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How You Will Punish Yourself Today.

That smart mouth of yours has gotten you into trouble. You’ve been rude and disrespectful and just begging for a spanking.

If you’ve let your smart mouth get away from you anytime this week, this punishment is for you:

Your Punishment:

1. Grab those whippy switches you picked yesterday (if you didn’t do yesterday’s assignmentclick here to do it now.)

2. March to your back yard, bare your bottom, and wear that ass out!

500 whips is the minimum that I will accept.

For the city dwellers who don’t have back yards, whip your bottom with the window shades open. I want everybody in the neighborhood to see you getting your bare bottom switched just like a naughty child.

This is what your whipping should feel like:


Those who complete this punishment will get a special bonus.

Those who don’t will get extra punishments. (And it WON’T be fun!)

So get switching, now!


If you want to integrate accountability in your life, become more goal oriented or just want to spank yourself anyway, you should consider, apart from reading the other articles here, to get the The guide for self spanking. It will teach you the backgrounds of spanking, some things to consider when starting first, and various scenarios in which spanking yourself is necessary. 

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10 thoughts on “How You Will Punish Yourself Today.

  1. Hi Miss Jessica

    Even though I have been punished of late for my mouth and also my attitude the last few weeks! I felt I deserved this tough punishment and very sore bottom! which I now have. I found 5 good switches that hurt a lot! I also think I deserved further punishment for that bad habit of mine which I have vowed to put an end to and apologised the other day to my partner and asked her to watch me make it up to her by me switching my self. She was reluctant but went along with it.

    I think after the 500 lashes I just gave my bear bottom with those switches with my partner watching! I felt really naughty and ashamed of myself. As further punishment I am also going to go without dinner tonight and early bed time. My poor bottom is so red and sore it is burning as well as welted. I aim to learn from this stinging experience! and think I will be sitting on a sore bottom for a few days.


  2. Hi Miss Jessica

    Yes I did find that 500 challenging lashes to my behind was what I needed for my weeks of bad behaviour. I have some one that I see about once a month to put me over her knee or bed and she gives me a long lasting few day spanking! and boy she does a good job! however giving myself a long hard switching by self with my partner watching was tough and I felt just as much benefit as the Miss that I see once a month.
    I think this is because there seems to be a sense of mind set when you punish your self to when you have some one Punish you. The ownership and responsibility is on you not someone else to bring the message and lesson home! so to speak I guess.

    Good to see some one that gives you the correction you need! but I also find in between It good to be accountable and self spanking and self punishment really helps so much more.

    I gave my self the Switching on Saturday and it is now Wednesday and I still have a sore bottom from the switching. As I have had to punish my self already since! along with the Spanking that I give my self every Sunday! which also does me good thanks to your advice Miss Jessica! and the Miss I see once a month for a long hard spanking! which leaves me with a sore bottom for a few days! I am thinking about once a month giving myself a good switching once a month as well.

    Do you think this is a good idea? or am I over punishing myself! I do my best to be real good but so often screw up. I guess some people need little correction or Punishment to keep on the strait and narrow! whilst some need a lot! I need a sore bottom all the time to remind me it would seem unfortunately!.


    • First, no you need regular correctional spankings. Is the miss doing this professionally?
      Second, yes punishing yourself is something entirely differently – so you’re right.


  3. Hi Miss Jessica

    Thanks for the good advice in which I stand. I did not think I was being over tough on my self! but I do need a second opinion from someone that know like yourself. As I know my bottom and face need on going slapping with a long stinging tool or I just simply become out of line fast.

    I have a few days off and went into the city today! I know how hopeless I am with buying things I don’t need! so I have started taking with me in a back pack a stinging thick spatula and a wooden spoon when I have my days off. This kept me in line! with what I needed in the City! but then I had a strong desire to go into a particular shop and buy something I did not need came over me.
    I said to my self NO NO NO NO and to drive the word home! I took my self to the Public toilets in which I was lucky no one was in there! and gave myself a good Spanking in one of the toilet Cub’s.
    I pulled down my jeans and underwear and gave myself 50 good hard spanks with the spatula on my bear bottom! I don’t care if anyone could hear the slapping from the toilet!! I needed it! and left composed with a sore bottom. It was enough to stop the desire and my childish bratty ways and addiction to spending. I had better change my mind set! or on my days off in the city I am going to have a lot of public Spankings in Rest/Toilet Rooms and having to get around the City with a sore red behind.

    To another question the Miss I see is a Pro! and she looks after me well! she is so experienced and good at it. She knows that I do not want pleasure! or play spanking! and that what I’m after is to be taken in hand and my bottom spanked red and until it is bruised for about 3 to 4 days at least! and she knows I don’t want pleasure I want to be punished for about an hour with lots of stinging tools. This Miss Spanks real hard and has me squirming in pain on her lap, and she does not stop until I have a very sore bottom.
    I always leave feeling refreshed and well punished for all my bad ways. The Miss I see is is always on her travels so as I cant see her all the time for the on going Spanking that I need! I need to make sure I keep my self honest and in check by wearing my hide out.

    Having said that I am finding self spanking so important! and reporting this to you and your advice also helps me so so much. All is important! thank you.


  4. Dear Miss Jessica:
    Let me start by complementing you on your looks. You are very pretty, actually no, very beautiful. You look strikingly like my gorgeous ex wife. That’s my problem and I hope you can tell me what do. Jane was my wife, best friend and disciplinarian. Unfortunately, we are no longer together. Jane knew that my mother still spanked me, even as an adult. Mom had spanked me for as long as I can remember. Her feeling was that, even as an adult, she still had the authority to take me across her knee, even as a full grown man and spank me when she thought it was necessary,

    When Jane and I got married, my mother told her about the spankings she had given me and now that she was my wife, it might be a good idea for her to continue the discipline that I was accustomed to, Jane agreed and promised that she would.

    At first, I was very embarrassed being spanked by my wife, but soon the embarrassment started to take on an entirely different feeling. No longer did I feel embarrassed but actually felt somewhat aroused, admitting to myself that I was a disciplined husband.

    Jane and I are no longer together. We divorced after 15 years of marriage and my mother had passed. I have no one and it is difficult for a man at my age, to find a woman who would continue Jane’s disciplining practice. I got so bad, that in my desperation, I sought the services of a Pro Domme. Again, I got nothing out of it, except for a sore bottom.

    I thought about spanking myself, but got nothing out of it, not even a sore bottom, but I have no choice, other than continuing to spanking myself.

    Is it possible for a self spanking to recreate some of the excitement that I experienced from my wife? Could confession and a self spanking assignment, be the answer? I’m afraid of depression if I continue to pine over this issue. Is this something that you could help me with. I really need to resolve this.

    Thank you for reading my post and hopefully, understanding my plight. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Mommy’s boy


  5. I am a 18 year old male. I have never been spanked before. I do have some things on my mind for that is holding me back. And it shows. I have been acting as a child, backed talked people, skipping excising days, I almost fail school because i was lazy. I have also cussed and lied. What do you think that I need?


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