Spanking yourself

How to punish yourself for having woken up late

Late to work again this week were you? (Yes Ma’am.)

I’ve got a morning surprise for you.

A bare bottom spanking to get your tail moving ON TIME!


Stand in the corner for 10 minutes. I want you pants resting just below your bottom. And take off your underwear!

Take your position like the young man in this picture. Stand right next to the window. I want the ladies walking to work to see you getting corner time like a naughty child. Understand?


After corner time, lay yourself across the bed and deliver 100 hand spankings across your behind.

Then, grab the habrush and give yourself 200 brisk bare bottom spanks. Do 4 sets of 50, with a 2 minute break between each set.

Sit at the kitchen table right on your freshly spanked bare bottom. Write the following 20 times on lined notebook paper in blue ink:

“I will get my butt up on time from now on.”

Then dress and off to work! I expect you to be a good boy today. Otherwise I’ll have to spank you again when you get home!


If you want to integrate accountability in your life, become more goal oriented or just want to spank yourself anyway, you should consider, apart from reading the other articles here, to get the The guide for self spanking. It will teach you the backgrounds of spanking, some things to consider when starting first, and various scenarios in which spanking yourself is necessary. 

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8 thoughts on “How to punish yourself for having woken up late

  1. Hi Miss Jessica

    I have not been late to work but as mentioned in a post this week! I have been bad not keeping up with my Gym work or 3kl run on a few times this week. I think this Punishment is perfect for me! not getting my backside up on time in the morning to give myself the time I need to do my exercises before I go! Have my own Gym so I don’t really have an excuses’ do I.

    I shall take on this punishment tomorrow . Pull my pants down lay on the bed on pillows! and spank my bear bottom 100 times with my hand and 200 with a leather paddle with holes in it.

    I shall then write in blue ink 20 times! I shall get my butt up from now on.

    Will send you written up date when I have finished.


  2. Hi Miss Jessica

    I have completed the punishment with 100 spanks with my hand to my bear bottom and 200 swats across my bear bottom with that leather paddle. I also did the 20 lines I must get my butt up in the morning. I also managed to get my gym work out done! because I got up at a time that allowed me to do so. Feel better for the early morning workout and the punishment.


  3. Hi Miss Jessica

    I shall do that. I keep a log book of my punishment and what the Punishment was for. Other than the 3 Sunday maintenance Spankings! I have given myself! already this passed month’ I have given myself 7 correctional Punishments! and that does not include the Miss I see.

    I shall report back at the end of the month and tell you all! thanks for your advice once again! I will try to get my behaviour better than it is at the moment under control.


  4. I was 2 hours late for school becuase I didn’t set my alarm I’m sorry miss jessica I apologize for it but I know I deserve to be punished all over my nice and sore red bottom


  5. Miss jessica I have woken up at four in the afternoon and I missed an important phone call for a job


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