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Have you read the Guide To Self Spanking?

Hello, naughty boys! (and girls… one particular girl called Hannah comes to my mind). Happy Easter!

I have questions for the readers of my book, the Guide To Self Spanking.

  • If so, did you like it?
  • Did it help you?
  • Did you stop procrastination with the measures described in it?

Please contact me, because I’d like to improve it in the future. I’ll have more time later this year, and there might be a possibility to create a discipline program.

Also, the guide hasn’t gotten a single review in all the time (!). Therefore, I’d like you to leave reviews, if you read it.

What do you think? You can also contact me privately here.


15 thoughts on “Have you read the Guide To Self Spanking?

  1. Hi Mistress Jessica

    First of all great new post😊 and thanks for it!.

    I am glad that you are looking at more possible programs and other ideas for peoples discipline and self spanking needs 😊.

    Looking at your bigger question! However that I think you really want some of us bloggers and self spanking fans’of yours to answer of your great book, I think I know I can answer, from my perspective from why I have not yet been able too yet give the so deserved book!!! The 5 star rating or ranking as yet😕.

    Though the Book is well worthy of anywhere between 3 and 5 stars!!! Too any reader depending on how seriously or how much interest you want too put into introducing self spanking too your life. The problem I think is the Psychology in the fact that when you check out on the Amazon site there are loads of books on how to improve one’s life through spanking through having a spanking partner!! And those views get around 3 or 5 stars.
    People still have a downer to think it is somewhat like a mad person thing to spank your self😐!!Bit like someone seen talking to themselves!!?? If they talk too themselves they must be mad!!! Often this can be actually the other way around!!And so is Self Spanking☝☝👍👍.

    I think on a down side though with spanking still being a rather private matter too most people and also considering the book is about coaching one on Self Spanking!!! Too many the problem is! Is when you go too give the book a rating and ranking!!Amazon then wants too put you on a Library like page for everyone who looks through Amazon too see everything you review!!!And most people don’t want to have erotica or Spanking books by their names as history for everyone round the world to see😩😩??? As in this small minded world!!! A lot of people still have not got their brain around some one who is normal and looking at a therapy that helps them which spanking does!!! No different too a dam good massarge and sets them on the path of correction! and something that is perverted😕😕.
    The truth of the matter is, and it has been proven so many times!! Especially with misbehaving men! Doesn’t matter if it be given by a Lady Mistress! Wife or Girlfriend or if it is a self spanking!!! I should know I spend lots of time with a red bottom!!! And thinking about my behaviour😊 It will often infact lead too a grown up person becoming much much less of a deviant😊 because he has something called! On going self control, through Self Discipline through his Spankings.
    The Guide is a Good way too start that process for both Gentlemen and Ladies of all ages!! Even though I have been doing it for 20 year’s now.

    One last thing I found with Amazon if you have been someone who has not bought much of them in the passed you have too buy apparently $40 of books off them before they let you give you a book ranking!! This I find a bit naughty😕😕😕 from Amazon and this Rule should not apply!!!???. This dear Mistress Jessica may also have another reason why despite the fact that you did well with the amount of books of the Guide you sold! And you even had some great emails on the book on this site so many have enjoyed it!!! No one has yet given you that ranking.
    I think if Amazon can look at those things I have talked about😊👍! I think they may go a long way too improving the rating system on Amazon for you😊.

    I hope my insight Mistress Jessica is helpful in helping you on this great blog😊 And the future of Coaching Self Spanking.

    Kind Regards – Joel😊


    • Joel,

      sorry for the late answer – thanks for the long comment, however! I know you’re my best follower, I love reading your comments. I’m disappointed that no one else answered, however …

      Also I haven’t assigned you a punishment for a long time now. Time to end this .. you’ve been way too naughty. Stand in the corner for an hour, and then … 500 swats! YOu know what this means!



  2. Hi Mistress Jessica

    Hope all is good with you😊.

    I am letting you know that today I completed the very stinging and well prolonged punishment that you ordered me to do of 500 swats today with wood Spatula! Thank you once again Mistress Jessica for keeping my discipline in check and my bottom red.

    I Also gave it it’s daily Maintenance 85 swats with the leather belt! As well so I have now been well disciplined and punished for the day.

    I also did the 1 hour in the corner that you wanted me to do. I did the corner time in stretch tight jeans to hold the sting and heat in of the 500 swats as extra punishment.

    Also last week I had my last punishment from Mistress Melissa until June! As she will be away until June😕!! As she knows I will be a naughty boy over that 6 weeks!!! Without her painful spankings she gave me one too think about😕 ‘And left me with a very ‘sore bottom’ fore a few days. She gave me over the bed a 2000 swat spanking with both a leather Strap! And leather paddle.

    I have sent you 6 photos, 3 of todays self spanking of 500 swat punishment Wednesday 25th April 2018! And my corner time in tight jeans as you ordered me to do Mistress Jessica! And then I sent you 3 other photos that Mistress Melissa took last Monday of my 2000 Swat Punishment with leather Strap and leather paddle last week.

    I shall send you a long report of the last 3 months on this last Monday night as it will be last night of the Month again.

    Your loyal Student Joel.


    • Joel, yes I’m all right. Just trying to catch up with everything. Love the photos and thanks for the heads-up. 2’000 swats must be a new record! I just ordered another spanking for you, you need more Discpline from me, too. I’d like to support Melissa, after all.


      • Hi Mistress Jessica again.

        Thank you for my punishment and your encouraging word’s😊! And I want to also let you know that you help me stay just as much on track with your discipline and punishment! As Mistress Melissa😊.

        I find both of your discipline helps me out so much😊.

        I may need your firm hand a bit more this month! As my Mistress Melissa is away all this month!😐 And into the middle of June next month which means I am not getting that long hard strapping I need during the month over her knee and over the bed, from Mistress Melissa around 3 times during the month😐.

        Have gone a month or so before and your punishments always do the trick.

        Your loyal student Joel.


  3. Hi Mistress Jessica,

    As someone who was relatively new to the idea of self-spanking this book definitely helped with the idea that this is conpletely normal. Before the book i tended to struggle with the whole spanked and spankee part of the process. The part in particular that helped was stating you have to have the mindset of the teacher and the student. The thing About self spanking that I personally struggle with is a schedule of some sort. There is no set times I do self spank just when i feel as though I have been slacking in general.
    I am sorry for disappointing you by not responding sooner, so if you wanted to punish me i would understand

    Overall I liked the book as it helped me realize that this is normal, and is nothing i should feel guilty about. So thank you for that



      • I can absolutely leave a review on the amazon website it would be my pleasure. Can i possibly have a maintenance discipline i have been slipping at this point and time. And also the wanking will stop.


      • Ryan,

        That would be great! As for your maintenance discipline. You need to stand in the corner for 30 minutes and I want you to slap yourself 120 times today.

        Finally, report back on Saturday. If the wanking still hasn’t stopped, a mouth soaping might help…

        And thanks for leaving the review! Do tell me when it’s up. I found it so weird, given that the guide actually sells a copy per day, more or less.


        Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi I was wondering if I can get some help with my foul mouth I have a problem with cursing and I think it’s time for me to correct it


  5. I have never been spanked in my life. And it shows. I have been acting as a child, backed talked people, skipping excising days, I almost fail school because i was lazy. I never had consequences or discipline growing up. Message me if you can provide.


  6. I need a spanking and was wondering howni should do it. Ive been naughty for over a year and have been punished for it.


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