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How To Reduce Your Drinking With Self Discipline!

Drinking too much is recurring theme here. With self spanking and self discipline, you can get rid of the problem.


Reade Joel comments on his drinking habit,


My names Joel, I’m a regular on this site needing discipline too! can I give you some helpful advice! that may be able to help you out a bit! though I don’t drink due to my Arthritis these days! except I did have a few wines at a function at a Christmas function! which I punished my self for!!! any how that’s me not you.
I live in Australia! which is Football mad! and the same thing goes’ on here every weekend! lots of guys’ get together on the weekend! during the AFL and RNL Season! and the Esky comes out! full of ice Beer’s and mixed alcoholic drinks!! and before you know it ! […]
Though I don’t see this behaviour as good enough! or accountable! as never do you as you have brought it too Miss Jessica’s attention! here is a tip that may both be able to help you on the weekend! be able to help you! A) save your pocket! B) save your liver and kidneys and brain cells and B) your behind from another hiding.

These are just some of the benefits, I will not give a full list as anyone here knows the benefits. Here’s what Joel does:


[…] To get away from this mistake in the future to cut back on your habit you can try this…..
Buy only light Beer! and only a six pack at a time! for your Esky or Fridge! No carton! let friends bring their own to put in the Esky or Fridge .
Also go into the supermarket and buy non alcoholic Beer! in 6 packs as well! and mix them in the mix in your Esky at home your mates wont know the difference.
Second buy bottles of soda water! and bottles of water! Orange juce etic as well and Ice tea etc! (another trick to help you drink less) to put in your Esky Fridge at home! as well so that you consume during the day and night just as much water as you do booze!!. This will help you stay focused during the day! sober! and hydrated which means no hangover which is all a hangover is.


But of course, nothing can replace actual discipline administered by your disciplinarian.

Lastly to make sure you do follow through with your weekend plan! do what I would do, bend over the table! drop your pants’ and underpants, and give your self a Maintenance self spanking with an item! that will sting your behind so bad that it will send the message home for you to follow through with all the above! around 20 swats across your beat behind does the trick for me.

Self spanking will help you in your fight against drinking. Go read the guide or read more of my posts here.

How is your drinking habit developing so far?



If you want to integrate accountability in your life, become more goal oriented or just want to spank yourself anyway, you should consider, apart from reading the other articles here, to get the The Guide For Self Spanking. It will teach you the backgrounds of spanking, some things to consider when starting first, and various scenarios in which spanking yourself is necessary. 

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6 thoughts on “How To Reduce Your Drinking With Self Discipline!

  1. Good Article Mistress Jessica and I still don’t Drink! only tea and Water. This has a lot to do with your great training and my mistress Melissa’s training.

    Whilst we are on the topic! You are correct in the fact that not only has spanking helped me get clean of drinking full stop! but has got me strait in all aspects of my life in keeping strong discipline Thanks too both of you two Mistresses.

    Interesting too note as well if you look on line as well! now there are a lot of articles now of even psychologists, and since now with stories about examples of adults talking about the benefits of spanking discipline as helping them with anything to helping them improving relationships! too getting clean of drug and booze abuse!!. It is good too see that people are starting to realise that the old fashioned spank on the bottom is still often all someone needs too get back on track! no matter how old they are! and it nothing too be ashamed of. Nothing like a reality check spanking to get one back on track!. Spanking is obviously not my life! but it plays a well balanced roll on a daily basis in my daily and weekly life! and I often have a sore bottom! and it a great thing that works real well in my adult life.

    Regards your loyal student Joel.


    • Thanks for the compliment! Spanking discipline has been, unfortunately, shamed into something bad. Like you say: “and it nothing too be ashamed of. ” That’s why I run this blog. Mistress


  2. Hi Mistress Jessica

    And we all both ladies and gentlemen! that get disciplined online from you! on this Blog owe you a great debt of gratitude for that. It is not only a wonderful thing that you are disciplining people from all over the world! who need and seek that online discipline in their lives! but at the same time you are also promoting and advocating too people that it is ok too discipline themselves or too be a self spanker or have someone spank them!! and that they are normal and should not be ashamed of who they are! and their normal human needs.

    I am very thankful of My physical Mistress Melissa of course! but I am also so so thankful for every advice! and your great tips! and also your on going discipline! on myself on this blog! that until I had the chance! on this blog in August last year 2016! it was not available too me! and boy has your blog and you personally Mistress Jessica! gone such a long way in helping me improve so many areas of my life! well being and also my creative thoughts as well! due to your discipline.

    I shall always be very thankful too you Mistress Jessica! and so should others! I am sure as a physical disciplinarian! you have achieved so much and improved many lives over the years.

    Best Wishes, Your loyal student Joel


    • I always find your posts very lovely, Joel. Your thankfulness is what keeps me motivated at blogging, although real life interferes way too much in 2017 and I cannot dominate as much as it would be necessary. Thank god Mistress Melissa does an excellent job as well. Thanks for the compliment, again! 🙂


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  4. Hi Mistress Jessica you do as well as you can with the time you have! to give too the blog. Unfortunately sometimes things slow us down but you always get back too us and sort us all out😉 when you can and you do a great job of it. I due too see my phisical Mistress again on Tuesday and that is always painful as well but worth it. Your loyal student Joel.


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