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Spanking in Corona-Times

With the current situation basically forcing the entire population to “self-isolate” at one point, Discipline is more important than ever.

How has Corona / Covid affected your discipline? Let me know in the comments.

Joel sent me a very drawing that I’d like to share here as well.

corona spanking

Stay “healthy”!

5 thoughts on “Spanking in Corona-Times

  1. Hi Mistress Jessica

    Thank you for posting! And yes not being able to see Mistress Melissa since February 2020 self – spanking and discipline from your guidance is so important at this time of total isolation.

    Your loyal student



  2. Hello Miss Jessica,

    Unfortunately, I am normally undisciplined and this virus is making it harder to keep myself disciplined. I didn’t have a good schedule before the virus has made me lazy and complacent. I have gained a lot of wait and stay up into the wee hours of the night and into the morning




  3. Hi miss,

    I’m new here and I just found it cos I really need to get my porn habbit under control.

    Any ideas what I should do?

    Regards, Jake


  4. Mistress , I have been avoiding all of my school work over this break. I’ve fallen behind in all my classes and have no motivation to keep going. what punishment would help me stay in line?


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