Spanking yourself

How To Increase The Sting

While I have given lots of advice on self spanking and the guide on self spanking contains lots of great examples on how to it, reader Joel came up recently with an idea to increase the soreness, which seems simple that I wanted to post it here. Here it is:

Something else Real helpful that I have not done for years! but did today, despite the soreness! of my behind already from the spanking I received from my disciplinarian a few nights ago!. I shaved my behind! something I did on a regular basis, when I was in my 20s’ for a spanking as it is true, it does sting twice as much I find on a shaved bottom! add oil before the spanking, and it really increases the heat and sting to the spanking no end.
It really increased the sting and soreness to my daily maintenance spanking today! when I pulled down my pants! put oil on my bear bottom, and gave my bear bottom 20 hard swats with the wooden paddle today! it really stung! and I have been good all day! as that stinging 20 swats does the trick for me.



Adding oil is mentioned in the Guide on How To Spank Yourself, but shaving your bum is another good idea.



If you want to integrate accountability in your life, become more goal oriented or just want to spank yourself anyway, you should consider, apart from reading the other articles here, to get the The Guide For Self Spanking. It will teach you the backgrounds of spanking, some things to consider when starting first, and various scenarios in which spanking yourself is necessary. 

Check out the guide here or click on this image, to go directly to Amazon:


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16 thoughts on “How To Increase The Sting

  1. Hi mistress jessica i still do shave my bottom! and shall do again before i see my disciplinarian mistress miss melissa for my weekly long hard roasting in tomorrow afternoon tuesday. Miss melissa olso applies oil to my bottom by my request before my punishment as the shaved bottom! And oil applied before the long hard spanking makes all the difference. Regards your loyal student joel.


    • Joel, I hope Melissa has a lot of fun with you tomorrow! As always, thanks for your mails- I read them all but can’t respond them all right now. What kind of oil do you use? With oil it’s so much better – I’ll probably do a post about it.


  2. I will have to try this. I am a self spanker. I have shaved my ass cheeks in the past. I always keep a bazillion shave, but only occasionally made sure the ass cheeks were smooth. Defiantly something I will get back to so I can see how much the sting changes.


      • Of course. Let me know what you are thinking. I have enjoyed the month. Less hair means being cooler. both on the back and shoulders and on the ass. You are more sensitive to the touch and feel much cooler in the warmer months.


  3. Hi mistress jessica though i have used other more expensive heat oils before and even at one stage conola oil! I have found for me now though that the best is good old fashoned baby oil! As it doesnt just burn and sting with the spanking! But i have found lasts for hours in my skin! Which also keeps my backside throbbing for some time after! Especially after my tuesday session with miss melissa! Later today it will be throbbing. Last week i got 1012 off mistress melissa! The tuesday before that i got over 850 from mistress melissa as you will see from the photos i sent of my very sore bottom taken by mistress melissa. So my spanking ordeals with mistress melissa are long and very painful! However with a shaved bottom! Baby oil applied to my behind! Plus i do tend to put on tight jeans after to really maximise a long lasting throbbing sore bottom after mistress has done with me. I also repeat the same formula with all your punishments after i have self spanked mistress jessica. I was once told by somone when i was really young and i was always trying to mend things that did not need mending! And the advice was (lad! If the formula you are using works so well! Why are you mending something that is not broke! And need fixing)(if it not broke it dont need fixing). That was 1998! Many years later i have not forgot that advice as it so so true….so my formula is shaved bottom! Applied baby oil, hard long stinging spanking, and really keep the sting! Heat and throbbing sorness in with a good pair of denim tight jeans. It works every time without fail for me. Regards your loyal student joel.


  4. Hi mistress jessica i had a real good scolding from my mistress melissa today and she tanned my bear bottom with three different items in which i got her too take 3 different photos of my sore bottom afterwards. As i have not been as naughty as i was last Tuesday! Which awarded me 1012 spanks from mistress melissa! Today i got just 454 spanks on my bear bottom. I am still sitting on a very sore bottom. I shaved my bottom and also mistress jessica applied the baby oil before thrashing my bottom red raw. I have also been wearing tight jeans as i said i would to keep the heat! Sting and sorness in as extra punishment. I shall go on to do your 100 spanks with tje german spoon first thing in the morning at 5am my time! I shall take a photo and then do 30 minutes in the corner before going off to sort out the daily grind. Regards your loyal student joel.


  5. I need help with my self spankings and the reason why is I can’t complete a spanking no matter how hard I try to I just can’t do it do you have any tips for me needing about 6 months of spankings

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  6. Hi Mistress Jessica

    I want to wish you a happy new year! for 2018😊🎆🎇🎆🎆!And thank you so much for taking care in punishing me! And keeping me on track in 2017.

    I also know as I get punished regularly with long hard painful spankings from my other Mistress! Mistress Melissa!That I agree I need the same long hard punishments from you! As well as lines! Mouth scrubbing outs with soap and time in the corner.
    I agree that my face needs slapping and I need an on going sore bottom.

    I did the 500 swat spanking over the knee chair yeasterday night on the 30th December 2017 as you orderd me to do on my bear bottom with a wood Spatula.
    As extra punishment I put on a very tight pair of stretch black jeans! Which after those 500 swats kept the sting and soreness throbbing in my bottom until I went to bed. I Also shaved my bottom in the shower before my spanking! And rubbed oil into my bottom before the painful spanking.
    I took photos of my sore spanked bottom and also wearing the tight jeans and sent them too you.

    Lastley as extra punishment I also did the following punishment on the 29th December 2017.. I scrubbed my mouth out for 5 minutes in the shower with a big bar of soap! And also wrote 100 lines…
    In the lines I wrote …I must be a good boy for my Mistresses in 2018! 100 times.
    As proof I took photos of all the pages and sent also sent them.

    I feel though the daily maintenance spankings have helped me a lot every day this year!! I feel I need to increase the spanks from 20 a day to 85 a day over the knee chair with ever paddle or Wooden spoon which I shall start today the 1st January 2018! Please let me know if I need to increase my daily dose of Maintenance Discipline spankings over 85 swats a day.

    Again Happey new year Mistress Jessica.

    Will do my End of year and December report tommorow and to start the new year will give my bottom 100 swats with the paddle and spoon every hour from the time I get up to the time I go to bed.
    That will give me a lot to think about when I am doing the report with a very sore red bottom! And a good start to 2018.

    Your loyal student Joel

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    • Joel, thank you so much for the nice wishes!

      I have been drowning in real life, so to say, but I still wish you a Happy New Year! What did you do on Silvester?

      Thank you very posts here, and yes, I do see all your pictures. You are a naughty boy, but your mistress (es) are here to correct you. Have a Great 2018!

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  7. Thank you once again Mistress Jessica😊

    I do appreciate everything you both do to keep me on track and in correcting my behaviour and keeping me accountable.

    By the way I have sent you a number of photos which shows you how much I appreciate your efforts.

    Your loyal student Joel

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