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You Need Your Butt Slapped – Here’s Why!

You’ve been a naughty boy. You’ve lied, cursed, showed up late to work and neglected important obligations. You’ve gotten piss drunk, raised your voice to a woman, continued bad habits and been disrespectful. You’ve subsisted off of pizza and junk food, failed to exercise, and watched porn and played with yourself without Miss Jessica’s permission.

Glance back over this week’s events and I’m sure you’ll agree: you haven’t been all that you could be. Uncle Sam might send you to boot camp to learn some discipline – Miss Jessica sends you across those pillows with a bath brush and a strap in your hand.

Confess 1 or 2 naughty misdeeds in the comments section of this post and I’ll assign you a bare-bottom whipping that fits the crime.

I’m going to whip your ass into next week with some sound bare-bottom chastisement.

Tell me why you’ve earned it.


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60 thoughts on “You Need Your Butt Slapped – Here’s Why!

  1. Miss Jessica, you’re right … I’ve been masturbating without your permission.. Also, I’ve been smoking cigarettes and eating junk food…. I confess and will perform whatever punishment assignment you assign …. John W


      • Hi Miss Jessica. Thank You for that … I used a 3” X 12” wooden paddle with 11 holes in it. It’s one I recently bought from Caneiac. They call it “The Trembler”. Very accurate name if swung hard… And I promise You, thanks to You motivating me with this assignment , I DID swing it hard…

        It hurt a lot but I do still feel I should confess to You that I’ve still masturbated every night so far this week… It might take a more severe paddling assignment from You to curtail that …. Your call though … 🙂


      • Good question Miss Jessica… You truly are deliberating about this this I see. 🙂
        I do it once per night … Usually while watching either a free or a purchased spanking clip.. and many times following my own self spanking session.


  2. I usually show up at one ladys house about 15 minutes later than time i say , it just happens, she is not mad , but glad i show up to do repairs for her.
    Like last week got there 15 minutes late her neice 15 was waiting at door when i got there , she said about time.
    I said sorry Miss. She said get in here and in corner for 30 minutes. No moving or i will put a bar of soap in your mouth. So i did , and was not long till she lathered up a bar of soap and shoved it in ,and then facing corner with hands on head. Felt terrible now being treated like that by a 15 year old.


  3. Stay up way to late watching spanking porn, and I’m not good with my money witch causes me to be late on bills!


  4. I’ve misbehaved frightfully this week. I’ve been fractious and impudent and willful, and just generally naughty. After this, I went right to Amazon & bought your book.

    Still, my behavior can’t go unpunished.

    I have to be sort of quiet with the smacking sounds—cheaply built building—but I put the following implements at your disposal: a thin school cane (very light), a thicker cane that’s been twisted into a loop, a martinet (brand name ‘loopy johnny’), and a long-handled bath brush. And a piece of ginger.

    Remorsefully, on tenterhooks,

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  5. Hi Miss I must confess to having been rude to a few lady’s this last week! not cleaning up after my self! and have had sex with ones self once to often as well. My mouth has been horrible and some very bad words have come out. As I have said in another post of my bad behaviour and confession I need to be punished and given some Attitude Adjustment.


  6. Hi Miss Jessica I have just done day one! with 15 very high hard Swats! with a hard wooden paddle and am sitting on a very sore bottom, it is Thursday and will do this ending on Saturday. Yes I know I have been most rude and there is never any excuse for bad mouth with ladies around and I’m almost always the other way! but I have no excuses for the way I have been behaving of late. Thank you Miss Jessica for my punishment and putting me strait with Adjusting my attitude of late! especially with the ladies.


  7. It is Saturday and Punishment is complete Miss Jessica after 3 days! I have given my self my last 15 hard swats, with the hard wooden paddle on my bear behind! and I shall be watching my attitude and tongue closely this week I promise you. Thank you for my punishment instruction I was out of line and your instruction has done me a lot of good.


  8. I just completed my today’s 50 swats. it was my first punishment instructef by you. m feeling much relieved now. I promise to obey your every instruction. I will always share my every minute mistake even. I request you to never forgive my any minor mistake without punishing me. In this way i will become a good human. M really thankful to you becausr you r doing a wonderful job. Though m not a christian, yet merry christmas to you. Pls make me a good human by correcting me. I will report you tomorrow after my second 50 swats punishment.


      • Mistress i made a blunder yesterday. I appeared in a job interview and made some blunders. Later i noticed i was behaving over confidently. Here r my mistakes
        1. I interrupted interview panel three times
        2. I gave 5 wrong answers of easy questions.

        please correct me mistress and punish me according to the gravity of my mistakes so that next time i will become correct. Please punish in the earnest.


      • I have completed 120 strokes as per your orders. M feeling that my behaviour is becoming more responsible. I have also started to make report like joel does. My bottom is sore now. I promise that i will mot repeat those mistakes for which i have been punished.


  9. i have failed to exercise, watched porn and played with myself without permission from Miss Jessica. i need to be punished.


  10. Mistress i made a blunder the other day. I appeared in a job interview and made some blunders. Later i noticed i was behaving over confidently. Here r my mistakes
    1. I interrupted interview panel three times
    2. I gave 5 wrong answers of easy questions.

    please correct me mistress and punish me according to the gravity of my mistakes so that next time i will become correct. Please punish in the earnest.


  11. Honorable mistress jessica
    With youe due permission, i have completed today’s 75 swats too. Am i allowed to masterbate this week or not?


  12. I wank 4 times a week. But i want self control. Please order me the wanking schedule. I will obey ur permitted schedule. At which adress i can mail you pics of my sore bottom? I will request you to publish them for other’s motivation. On which date i should submit you my monthly report?


    • Your wanking schedule is as follows:

      no wanking allowed.

      If you get weak, administer immediately 75 swats and report it here.

      I look forward to your reports and enhanced discipline (I’ll make you)
      Have you bought the guide, it contains the email address.


  13. No mistress, i have not bought guide because i do not have bank account/ visa card etc.After my job, i will buy it. Today, i administered 75 swats on my bum in order to have self control.


    • Good job. No worries with the guide – I look forward to your comments here as well. It seems you are on a good way. A more detailed report on your (lack of) discipline in 2016 would be good, too. I’m compiling a longer post right now on this.


  14. Mistress i will send you my report 2016 soon. I administered 75 swqts on my bum today because i was too desperate to wank.but i did not and gained control. Please allow me to wank mistress. Howeve I dont want to displease you at any cost.


  15. Respected Mistress Jessica,
    Subject: Report of my lack of discipline of 2016

    I beg to say please consider my report of 2016 in your record.
    1. I was not slave of mistress jessica in 2016
    2. There was nobody to discipline me
    1. I would daily plan to get up early in the morning and go for walk, but could not execute it in the whole year.
    2. I missed 40% of targets of my studies and other activities.
    3. I became too much indulged in wanking and watching porn.
    4. I was unbridled mentally. My psyche remained unsatisfied.
    DECEMBER 2016
    I became distant slave of mistress Jessica for discipline. I mentally and physically pledged to obey her unconditionally. She awarded me 2 punishments in response to my rudeness towards other people. Moreover, She became pleased with me when I implemented her orders. She also ordered me to report her my every offense.

    Slave for discipline dated: 21-01-2017


  16. Mistress jessica
    I made a blunder today. Despite your orders about restriction on wanking and swats, i could not hold control and wanked today. First off, i beg to seek your forgiveness. Socond, i request you to award me punishment because the same mistake has happened second time.


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  19. I have been lying to my parent procrastinating my homework and chores. What should I do? I’ve never been spanked so I did it to my self once and it didn’t do anything. What should I use? I have a horse riding crop, sticks or a wooden spoon. I’m scared that it will hurt although I’m sure that’s a good thing and that it will hurt


  20. I have been procrastinating on chores and homework. What shall I do? I’ve never been spanked so I’m kind of scared. What should I use? I have a riding crop a wooden spoon or some thin sticks(I want it to sting aswell) could you please help me I have to get the chores and hw done and if I don’t get punished I can’t help myself


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