanking sessions. Friday’s two sessions — one before dinner and one after — left my bottom so sore I had trouble pulling my panties on the next morning. It consisted of a series of spankings and corner time outs, using the belt, hairbrush and cane for the new credit card and the hotel room charge. Took several hours to administer all those strokes, but I got through it.

      Saturday morning’s spankings before and after breakfast were very difficult to take as I gave my bare bottom 30 with the belt for the ticket, 30 with the cane for the late payment, and 49 with the hairbrush (bent over the chair) for the interest charge.

      Saturday evening, I set the timer for an hour and played solitaire. Each time I pushed the undo button my bare bottom earned 5 strokes with the cane. Each time I restarted a game, I divided by 10 the 50 points the game deducted from my score and gave my bare bottom the resultant number of whippings with the leather belt (so, if I restarted a hand 3 times, 150 points were deducted from my score. Divided by 10, that resulted in 15 strokes with the belt). I lost count of both cane and belt strokes — wasn’t very lucky at cards that night. 🙂

      All-in-all, I really enjoy the experience and left on Sunday with a very red and sore bottom.

      Thanks for asking!


      • Hi, Miss Jessica. Thanks for the reply. Hope you were pleased with that self Spanking session!

        So it’s my birthday next weekend. Would you be so kind as to suggest a thorough spanking to celebrate the occasion?



  5. Hi Mistress Jessica

    Just letting you know for my slackness! In not getting my lines, and Essay and face slapping done! I was going to do for you last Sunday!!!I have made up to you and by giving my bottom 60 swats with the German spoon, which I have made a vid of and send to you.

    I also gave my bear bottom! a 50 swat switching! That I sent’ a video of that came out well.

    I Have also given my face’ 100 swats’ wearing my leather gloves! And as extra punishment will do 200 lines’ and 200 word essay by end of Sunday.

    P.S I also need to get my October report to you! At this rate I shall need to send you both October and November 2017 report.

    Your loyal student Joel


    • Wow, very disappointing! I will order you to do a special punishment – this is absolutely inacceptable! Today I want you to wash your mouth very thoroughly with a bar of soap for 5 minutes!


  6. Hi Mistress Jessica

    I respect your firm hand as normal as I have been slack of late and unaccountable.

    I have scrubbed my mouth out with a bar of soap out in the shower for 5 minutes tonight before I go to bed, with bar of soap!As extra punishment!The shower was a cold water shower. I shall do the lines and Essay and send them to you tommorow.

    Your loyal student Joel.


    • Your lack of accountability is very disappointing. For today,

      I Want you to do half an hour of corner time. After this, 45 slaps in the face!

      Let this be a lesson to you.




  7. Hi Mistress Jessica

    I have done my 200 lines and 2000 word Assignment!For you today being Sunday the 19th November 2017.

    I am very sorry for taking so long to get them done!And shall send you them to your email adress after you let me know how the other two videos came out of mysef spanking and switching myself yeasterday.

    I don’t want to send you too many emails and attachments, giving you over flow. Tommorow night I promise I shall get my October report out to you or I shall give my bottom another 50 swat switching! 200 lines and another 5 minute mouth washing out.

    Your loyal student Joel


  8. Hi Misstress Jessica

    Shall get both October and November reports to you by tommorow morning my time😊. I am going to send you a double report.

    Your loyal student Joel


  9. Hi Mistress Jessica

    Sorry for the delay I have been very very stressed with a lot of things that I have managed to get done and make everyone happy.
    I Know not getting my last two reports to you is not good enough! And no excuse😕. I shall get my report to you shortly in the the next 5 hours.

    I also did the 45 face slaps! with a leather impliment! and half an hour in the corner Punishment on Sunday morning on the 2nd December 2017. After I have completed my October – November 2017 report I shall give my face that 75 slaps with the leather impliment.

    Your Loyal Student Joel


  10. Hi,mistress Jessica! Kinda nervous here…being my first time and all! My bedtime is at midnight….I know I’m an adult,but this is so tv and light don’t bother the rest of the family, or in case the TV can be heard by the neighbors, as we live on an apartment.

    Anyway,my bedtime is at midnight, yet I often stay up untill one in the morning,after making sure no one was awake home to catch me on the act.

    I know it’s kinda naughty, but there are so many things I like to do…I wonder what would my punishment be for that. ^_^;


  11. I live in Brazil, Mistress.

    As for the details, our whole family goes to sleep at midnight. Besides my mother and grandma feeling sleepy at this time,we also live in one apartment, so there are some fears people might hear this late at night if tv is turned on, for example.

    But while we are all expected in my house to sleep at midnight for the reasons I mentioned above, some times there are some interesting movies in TV, or other times I just like to stay online in forums….and because of this, while my famly doesn’t know about it I consistently go to sleep one hour later than that, or sometimes even a bit more than that, once I even stayed one hour and 30 minutes past that curfew awake, going into the internet or watching TV when I should be sleeping…


  12. I have never been spanked in my life. And it shows. I have been acting as a child, backed talked people, skipping excising days, I almost fail school because i was lazy.


  13. Mistress Jessica, I have been acting as a child, backed talked people, skipping excising days, I almost fail school because i was lazy. I never go to bed on time or get up on time.


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