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Your punishment for tomorrow – Self spanking!

You are due for punishment tomorrow, but there are a few things you need to do TODAY to prepare for that butt-whipping you’ve earned.

Complete the following tasks pronto. No excuses. No exceptions.

1. Lay out all spanking implements & toys in a prominent space in your home – somewhere you’ll see it all the time, such as the kitchen table or hanging on a wall.

2. Massage your bottom for 10 minutes today while repeating aloud: “Tomorrow Miss Jessica is gonna whip my bare bottom raw.”

3. Stand in the corner with for 10 minutes holding your toughest implement behind your back and with your underwear pulled just beneath your bottom.

Repeat offenses and direct disobedience earn you a welted and bruised backside tomorrow.

In other words, your ass is gonna look like a train wreck by the time I’m done with it. And you had better THANK ME for disciplining you afterwards.

Those are your assignments. Complete them BEFORE confessing in tomorrow’s self-spanking punishment post.

I suggest you do them now.

Miss Jessica


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25 thoughts on “Your punishment for tomorrow – Self spanking!

  1. Wed eve i was spanked by my lady friend, who love to warm my butt up , before I get one. Paddle or brush or both, this time was switches and paddle. She is supposed to be over this weekend too a few times to check on me and add more if she thinks i need it.


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  3. Hi Miss Jessica

    Though my behaviour has been very very good this month,so far mainly only needing maintenance spankings! I am giving myself a good punishment today for the way I behaved yesterday. It is my day off today but yesterday at work! though I work a lone most of the time, and I probably had some good reason to curse! due to the way things had been left at work! you will agree there is no excuse for bad language at any time! and I found my self having a lot of bad attitude during the afternoon! and a lot of cursing followed ( Very naughty) not good enough.

    When I came home last night I laid out 4 stinging implements! that are going to bite and sting on my bear bottom during the whole of today. I have already bent over the kitchen bench pulled down my pants and shorts and underpants and given my bear bottom the first 100 very stinging hard swats with a hard long implement! I looked at my bottom in the mirror and it was very red. I am now going to go and have a bath and wash my mouth out with soap! and for the rest of the day I am going to repeat a 100 spanks across my bear bottom one of the four implements’ every two hours, which means 400 spanks over 8 hours and a very sore bottom. I shall also do 100 lines for my bad behaviour.

    Please Miss Jessica if you think I deserve any further punishment please let me know I strongly always value your guidance.



  4. Hi Miss Jessica

    OK I completed the punishment today! 4 sets of 100 spanks’ every 2 hours with a different implement. In all I bent over the kitchen bench and dropped my pants’ and underpants and gave myself 100 swats with a long stinging implement every 2 hours over the next 6 hours! which came to 400 stinging spanks, on my bear bottom over that six hours.

    As extra punishment! on top of the 400 spanks, I also completed 100 lines! and washed my mouth out with soap! so I feel well punished for my bad behaviour on Wednesday.

    I shall now hopefully be in good cheer! and in good attitude adjustment for my family and friends! in the next few days with Christmas gatherings and being the host in the next few days!.

    My Christmas wishes to you Miss Jessica and thank you so much for your discipline.



  5. Hi Miss Jessica

    My year of behaviour this year has been very interesting! and so has been the form of discipline that has gone with it! that has at the end of the year come to been just working out real well for me, and I think for those around me I feel.

    As you know Miss Jessica, I am indeed someone who takes on life’s tasks at heart! and am a perfectionist. I also value those around me and try and show respect to those around even when others are not respectful! and are rude!! I believe it is good to try and lead by example.

    Having said all of that though, I am far from perfect! as most of us never are! and I strongly believe in old fashioned values and keeping ones own attitude and behaviour in check with one’s own self discipline.

    For most of the year I have had a hard slog of a year and a lot of hard work which has paid off!! however at times it also makes me tied at times! cranky! rude! sassy and so on!! and all I need really is for someone!! or for myself to set my bottom a light with some good old fashioned spanking that brings me back to Earth strait away like it always does and had done all my life.

    One thing though that has completely changed everything, this year though from my normal Spanking and Discipline norms this year Miss Jessica! Has been the introductions’ of your Maintenance Spankings, they have made a huge deference in my life since you introduced them to me in September this year. Up until then I had been a self spanker Punishing my self since 1998 and seeing Mistresses since 2002 up until now to punish me for my bad behaviour!! but had never thought about Maintenance Spanking up until that stage.

    Well since September I have been giving myself a regular Sunday Maintenance Spanking every Sunday as you have advised me to do! one week with the leather paddle and one week with the wooden spoon! and I have found that my behaviour has improved to the point that I am now having to punish my self less! as the Maintenance Spankings are doing such a great job shaping my behaviour and helping me to stay focused for the week! that my attitude is much much better and so is my discipline! so I strongly recommend anyone else out there that seeks their self spanking seriously! And wants to improve their behaviour then try Maintenance Spanking! not everyone is the same! but this has really worked for me and I have been self punishing and been getting punished by other for almost two decades.

    Look Back at my Spanking year for 2016

    In all I had to be given the following punishment spankings also within these spankings normally followed further punishments! Such as corner time on hard bench in tight pants! mouth washing out with soap, and lines.

    In all I have received a wacking 77 punishment Spankings during the year.

    9 of those was from my Mistress Melissa.

    2 from my lady partner.

    This leaves 66 of the other Punishment Spankings down to being Self Spankings.

    Since I started getting your yelp though Miss Jessica! Especially with the Maintenance Spanking Program I am now doing so much better and their is a lot less need for self punishment.

    Maintenance Spankings this year comes has come to 15 spankings! And those 15 Maintenance Spankings of 15 spanks on a Sunday have saved me a lot of punishment spankings by improving and shaping my behaviour over the last four months of this year in which I am very thankful to you Miss Jessica for introducing me to this fantastic and very positive program that has brought a fresh spirit of discipline and positivity of leadership back into my life. The Maintenance Program has done so much I am even thinking of in the new year on Jan the 1st going from once a week Maintenance Spankings on a Sunday to once a day 15 swats a day to really improve my behaviour. I think this would just about eliminate my attitude and bad behaviour all together and see my mistress once or twice a month.

    My improvements Just between last month and this month are large! last month I had to be spanked and punished on 16 days out of 30 days in November! and had to see my Mistress twice for my bad behaviour!!! This Month of December I have only been Spanked 7 out of 25 days!!! and 5 of those spankings have been for Maintenance Spankings not Punishment Spankings! I have only received 2 self punishment spankings!! this month and have not had to make a booking with my Mistress! this is a vast improvement.

    So Joels 2016 Spanking year ends like this and I aim to make greater self improvements next year.

    Self Punishment Spankings – 66

    Self Maintenance Spankings – 15

    Mistress Discipline Spankings – 9

    Partner Discipline Spankings – 2

    Punishment Spankings in all – 77

    Spankings in all – 92

    Hi Miss Jessica this brings an end of my year end report! of yearly spankings, and punishment and I once again must say! the Maintenance Program despite 92 spankings being high! would have been a lot higher if it was not for you and your new great maintenance program.

    Kind Regards


    • Joel, thanks for this report and I already wish you a great new year! As far as I know, you’re from Australia – so you should be amongst the first to begin it. Thanks again for your compliments, you know how to make my heart melt…


  6. Hi Miss Jessica

    Forgot to mention in my report as well that as well as Spanking and other punishments’ to keep myself in line and disciplined! I would like to also just mention to those that may like to say there are other options! outside spanking, I am already doing the following in my life.

    I would like to say that I also do correct! and calm my behaviour and stress levels’ down by other means, than just punishing and swatting away at my own behind all the time.

    I do reward my self when I achieve something great!! I do things with my family and friends that helps me a lot also to keep me in check, and I play sport and paint to my recreational time! which also calms me down and creates good self esteem! balance! discipline! and I work out every day in my own Gym.

    I also practice Yoga! and take a regular massage, which is also something that should be very essential to everyone!. I also try to keep a good strong balanced healthy diet, and this is very important! and I drink and meditate once a day with good teas at a local oriental tea house and shrine that only sells the best Japanese and china Green and White teas.

    I also try to make every day count! and that means, every hour is important and so are the people in my every day life.

    On that note! Yes I do use many other things! In my every day life, that help me stay focused as best as possible! and help with my discipline needs! but I still am always in need for a good spanking when needed! by someone! Or by my self when all else fails! and find the Spanking Maintenance Program I have been doing the last four months’ thanks to you Miss Jessica, has been just the best as I documented in my end of year spanking report above.

    I aim to continue to live my life with the fine balance of healthy living!family life! all the ways I have mentioned above! and yes that also means some spanking and discipline when needed.



  7. Hi Miss Jessica

    Yes I am indeed from (Australia) and enjoying the (up and down) warm weather! at the moment. I’m glad you like Green tea too, and (Senchai) is a great tea, and very good for ones health. I shall start the Maintenance spanking of 20 swats across my bear behind with the wooden spoon one day! and the leather paddle the next day every day! and go from there.

    I shall then be planning my behaviour and days, with care!! along the way asking for your guidance. I shall send you a detailed report at the end of each month as I have been doing! but I really think between your Maintenance Spankings! your good Guidance! and also my Mistress Disciplinarian’s good Guidance once or twice a month! will make a large difference in my behaviour performance! as it has greatly done already these past four months.

    Thank you so much for sorting me out in 2016, I 100% appreciate your help! and cant thank you enough! and I hope you enjoy bringing in the New year! you deserve it.

    Kind Regards


  8. Hi Miss Jessica

    I have something great to report starting the new year! and everything I Have given myself 4 consecutive days of Maintenance Spankings thus far with four different items of 20 spanks a day across my bear bottom and it is really working to keep me on track with my daily schedule thanks to you Miss Jessica.
    Something else I need to let you know is that 5 years ago due to Arthritis I put on a few kilos! and until I managed to get control of it two years ago! playing sport again and a tight diet program! I have managed to get my self fit and healthy again! however since the Maintenance Program I have been able to have the mind set to really be even more disciplined with my diet and my exercise and sporting activities! and between the Diet, Active Life Stile, and yes a little Discipline and a bit of a sore spanked bottom on the way I am now in great shape!. Did you know this week I managed at the age of 36 going on 37 soon to fit into clothes that I once fit in when I was in my early to mid 20s that I have not put on for years! That’s how much I have lost.

    On that note I think I may have a Ginger and lemon Grass tea to celebrate.

    Thank you Miss Jessica.



  9. Good Morning Miss Jessica

    First of all I would like to first of all tell you that there has been a number of factors that I have used and gone through to over come Arthritis! but yes Spanking has played a major roll for me in me training myself to discipline myself! to eat the right foods! drink the right things, all the time! not fall into temptation! be motivated! stop pouting around and feeling sorry for myself and exercising anyway I can! and do what the medical people are telling you!!.

    Though it was most likely as an athlete that performed at a high level! in his teens and 20s that created the Arthritis condition in the first place! it took from 2011 – 2014 to be able to physically be able to get back into physical activity! after the cruel condition took place in my ankles! and feet! though it took a lot of my grit! determination! physio! Medication, Rehab, and doing low impact exercise like cycling and swimming to start with! to get the big weight off that you really do put on when you cant’ do anything! the pounds and kilos slap on even faster! when you had a physically conditioned body! for years of working out every day and now you cant exercise. well within a few months, that toned body just went way ward! I understand what happened to Henry the 8th.

    I got to the point even in which at one point I got around on Crutches and walking stick and still have them hanging on the wall in case I need them!!! but touch wood have not had an attack for well over 2 years.

    When I managed to finally get control of the evil condition in May 2015 and managed to get my self back into physical sport and activity ( RUNNING) no one ever thought that would ever happen again!! and many medical people had told me that!! I had defeated the condition and the crutches! that went with it! but had the bulge hanging over me and some weight to lose.

    I did not go about this by blaming the whole world! and kidding myself that I could eat what I want! and drink what I want! and play lots of sport and everything would be great and ok!! It don’t work that way! I knew I really had to get my health! fitness and well being back into focus and my self back into good physical health over the next few years.

    I have now from May 2015 to now Jan 2017 managed to get my weight right down a loss of 25 kilos to be precise. I have played a lot of team sport also becoming a team Captain in the process! and won 3 cup flags and been Runners up in the 5 others! so much for never been able to be able to play physical sport again.


    It is important I have found that if you are going to involve spanking to be effective for your weight loss program! that to have the discipline to follow through with it then you need to of course need to be 100% honest with your self with every thing that goes past your lips! be that food! drink! medication for different things! whatever it is you monitor it write it down in your diary and also have a daily report of foot and drink medication intake list and your exercise done and taken every day on your pantry or fridge door!!. If their is ANYTHING that is very naughty that you have eaten! had to drink or if you have over eaten then you need to make sure you get out the appropriate items of punishment! pull down your pants, and spank that behind until you have been punished for the bad offense, and don’t repeat the offense!. You must then need to punish yourself with the same spanking punishment if you do not follow through with your daily work out! or exercise schedule!! keep a tight daily plan of what you wish to achieve each day.

    I always though have always when I have been real good at the end of the week and have done real well with my diet! and done well with my exercise workout! played lots of sport, and feel I deserve to be rewarded do treat myself to something! this is important I find. Just make sure its not food or drink that is going to put weight on but treat your self for your good hard work! success and following your discipline and not needing to punish your self!!. If on the other hand you have been a naughty boy or girl and blown it all then you need to add it all up! drop your pants! bend over and wear that bottom out with that paddle until you are ready to take your diet, exercise, and weight loss seriously.

    Hope my story can help others.



    • Joel, your story is honestly impressive. I will compile some of your recent statements, if that’s ok with you, into another blog post (maybe on weight loss).
      In the mean time, I’m not an expert on Arthritis, does this illness lead to weight gain?


  10. Hi Miss Jessica

    Thanks for your reply and your nice comments! it has been a long struggle for me through my30s! especially from 2011 – 2014! and a long fight but yes! I have through a lot of hard work! determination! Will power! Psychology! working with specialists! and yes that thing we all call ( SELF DISCIPLINE) been able to reverse a situation of a life of on going Arthritis pain and also heading into Diabetes! which no one wants to go in to. Now the last two years I have been able to not only be able to run but lead a team! win 3 team cups! with them and be runner up 5 other times. Bottom line if you cant exercise and you have an unforgiving body like I did you slap those unwanted pounds on real fast.

    The problem with Arthritis is there is different stages of it! and there is different Arthritis which makes it difficult to diagnose in the first place until it has done so much insidious damage. To give you a bit more of its affect it is best to look up the different Arthritis on line and its effects and the myths behind it! which will give you an idea of just what I have done to get myself fit again and stay fit.

    Please do use my writings! and I shall let you know as things progress with the work I do with my health with my specialists medical team on my progression on my fitness and success during the year! mean will my Discipline success to mentally and keep on track has a lot to do with people like my Disciplinarian team ie – (NO – 1 MISS JESSICA)! (NO-2 MISS MELLISSA)!.

    Thank you once again Miss Jessica




  11. Thank You Miss Jessica

    I will do so all year round! and aim to stay on track, working hard in everything on everything! with everyone and staying true to my self and to those around me! and will not let my family down, friends down! team down! health pros down! work mates down! you down! or my self down! I promise you, and that is also in my new year resolutions.

    I am just so rapped that I have in two years’ gone from being crippled! to playing sport and being over weight! to now being toned and being able to fit in my young cloths’ again, that I did when I was 25 or so! that makes me soooo happy! and the tough stance I take on my self makes, it all worth it.

    Don’t forget your sharp but caring instructions’ at times is just what I need at times! for me to spank my self every now and again! this helps me to just stay focused and earthed! and in good disciplined mind set! like the 30 strokes of the cane! I gave my self today! thank you so much Miss Jessica. You also give me lots of great tips and advice! which is why I consider you as my online Tutor.

    Thanks again for your encouragement Miss Jessica it is most appreciated.



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  13. I have been lying a lot to my parents , boyfriend, cannot stick to a single commitment I make. I have procrastinated work for long. I need severe punishment to make me learn not to repeat such things in future


  14. Hello Miss Jessica – I need an assignment for my transgressions for the month of March. I cursed constantly at work, getting drunk 3 times at work functions, and I procrastinated on on project that got on March 1st and didn’t start until March 28th. I finished but could have done a better if I didn’t wait until the last minute. Please send my spanking punishment for my bad behavior.


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