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How Can You Expand Your Self Spanking Regimen?

While self spanking is the cornerstone for discipline, so that you get rid of your procrastination problem, other measures are available, too.
But there are more ideas. Reader Joel has contributed various useful ideas, which I would like to discuss here.
Regarding your drinking problem:
1)Tabasco and lemon in all alcoholic beverage that evening as punishment! plus a good self spanking on top! will quench the taste! it did for me.
Writing lines as an additional punishment is a classic, but still.
2) Lines – they are so boring! but send the message to the brain to not do something. 20!40!50!80 even 100 depending on how bad you have been! really sends it home for me.
A good punishment for all the naughty boys out there. If you can’t get rid of your masturbation habit, here’s a good way:
3) For me after I have been real bad! and I have had to give my self a serious spanking! or seen my Mistress I then give my self corner time! however I find its not the same unless I have put myself in a pair of stretch tight jeans! That hold the heat of that spanking in! and then put my self on a real hard bench for half an hour! and that just hurts so much! its really is like the spanking continuing.
Mouth soaping was already mentioned, here’s Joel’s version:
4) Cussing or swearing and mouthing off! is just not on! I think yes a spanking is in order does not matter if your 5 or 95 no excuse! to be rude or disrespectful to anyone! however from time to time we all do it! but then there are those of us that know we should and do take accountable steps for that situation. As my mother did before the spanking! the first punishment before the bottom thrashing! needs to be the bar of soap! so GUESS who has still been doing it all these years! in the shower before the spanking! yes I have! I find the mouth SOAPING just as important.
Locking yourself up is also good. This one should be considered in cases of extreme negligence, such as breaking your diet regimen.
5)Locking ones self up or hindering ones own movement for a few hours. I have found this also has worked by taking ones self to ones room and not allowing ones self time to come out of the room for a few hours is important to think about what you have done.
I find for this to work you need to do this when there is no one around! you don’t have no place to have to go! no direct obligations, or family obligations or appointments to go to! work it so that you will be able to follow through the punishment on a day and time and sort your self out!
 Self grounding is good, too.
6) Self Grounding or taking things away from your own self that you like! also is not a bad idea! and also works wonders! I have done this in the past and it works wonders a long with a few sore bottoms. you can ground your self for days! week! Weeks! Month! Months!depending on how bad you think you have been! what you choose to take away or go without you must be strong and stick to for the punishment to be effective.
The ultimate measure is to give away money.
7) only if your in a financial position. If your going out too much when you should be at home! then this is what you do! take a ruler well and truly slap both the open hands!and backs of your hands!and then get a black marker pen and put a black cross on them. then you take a $50 note out of your wallet and fine your self and give it to a good charity organisation wanting nothing in return as you are punishing your self.
If you have other ways of punishing yourself , I look forward to reading about them, too.
Your disciplinarian,

Miss Jessica


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28 thoughts on “How Can You Expand Your Self Spanking Regimen?

  1. Hi Mistress Jessica i gave my self a good booting with that boot as a change to self spanking bending over too my bear bottom bending over rather than the normal 20 swat maintenence spanking the last three days! I have given my self the same maintenence punishment as I do daily but instead I have given my bottom a good booting instead that has left my bottom sore! I can say the leather pointy boot tool sucessfully leaves me with a sore bottom. Another alternative punishment that works if not hurts ones bottom more than a spanking. The boot not hard too make nether! Anyone can make one! The most expensive part is buying the leather boot! Then fill the boot with anything hard! Wood! Plasta mold etc then use belt and heavy duct tape to put handle in place! And you have something that when bending over you can give your backside that good booting you sometimes! I know i need when you need it! Administered by ones self. Hope this one gives you Mistress Jessica and others another idea. Your loyal student Joel.


  2. Hi Mistress Melissa glad you liked it. I will send you through another photo of the boot. It does work! And depending what you fill and harden the boot with plus handle! The more realistic and the more it hurts on the bottom. Kind regards Joel.


  3. Haha I loooosing it!😕. I very very sorry Mistress Jessica I give myself 100 swats accross the bear bottom with wooden close brush tommorow and 100 lines. I so use to my own phisical Mistress I keep getting ones names mixed up. Maybe another sore bottom and 100 lines do the trick. I send you the photos Mistress Jessica. Your loyal student Joel.


      • Good Morning Mistress Jessica

        I am due to see Mistress Melissa in the next few hours! but have been punishing myself for the last four days! Saturday, Sunday Monday and today Tuesday! under your very correct instruction! Miss Jessica.

        Weekend Punishment – As I was working non stop over the weekend! though I find that no excuse and have punished my self further for it! I found it hard to find the time to schedule time to do my lines. And so I did the Penis Cage Punishment! as you requested of me and sent photo to the Self Spankings blog! I have also given my self a 100 swat jeans and underwear down bear bottom spanking! with the Clothes Wood Brush for getting your name wrong! and also I gave myself a 100 swat wooden spoon jeans and underwear down spanking as well! for being late with getting my lines done.

        I also did 20 minutes standing in the corner! in which I scolded and spanked my bear bottom with the wooden spoon the entire time I was in the corner so that should get the message through and gave me an extra long spanking in which I had a very sore bottom afterwards.

        I did 100 lines yesterday Monday 24th July for getting both of my Disciplinarian Mistresses names incorrect! and then Today on my day off this morning I completed the 200 lines that you assigned me.
        I shall now head off shortly! and after another painful long hard spanking session with Mistress Melissa today’ I am sure I shall have a hard time sitting down.

        I shall send you all the photos of my spankings! and of course as normal I shall get Mistress Melissa today too once again take a few photos of my sore spanked bottom, after she is done with me. All photos shall be sent to you as I normally do tonight.

        Regards – Your Loyal Student Joel


  4. Hi Mistress Jessica! I just got Punished by Mistress Melissa again! and about to send you the two photos of my very sore bottom!. Mistress Melissa gave me another 947 swats accross my bear bottom with all the implements in the photo I sent earlier. Shall find sitting down for a few days sore! But I think you will agree having a sore bottom keeps my feet on the ground and I need a lot of punishment and discipline at times. I took a hour and a half punishment from her. This included scolding time which I find as important as the spanking and half hour in the corner. The rest is a backside roasting. Your loyal student Joel.


  5. Hi Mistress Jessica I still finding it hard too sit down today after 24 hours since Midtress Melissa thrashed me. Normally it takes at least 3 days for the sting too go away. I still gave my self my maintenance spanking this morning with a hard slipper! What hurts even more is wacking away on a already sore bruised bottom. But I did deserve the scolding! And the 947 swats she gave me yeasterday. Your loyal student Joel.


      • Hi Mistress Jessica I shall send you my report tonight. Your loyal student Joel.


      • Hi Mistress Jessica I Got another big spanking off Mistress Melissa yeasterday! Tuesday 1st August 2017 a total of 1378 swats across my bear bottom with paddles. Have once again sent you all the photos. Your loyal student Joel.


      • Hi Mistress Jessica another idea has come to my mind about helping people with a drinking issue as punishment and deterrent. I often clean out bins once a week for my work! and often one of the things that is very hard to bear is when foke have filled them up with beer cans and bottles! It just gross to put it frank. The smell of fermenting stail beer sediment in the bins is at times unbearable. I have thought though it could be a great way to stop your self from the next time someone thinks about binge drinking. As punishment for lack of ones self control take the empty bottles and cans you drank! and put them in a small trash bin and add white vinegar in the bin. Let if ferment for a few days and then it is punishment time. First take your self 2 the bath room and wash ones mouth out with soap along with a good bear bottom self spanking! Then take your self too the bin! Open lid and push your self to take in that gross smell. I can garantee it will be a lesson that will make the most hardend binge drinker think twice about binge drinking again! and just may learn the error of his or her ways. Your loyal student Joel.


  6. Hi mistress Jessica
    I procrastinated my chores for three days so I decided 4 days worth of punishment would really let the lesson sink in.
    I started my punishment by stripping bare and lying over pillows on my bed. I then received 10 licks with a wire hanger and 10 licks with a cane. I then switched out the implements for another 200 licks. I had to constantly keep reminding myself to hit harder and to not slack off or tense up when the pain got worse. I also had to keep reminding myself to push my bottom up to take the hits instead of clenching. My bottom was very red and sore after but I felt that I had learned my lesson. Thank you for your help.


  7. Ooops, Miss Jessica
    I didn’t mean that way,I just meant that he has so many post on your maybe you should have me do a spanking from you for using bad language and implying that you should #$&@ him. And I am very sorry Miss Jessica


      • MISS Jessica,
        Thank You for the punishment of the one hour long corner time punishment, but can I wear a diaper that I have just bought and I will pull it down to my knees for punishment while I’m standing in the corner time punishment for an hour


  8. Hello Miss Jessica

    I shall also be doing my punishment you have assigned me in isolation tomorrow Thursday 23rd April 2020.

    Will report back in email with photos once punishment has been executed.

    Your loyal Student Joel


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