Spanking yourself

2 years – thanks everyone!

It’s been two years since I’ve registered this blog (again).

I’d like to say thanks to my students and followers.

My most loyal student, Joel, already got a really nice task (writing 700 lines).

This will be good for his discipline.

As everyone knows, I lack right now the time to develop this blog and take it to the next step. I hope it’ll be better in the future.

Meanwhile, if you have any ideas, please do tell them. I’m often thinking about a spanking program.


One thought on “2 years – thanks everyone!

  1. Hi Mistress Jessica

    Congratulations on two year’s šŸ˜Š.

    Also as you know I think my idea of a template punishment program would work great! plus me reporting my monthly wrong doings and for you to adjust that as you feel fit would help you in this matter heaps!.

    My 700 Lines are done! And I shall send a photo of them too you soon! After I send this post.

    I am also about to do the 120 swat spanking shortly! And will send all photos’s off to you at the same time.
    I am also still doing my every day 85 swats.

    My Mistress Melissa is also still away! And will not be back to thrash my behind, until about the middle of next month.

    Your loyal student Joel


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