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SpankingApp – A Spanking Generator For Self Spankers

As some of you know, I wanted to publish a spanking program / app, but the truth is that these plans have not advanced so much. There is, however, a great demand for such programs and I recently was contacted by a fellow a Englishman who published his app [for android] a while ago.

here’s his Email:


Dear Miss Jessica,
I know that you are a great fan of Spanking, like I am (but I didn’t have a blog until recently).
I like your blog, by the way 😉
So, I’m a Spanker myself and until recently used a Spanking generator on Windows (an old program which is no longer available). [That’s a program which creates a spanking for me, i.e. the number of swats, implements, places…]
And  I always wanted to have such a generator on a mobile device, but there were no useful offers on the market, which is why I programmed one for Android.
It’s a free program (I’m doing this as my hobby) and I wanted it to share with others as well.
It s online at the Google App Store
and now I wanted to ask you, whether you would maybe share the app & and / or the website ( so that more people find out about it.
This is just the first version and I want to improve it gradually…
Please, if you find the time, I would appreciate your own opinion as well (did you use such programs, what do you think of them ,etc…)
Tony (from the UK)
I had a look at his program, and while I use iOS, the screenshots at Google Play seemed interesting. You can have the app assign you spankings randomly or create them individually, and there is a punishment book. So far, so good, which is why I decided to accept this promotion [it is not a commercial project, which is good, too] and publish it.
If anyone here uses android, I’m interested in your opinions about it! So far, it has received good reviews on Google (close to 5 stars.).

28 thoughts on “SpankingApp – A Spanking Generator For Self Spankers

  1. Hi Miss Jessica and Tom

    First of all I did check the App out! and found it very interesting! for someone who has been a self spanker for two decades from 1998 until now! and takes his self punishment seriously! Tom check out my blogs on here to find out more about my history to find out! I am not a bad person but need regular discipline from Miss Jessica online and from a physical Mistress disciplinarian I have at home! so I find this a great advancement into the future for everyone! and whatever you do to improve it! you are already well on a winning future way! of self discipline and accountability that it fore sure! keep at it.

    I find this just such a great move to the future Tom and Miss Jessica! I’ am not sure if there is much in the way you would like to improve it too much at the moment!! others’ may have better quicker ideas! Miss Jessica likes’ the (I phone idea) I really like your App on this site which I can use on this blog! which Miss Jessica and you have created and think it will go well and easy for those that like this blog and site. I am looking at joining in the next week! and go from there. I still will continue to communicate with Miss Jessica and be disciplined through my physical disciplinarian at home! as I have done since 2002.

    Personally though I think you need to be careful that you don’t try and improve and complicate it way over the top! that may make it tooo hard for some users! and may have a down effect! I think your App is just about there perfect now! possibly a few makeovers to improve the look possibly if that is what you want! but even then I like the look of the site not sure what others think! Other than that I think it really is a great App !

    I need physical accountability from someone to keep me in hand ! as someone on line! but a system on line to also keep me in check! I think is also just fantastic, and I think you should give both of your selves (5) Stars and a pat on the back as well! as the program for coming up with such a fantastic accountability well needed idea in the first place! well done.

    Tom and Miss Jessica for you to get praise from someone who is hardened! to on going self punishment! spanking discipline for the last two decades! and has on going mistress disciplinarian sessions! for the last 15 years! and loves and willing to give this a go! your on a real winner.

    Congratulations all round to you both! Tom your a Internet Disciplinarian Champion.




  2. Hi Miss Jessica and Tony

    I must apologise! my mistake! I mean Tony! not Tom! Great job Tony! keep up the great work on the App! and I think your work is just a real winner into the future of self spanking and self accountability discipline! well done.




  3. Good morning Miss Jessica

    Yes I made a big blunder there that for sure! and I don’t know why! I got TOM out of Tony! anyway you are kind only giving me 20, as I deserve 50. I made up for it! I gave my self first my maintenance spanking of 20 hard swats with a wooden spoon and too make up for my blunder with my names I gave my self 20 hard swats with my leather belt across my bear bottom! that really stung! and I can still feel the bite!
    Time for my morning exercise before work, thanks again for my correction and thanks for letting me know you liked my answer despite stuffing up Tony’s name.
    My greatest apologies again.




  4. Pardon me, Miss Jessica for my presumptive alternate view. However, shouldn’t you receive a self spanking for the laziness of not building your own self spanking generator? I think you owe us a good 50 swats with a doubled over thick belt across your bare bottom. Wouldn’t you met out that same punishment to any one of us if we admitted to a similar procrastination?? 😄


    • That’s 50 swats for supposing that the mistress be spanked! That being said, yes, I wanted to build one (or have someone do it). It never quite advanced, however.


  5. Hi Mistress Jessica. I am wondering if this program will ever work! I still think it is a great idea and would benefit many that use this self spanking site snd blog. If a self spankig or punishment accountability program online was put in place many would use it including my self. I do appreciate the effort and work that you put into this blog. Your loyal student Joel.


  6. Hi Mistress Jessica this is just an idea but would say if you be able to put in a rule system that would be able to bounce back a punishment if a rule was broken by some one sending a report or a rule to the system. This program would of couse be checked by you too see how everyone is progressing. Again just an idea. Your loyal student Joel.


    • … good idea. It would depend on the student’s self-reporting, though? How would you imagine this program? It sounds like a great idea, but I’m thinking about the control mechanisms.


  7. Hi Mistress Jessica this Program would work really well for you! as It would give you total control of the Rules! and consequence you assign each student too.
    You could make up a blog in which each one of us have individually different rules! to follow depending on each one of our individual Accountability Discipline we all need. This would be put together by your expert Disciplinarian Mistress experience of each and every one of us. Depending on what bad behaviour we need to improve on would depend on the rules you assign each student to follow…..What then would make this Punishment self Discipline Program of yours work would be that with Each Rule assigned there is a consequence and Punishment for each rule that is broken! or Rules depending on each individual person. I have assurance that this does work as I know it worked for me between 18 to 22 from 1998 to 2002 before I also started seeing Disciplinarian Mistresses in 2002. I did find for that four years however that this self Discipline of Rules and Self punishment for Rules Broken however was very effective at the time in curving my behaviour.

    This Program would also give you more time to your self of this blog! and put you under less pressure to keep up with us all the time. You would depending on the behaviour of the individual! only have to deal with those of us that you discipline on line on a regular basis about once every two weeks or even once a month!. The program Does not even need to be a spanking APP Generator as this Program works the same way under you expert Mistress Disciplinarian discrepancy.

    How it works first of all each one of us is first of all assigned individual Maintenance Spankings that wee need to keep up with during the month! if we brake rules or not. Next depending on our individual Discipline and Punishment needs! too keep us all in check you would assign as example…..Rule 12 No Swearing or back talking…..Punishment consequence for this Rule Brake is 300 lines! mouth washed out with soap for three days and 300 spanks across the bear bottom with a leather paddle…..Rule 8 No wasting time and must get work goals and assignments met on time….Punishment for breaking this rule is 100 spanks across the bear bottom with a hair brush! 100 lines and Grounded from going out for 1 week and 1 week of early bed time. These are just a few examples.

    The good thing about this is that under your Rules and consequence Punishment us Naughty boys and girls when a rule is broken can then punish our selves straight away when we have broken a rule! which gives us no excuse on not following through in the punishment after breaking a rule, or rules as you have set us up with the rules and consequence in place.

    This will work even better when each one of us shall need to document! and then send you a accountability Report every two weeks to the end of the month which I do detailing our maintenance Discipline! and also punishment for Rules broken during the fortnight or end of Month which will make people do an accountability Punishment Report each month which shall give you an idea of how the individuals are travelling! also they should be encouraged to also like I am doing at this time send photos of our punishments and Maintenance to you as evidence.

    Our Reports from the Program you send each one of us you could then at the end of the fortnight or month depending on the individual report back to us of your findings of us and advise us if you think you need us too punish our selves further from how good or bad we have been.

    Please if you want me to go on further please let me know my special Mistress Jessica I do appreciate what you do for us and I. I think this could help us naughty ones be more accountable and punished more often for our deeds on the spot! and also help you out on many level’s.

    Yours Faithfully

    Your Loyal Student Joel.


    • Hi Mistress Jessica Just to let you know that I have sent you a little report and photos of the 3 day spanking punishment that you wanted me to do to self spankings. Your loyal student Joel.


      • Hi Mistress Jessica Promiss too get my August Report out by this Sunday 17th September! So sorry it taking so long just up tooo too much at the moment to sit and do it to be honest. I did go have a fantastic good hiding long hard deserved paddling on my bear bottom today Friday from my other Mistress Melissa. I Counted another 1267 painful swats across my bottom! and I got her too take 3 good photos from her room today of my sore red bottom as normal! I shall now send them to you in Self Spankings😊. I am now sitting on a red bottom! I got just what was over due and deserved. Your loyal student Joel.


    • Joel, great post! I just saw this unfortunately.

      I have to confess that my private life takes away too much time, so right now I won’t be able to do this. I have, however, collected these comments and will be talking to the man who recently contacted me with his SpankingApp – maybe he and I can work on a concept. I’d love that – what you just described is basically the entire concept!
      And yes, if you have more ideas, please go ahead!



  8. Hi Mistress Jessica

    One other idea that I have had that could be very useful is a chart system! for all individuals that would want too use the program as I mentioned up top.
    As they report their misdeeds this could be put together also too see how they are going as far as both Improvement or if they are going backwards! and really need to improve on particular areas in their lives!. I am someone who really believes not only in being disciplined and Maintenance punishments on a regular basis! but I also have a strong desire all the time too document everything I have been disciplined for and what I must do for improvement.

    I have found that over the years!! this step is just as Important! and I think individual charts for those who are serious in having Accountability and correction in their lives need too know their current status in life and to work on through your self and if they also have another physical disciplinarian like I do too work through these issues.
    Again I think yourself Mistress Jessica and Mistress Melissa do a great job in keeping me to my correction! but I can see a program like this taking us all too another level of Accountability and correction! which so many on here and myself need on a regular basis.

    Your loyal student Joel


  9. Hi Mistress Jessica

    Another Idea and one that I shall be putting in place on Saturday. I am sure that you know from you high school days of Saturday Detention. I have come up with an Idea for Naughty students! that have broken their fair share of rules for the month! and may have just been just dam right naughty! out of control and need a day too reflect on behaviour and be accountable like I feel I do for the month! despite my daily spankings and a few half hour hard long bear bottom spankings from Mistress Melissa! you may like this idea Mistress Jessica! this is It.

    Punishment really starts when have to go to bead real early tomorrow night at 7pm with a 100 Swat Bath Brush Spanking! over the Over The Knee Miss Jessica Chair as you know!.

    Then up at 5am and into shawer and mouth gets a good scrubbing out with a bar of soap and well washed out followed by 40 hard face slaps.
    20 slaps on each cheek. After this then it is work out in Gym!! after this then it is down into my own work space in which I shall have my breakfast! and spend the day devising my own day of Punishment and reflection.

    My detention Shall start at 8am and will only be completed! when I have only done the 2000 Boring word Essay! which starts out as a summary of my self first reflecting on the bad things’ that I have done! the last couple of weeks! and then of course when I have completed that part of the Essay! the rest of the Essay or Assighnment is then made up of writings from a boring old document as Extra punishment!! to make up the 2000 word punishment.

    Next on top of this I then owe Mistress Jessica 200 words of lines which I shall also do on Saturday! and shall also take the photos! and send to Mistress Jessica on Saturday night after my detention is over.

    During the Day of this Detention on the hour every hour I shall have to get up stop what I am doing Pull down my pants and under Pants and Go over the Over The Knee Miss Jessica Chair and Give my self another 100 bear bottom 100 swat brushing.

    My last Punishment before I can go of course will be to have to spend half an hour standing in the corner. I shall send you a full report Mistress Jessica on ever Saturday night my time! or Sunday.

    P.S I had another long hard long half an hour spanking of Mistress Melissa yeasterday Wednesday and it was again well over 1000 swats again!!. I got Mistress Melissa to take another photo and sent you another the photo.

    Your loyal Student once again Joel


    • Joel,

      Great idea! Almost like a discipline boot camp, which could be a good idea.

      I look forward to Sunday, when I can read your report.When do you usually get up? Getting up at 5 will be good for you.

      How long do you need for these 100 swats?

      I will not order a maintenance spanking, as your program on Saturday is already sufficient.




  10. Hi Mistress Jessica let me know when you have seen my painful self spankings over Saturday. All up I gave myself 1200 swats across my bear bottom and my bear bottom is still sore red and bruised and it is Monday night my time. I Managed to do three 100 swat spanking videos! 2 came out ok the other too dark! but you can hear the sound. In all I still have a very sore bottom two days on as my photos and videos I have sent you will show. When you have seen them let me know and I shall send you my lines and Essay I did too as part of the Saturday Detention. I also did 1 hour corner time and washed my mouth out with soap. Your loyal student Joel.


    • .. Great video! Love it – mostly the sound. I should almost require other students to do the same.
      The videos are great. Still, I assigned you another punishment!


  11. Hi Mistress Jessica I have been very flat out this week helping lots of other people in my time after work!And did not get round to do all the punishments that you have assigned me to do this week! and I assigned my self. I Do not see this as an exuse however and shall do the 200 spanks with a wooden spoon and another 200 for not getting my reports too you. I Shall also do 100 lines ( I must do my Mistress Jessicas Punishments on time). I shall also scrub my mouth out with soap! Get my October report out too you as well. Lastly as orderd I shall give my face another good face slapping this Sunday of 40 swats as you have also assigned me to do. I Shall attempt to video record my self spankings and face spankings like last week. Ps I had my last Mistress spanking from Mistress Melissa session on Tuesday 31st October 2017. Mistress Melissa will now be away for a few weeks and won’t be back until the 14th November 2017. So my next session will be with Mistress Melissa on or after the 14th November.


      • Hi Mistress Jessica! I am very Sorry for letting you down and I do need to be punished. I am doing an entire Sunday of punishment for you tommorow which I shall send you the videos rec. You shall have all Recordings! Punishments and also I need to get my October report to you. Your Loyal Student Joel.


      • Hi Mistress Jessica I shall be following through with 100 more face slaps tommorow Friday 10th November2017 and also another 100 lines.I Shall also do a 2000 word Essay as Extra Punishment. Shall send all photos and Videos up dates to you. Your loyal student Joel.


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