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How to spank yourself for cursing!

If you’re a naughty boy who uses bad language too often (and anytime is too often!), bare your bottom this moment and get ready for a thorough chastisement. Go get the hairbrush AND bathbrush, the mineral oil, a piece of paper and a blue pen.

Gather these items on the dining room or kitchen table, pull your pants and underwear to halfway down your thighs. Massage a small amount of mineral oil into your skin while you think about the spanking your about to receive. Now sit your bare soon-to-be burning bottom in that chair.

Right down all the bad words, rude gestures, offensive comments and mean statements you’ve made this past week.


Give yourself 30 medium smacks and 10 hard smacks for every item on your list.

Round this off with an additional 50 solid smacks all across your bottom with the bathbrush, as a reminder to watch your language moving forward.

To earn a big STAR in Miss Jessica’s notebook, send a photo of your punished behind after completing your punishment.


If you want to integrate accountability in your life, become more goal oriented or just want to spank yourself anyway, you should consider, apart from reading the other articles here, to get the The guide for self spanking. It will teach you the backgrounds of spanking, some things to consider when starting first, and various scenarios in which spanking yourself is necessary. 

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9 thoughts on “How to spank yourself for cursing!

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  2. Hi Miss Jessica

    Normally I am very good with not using Cursing! but of late when I am stressed with work! and when things are not working well! my mouth is horrible, to say the least!.

    Though I normally have a squeaky clean mouth! of late like yesterday, morning the F word! and B word! are terrible.

    As I am not sure what punishment I deserve the most! I leave this bad mouth of mine in your hands!. Please Miss Jessica I need your guidance and punishment in this matter! and I must get out of the on going issue I have when all is going pear shaped and resulting in lots of naughty words

    Thank you once again Miss Jessica


    • Joel, a punsihment is in order. A) Have you not bought the guide B) You cursed and therefore deserve 20 swats here and now. 20 more tomorrow right after standing up.


  3. Hi Miss Jessica

    Yes The Guide Book is very inspiring! and a good guide I think for everyone! out there who is into self spanking and self correction and satisfaction! into self spanking.

    I do however! find your instruction in this matter, just what I need some times! just like a second opinion! so to speak, and as I say part of my
    punishment is always having to tell you the naughty thing I have done before punishment! that makes the punishment always harder for me I find that good.

    I have just found this post, and am about to stand up take my pants down! and give my bottom a good hard 20 stinging swats with the wooden paddle! I shall do the same 20 tomorrow. I really do appreciate your good advice and I promise to try and not curse.

    As Extra Punishment I shall also write 20 lines today I shall not use filthy words today and tomorrow and I shall wash my mouth out with soup in the shower over the next few days.

    Thank you so much Miss Jessica



  4. Hi Miss Jessica

    Punishment done! 20 hard swats across my bear bottom with wooden paddle yesterday and another good 20 hard swats today between work! 40 good hard swats in total across my bear bottom.

    I have also washed my mouth out twice with soap and water in the shower! and have also found the time to sit down and write the following yesterday and today! in lines a total of 40 times! 20 yesterday and 20 today in writing – ‘ I shall stop using bad inappropriate words and wicked words in public at all times.

    As Extra Punishment! later after I come back from another shift I am going to remove my pants and underpants until my bottom if bear sit at the table with wooden paddle and pen and paper and again another 20 times to once again make sure the message has sunk in I am going to give my self another 20 lines! followed by another 20 hard swats with the paddle! the only difference this time is every time I write ‘I Shall stop using bad inappropriate words and wicked words in public at all times! I shall stand Up and give my self a hard swat across my bear bottom with the paddle! I will do that 20 times!.

    Then to Finnish off I shall put a tight pear of jeans on that will sting like hell on my sore bottom and sit on a hard bench seat in the corner for half an hour with my nose in the corner.
    By the end of the Punishment I shall have been given 60 good hard swats with that hard wooden paddle! 60 lines had my mouth washed out twice and done 30 minutes sitting in the corner in tight pants feeling like my behind is on fire on that hard bench seat.

    Thank You for my just punishment once again Miss Jessica I shall be watching that mouth of mine!.



  5. Hi Miss Jessica

    My Self Essay On How Self Spanking & Punishment has helped My Life

    Over the years my self discipline has taken many different forms and shapes. I truly believe that though I believe I am not a terrible person! and I do have a strong sense of fun and lightness in the world in which we live in and I work so hard all the time to show my respect, kindness and manners towards all! I find it very important to me that I follow daily plan of rules of engagement! and responsibility and attitude.

    Miss Jessica you may say how is that possible! I remember years ago in the mid 1990s when I was a 16 year old teenager working in a restaurant part time doing my studies to go on and do something better! in my life! I remember working so hard all night and putting up with so much rubbish! though you would get good tips and great compliments from some you would be treated like a slave and dirt by others’. My employer however taught me a great thing’ to remember that the customer is always right! I Know everyone has come across this old saying at some point’ no matter how vile or outrageous they came over as! I wore it like amour! in the end and it made me stronger because I had the discipline to make it work.

    I was not always that strong of cause! My mother is the lady that made me the way I am! as I say she was in truth my first true disciplinarian! and she truly did have home spanking discipline in her home until I left it at 18, My behind was spanked over her knee from the time I can remember! as a child until I left home at 18! which at the time I found humiliating! spent a lot of time grounded as well.

    When I left home though at 18 you think its great! free from mothers terrible over bearing rules, sore bottoms, and boring groundings!! Then all of a sudden after three months’ of being a brat and living on your own as a normal 18 year old does’. Without guidance! you realise why you spent so much time grounded! and over mother dears knee! And that you need to eat humble pie, and thank her so much for everything she has done for you all your life! getting you through School, Sport, Music, Arts ,Keeping you healthy, Working hard to develop and encourage all your talents, Mother Love when you needed it most! and also taking the time to also not turning you into a spoilt (BRAT) and putting you over her knee when you always needed it and spanking that pouting behind of yours. I still greatly love her and respect her to this day, and I always let her know that.

    This now brings me to my own self correction and self spanking punishment side of things now! and it all started when I found that things under very young JOELS! 18 year old Teenage Guidance was not working out so well! and that I still had some growing up to do! even though I had a good job! I was independent! and even at 18 I had respect in my community for the things I had done and achieved. But I still did what young teenagers to when not supervised on weekends!! and that is!! play up! and that some time got me in trouble. Well It did not last long with me! I soon got to my senses’ and I pulled myself into line. I realised why my mothers’ rules and punishments all these years’ had been soooo effective in correcting my own behaviour and discipline! so I simply said enough is enough to myself and said from this day on JOEL! MOTHERS OLD STICK LAW! IS COMING BACK INTO YOUR LIFE AND BACK ON THE TABLE.
    The next day after a disaster of a weekend night with so called friends the night before with a sore head! soon to be joined that day with a very sore bottom for getting my self in such a state! I sat at the table and with a Marker Pen and a long peace of Butchers Paper I put in writing the longest set of rules and the consequence Punishment penalty for each rule brake. Not all involved Spanking but all Punishments would make you stop and think and not want to do it again!! Which is the whole point of consequence and correction in my book.
    I then Put Blue tack on all 5 large sheets of butchers paper and (yes) hung them up in my kitchen like a naughty little boy that needs visual classroom instruction. I then dealt with the matter at hand! and pulled down my pants and underpants to my knees’ and with a leather strap and slipper on table bent over table and began a long session correcting myself for the way I had behaved that night! thus the beginning of my path to self correction and attitude adjustment for my life.

    My overall life started to become more respectful and shaped’ and I became a much better much more grow en’ up young man! after a few months’ had gone by! One of the self changes I had made not only in my life style! But behaviour modification and self discipline! and of course the self discipline and confidence I had in myself to now Punish myself when needed if I did break a rule or stepped out of line was there.

    Self Spanking and Self Punishment such as Spanking with the normal items paddles, Ropes folded, Bread board, Rulers, Straps, Wooden Spoons, hair brushes and many others would all find themselves being self spanking experiments’ of mine over the time period of 18 to 22! As a self spanker from 1998 – 2002 when I had been naughty.
    As I sometimes let myself down and curse! I am also very very good at putting a bar a soap in that mouth of mine and washing it out! which is another punishment over the years I hate doing but keeps me in check.

    I Found however that though Self Spanking is a great corrector and Other Self Punishments work it is also good though to make the effort and go the next step and get that extra discipline that one needs. And I think that goes for all of us! we all need that Life long need for correction! in life and guidance and I really do need it! So since 2002 until now I have had the guidance of from once to twice a month depending on my behaviour I see a Mistress to discipline my behaviour with some good old fashioned over the knee spanking with items that leave my bottom sore for a few days! That works wonders.

    Self Spanking and Self Correction are still so important! because the Discipline of self correction and the correction of others, are two very different things! and two very different disciplines, that you lean to have so much confidence from your self! and have so much more respect for those around you! which is what I find so great and almost wonderful about combining self correction and self – Spanking with someone like a Mistress or spouse also spanking you as if the two can be combined as I have now managed to do so.

    I have been a self spanker from 1998 until now 2016! And will continue to do so! I have seen several misses’ that have from 2002 until 2016 on a monthly’ basis seen to my correction needs, of spanking punishment and I will continue to do so! As I see a strong need for both in my life for life.

    A third disciplinarian in the Mix now of course is yourself Miss Jessica! since the Development of this great site you have now given people a chance to now discuss their naughtiness! and of course you can now assign them. In my case you have also helped me out greatly in my own way as a self spanker and as someone who already has been self spanker for almost a few decades and has a Mistress!. I thought I had good control! but you have really helped me push my self harder over the line these last few months’ since September when I needed that real Push! Excuse the Pun – (SWAT Across My Seat) That at times is all I am in need of to pull me back into line.

    I hope I have not missed anything? out in my essay Miss Jessica, Please if there is anything else you would like me to add I will do so.


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