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Why spanking yourself is totally normal!

Spanking is something you’re interested in. It might be something that you do from time to time. But you’re never going to make it the center of your life, and that is fine.

Spanking is one of the things I do, not who I am. I have a family, I work for a living, and I think about spanking in my spare time. I have friends who have no interest in spanking. I’ve read about people whose whole lives center around spanking, but I’ve never met one and I have no desire to be one myself. That’s why I’m writing this on a Saturday: I don’t do this full time.

You can pursue your interest in spanking a little, or a lot, or you can leave it as a fantasy. I’m not trying to persuade you to do or be anything you don’t want. I will help you understand your interest in spanking and see how it fits into the world and into your life. Then you can decide what, if anything, you want to do next.


If you want to integrate accountability in your life, become more goal oriented or just want to spank yourself anyway, you should consider, apart from reading the other articles here, to get the The guide for self spanking. It will teach you the backgrounds of spanking, some things to consider when starting first, and various scenarios in which spanking yourself is necessary. 

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4 thoughts on “Why spanking yourself is totally normal!

  1. I’m a 57 male and I have been spanking myself for many years and it’s a hard spanking with paddles or any thing I can make, and usually I will put a pair of panties on when I spank myself lay on my side with a minor so I can watch. Is this normal?


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