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2 years – thanks everyone!

It’s been two years since I’ve registered this blog (again).

I’d like to say thanks to my students and followers.

My most loyal student, Joel, already got a really nice task (writing 700 lines).

This will be good for his discipline.

As everyone knows, I lack right now the time to develop this blog and take it to the next step. I hope it’ll be better in the future.

Meanwhile, if you have any ideas, please do tell them. I’m often thinking about a spanking program.


7 thoughts on “2 years – thanks everyone!

  1. Hi Mistress Jessica

    Congratulations on two year’s 😊.

    Also as you know I think my idea of a template punishment program would work great! plus me reporting my monthly wrong doings and for you to adjust that as you feel fit would help you in this matter heaps!.

    My 700 Lines are done! And I shall send a photo of them too you soon! After I send this post.

    I am also about to do the 120 swat spanking shortly! And will send all photos’s off to you at the same time.
    I am also still doing my every day 85 swats.

    My Mistress Melissa is also still away! And will not be back to thrash my behind, until about the middle of next month.

    Your loyal student Joel


  2. Hi Mistress Jessica

    Just to let you know that in your mail you shall have my full May 2018 Punishment Report!😕 of all the good😊 and bad😕 things I did in May 2018.

    You will now have a list of 5 naughty thing’s! I am in real need of many punishment’s of this month😕.

    Think it set’s a good idea of how to get more punishment and accountability happening for my naughtiness at time’s? and also let’s you also know also of what I am doing well in! As well as what im improving in! So great for both side’s of the coin I think😊.

    Your loyal student Joel


  3. Hi Mistress Jessica

    I am letting you know Mistress Melissa is back today! and I have organised another good long hard spanking session with her this Saturday, at 3pm on the 30th of June 2018.
    After the punishment, I shall get Mistress Melissa to take photos of my red bottom! And then I shall send them to you on the 30th June 2018.

    I feel a long overdue red bottom on it’s way!!! As with Mistress Melissa being away and with you Mistress Jessica unable to punish me as often as you would like! I feel I shall be in serious need of real punishment from you both in the next week or so.

    I sent you a report for May and will send you one for June in the next week for your correction on my attitude.

    In the mean time I do give myself a daily bear bottom self Spanking of 85 swats!! With Brush, Paddle, Spoon, Spatula or Slipper, every day to keep my self as well disciplined as possible.

    Your Loyal Student



    • Joel,

      I’m happy to read that. I’ve been slacking with your discipline lately.

      This weekend, it’s over. I want you to do at least 200 swats on Saturday and Sunday!

      And where’s the report?



      • Hi Mistress Jessica

        I am doing a special punishment tommorow Sunday 8th July 2018.
        As part of the punishment so that I do not lose focus I shall send you both my July behavior report!! And also my full 5 and a bit month punishment report☝.

        I shall also mention the special punishment that for tommorow in the Report.

        My punishment for tommorow will include a mouth soaping at 6am and a second mouth soaping at 6pm.
        During the day from 7am to 5pm I Shall give my bear bottom a good hard spanking of 150 swats every hour with a painful brush! Paddle, spoon or Spatula. On the hour of 7am, 8am,9am,10am,11am,12pm,1pm,2pm,3pm,4pm,5pm.

        I shall also do 100 lines! I must make sure I get my reports done on time.

        Your loyal student Joel


  4. Hi Mistress Jessica

    I have sent you the photo’s and details of my two day punishment spanking that you assigned me to do on Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st June 2018.

    Hope my sore red bottom photos are ok Mistress Jessica. I used a leather paddle and wood hair brush for both days punishments! as well as following through with my normal day’s maintenance spanking of 85 swats after the punishment spanking’s.

    So including the 85 swats I gave my bottom 285 swats on Saturday 30th June 2018 and 285 swats on Sunday 1st July 2018.

    Will now send you both reports shortly tonight.

    Your Loyal Student Joel.


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