Spanking yourself

How To Stop Masturbating With Self Spanking!

Ugh, I received various comments here regarding this.

For example reader John,

I bought porn clips and watched them while i was “stoking it” .. Or, while i was “wanking” as is often said by people in England. 🙂

or reader Nader,

I wank 4 times a week. But i want self control. Please order me the wanking schedule.


… I consider this one  of the worst offences, which is why I usually assign the most severe punishments for wanking. If you have a problem with this as well and your masturbation habit is out of control, it is time to take action.

Confess the offence here and your self spanking assignment will come. Also, you need more discipline – self spanking is the way to go here. Go read the guide and work on this loathsome habit!



If you want to integrate accountability in your life, become more goal oriented or just want to spank yourself anyway, you should consider, apart from reading the other articles here, to get the The Guide For Self Spanking. It will teach you the backgrounds of spanking, some things to consider when starting first, and various scenarios in which spanking yourself is necessary. 

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39 thoughts on “How To Stop Masturbating With Self Spanking!

  1. Dear Ms. Jessica

    I would like help with my problem of masterbating. I have had spankings for the past 2 weeks everyday. It has helped my behavior but feel my masterbating could use a serious punishment. I appreciate you helpung me oyt.


  2. Ms Jessica
    Not a problem for me but I am behind in getting last month’s report to you.



  3. Hi Miss Jessica

    Mmmm this is going to be another big talking point……I do agree with you on a discipline level however please read below……

    Masturbation is something that so many are so ashamed of to talk about and go to! Especially men because it is a topic which is almost taboo as it involves the act of one person pleasing one’s self! or relieving oneself of their A) sexual desire! with themselves or B) their Frustrations! that are building up within their own body! which is chemically suppose to happen!! as we are naturally borne that way. Though there is a fundamental deference between perverted behaviour Masturbation! and pervert behaviour! which I agree Miss Jessica! I have read on this site cases’ of Masturbation of things such as men Masturbating! over seeing other women that is not good! Watching and wanking watching tooo much porn on DVD and the Internet!! which I blame greatly for the rise of Porn!! and unsocial bad behaviour towards sex towards ladies!.

    Someone steeling their girl friends socks! or underwear sniffing them is not only a deviant thing to do! but a total disregard of trust! honour! love! or respect for one’s partner! and the most gross thing someone can possibly can consider masturbating over! but there are those on here that have admitted to it! I do at least give them the credit that out of shame they have admitted their terrible deed to and to us all and you have punished them accordingly. I also read so much about on going Masturbation due to on going constant Porn!! it just terrible. And you know guys no real lady is going to take you on whilst they know you have this sick habit and that you look upon them as nothing more than a sex object.

    On the other hand what’s important is that relieving unwanted unhealthy levels of sperm from the body! which after some times especially from males from the ages of their teenage years! right through to about the age of 45 when the body clock starts to slow down and stop making so much sperm is a much! remembering that at times when a man is single and he does not have a sexually active partner!! unfortunately for him that sperm keeps’ building up and up every day! and you will be surprised how much that is in a young man. Believe it or not! the greatest build up of sexual tension that is natural as the male is designed this way for child bearing the same as a woman is from the ages of early 20s and even greater in a man in his early to mid 30s.

    Any young man that tells you that he does not Masturbate Mistress Jessica, and does not report to you soon on this latest blog!!!! unless he has a very sexually charged partner! from the ages of 14! to the ages of 40+ no matter who they are! is telling you a porky pie. Why!! they have no choice! as the only other is to not!! and like when they were a 13 – 14 years of age teenager! for the first time going through the first stages of hormonal changes! by the way from the ages from a pre – teen boy through teenage boy to the final changes in their late teens it takes 7 changes! before in those few short years before the boy changes completely from a pre teen boy to a man! any way they will wake up in bed and find the bed a massive mess! as they will on about on a monthly basis of not doing it! to on a 6 week every week basis! have the strangest dream!! followed by a massive sperm explosion in bed! and cleaning those sheet’s just forget it!! it is stained for ever and a throw away job! and I mean a massive mess weeks! of sperm in one hit and it a wet horrible experience!! hence the name and title (Wet Dream) not good.

    I also blame the school system! especially the system of the past for this idea that we have an all girl system! or all boy system! I also strongly do not agree with the idea that as I remember, when we went to high school and had sex education!! the girls got taken to a class by a lady teacher about their sexuality to be educated! whilst a male teacher would take the teenage boys away to be educated!!. I have found as a social and youth worker in the past that my experiences with people! this kind of education creates miss understanding! or little understanding of both sexes! and ignorance becomes a big factor! during this time! and for years’ later for both sexes years latter.
    Keeping in mind our topic of Masturbation! both sexes do Masturbate though also ladies are also not too often going to admit to it! and I can understand that as I understand for most this is an undignified and private matter! as long as it is one that one keeps to themselves to a healthy needed level!!! is there a level…….

    YES .. there is a level too much Masturbation is not good for your health and will get in the way of a productive life! and productivity. Also PORN is just the worst offender for this big problem!! the internet is so free of it. as for there was a time when Porn was something you had to go to go and get and pay for!! if that was something that you are into now you can freely down load! or watch for free from your lap top! ie Phones or Tablets for nothing! in seconds anywhere anytime anyplace.

    I recently watched a disturbing English Doc on TV just last week! on this very subject on Teenagers, and Porn! and the massive rise and intake of use that our teenagers are getting hooked on internet PORN Sex. I could not believe it when there was a young teenage boy that had watched so much sex on the internet! that he confessed he only had to see a girl walk by him in a mini skirt! and he had to go to the nearest place to masturbate or have a (WANK). He was masturbating so much a day as he was hooked on so much online porn that he was masturbating 18 times a day! which left me gob smacked to put it bluntly. Even the most sexually charged male person would have a hard time doing it 5 times a day! I don’t know about 18 times a day! even if you were doing it 18 times a month!! I would say you have a massive issue that needs serious work and self control. That boy was ashamed to admit that and he wonders why he also continued to have a very sore penis.

    In a basket! there is a time when you must relieve that sperm if you are not having sex! the correct disciplined way without being a sick perverted deviant! and gobbling PORN! is to take yourself to the shower undress with hot water and release your weeks load in there!!. That way you have done the healthy thing of realising yourself of the build up of sperm which can be as unhealthy as holding onto not going to the toilet. if you don’t get rid of it!! but you have not sexually in anyway offended the other sex with terrible sexual desire!! which even in private! if you are involved in PORN that is what you are doing!! even if a woman is not present and you must feel in your own heart is wrong which makes what you are doing low.

    Miss Jessica – you are correct in punishing all of those of any of us who in any shape or form will continue to Masturbate over PORN! and their own sexual Wim’s! as women are human beings! not Sex toys, for their own pleasure! also their habits are creating unhealthy functioning daily habits’ which are disabling them to function day by day! which in the end disables them from functioning.

    Don’t forget as well that if you are a male and you want to donate sperm! to a sperm bank! to a local sperm bank! that is a positive way that you can contribute your unwanted sperm to give life!! rather than wasting it. Now that’s something positive.

    Other Reports.

    .Just to let you know Miss Jessica Also I have sent my reports for April Accountability Report for April, Emails Reports for the boots to implements’ and tools for the boots! my monthly diet report which I shall send you another update next week to your email address! also I sent my response to the completion to my punishment work out coach idea in Fem Dom! and also sent responses to how to find a disciplinarian!. On a whole your doing a great job of us all and covering so much ground.

    Your loyal Student




    • Quite the insight, thanks for posting this ! I’ll have to reread it later.
      In the most extreme cases, like this boy from the show who’d jerk off 18 times, I’d recommend checking out yourbrainonporn, a good info source.
      Have you ever donated sperm?


  4. Hi Miss Jessica

    Please read my previous email up top! then think about this one! Had another idea that could suit this punishment down to the ground. As this is an extremely humiliating and taboo act for both men and women! as well as the assigned spanking for the degree of (WANKING) of self pleasure self lust has been given! another way of making it a real lesson and humiliation for who ever has done the deed! is to have to sit down after the spanking! and by email on this blog, email what they lusted for! why! what they did! and how offensive they have been! and how much they have let themselves down! especially when it comes down to outright dirty (PORN).
    This also creates honesty! and loyalty as well as discipline and accountability, of the actions of the deed of (Wanking) over PORN and Filthy Self Gratification. After wards’ I think they should also have to do lines! wash their mouth out with soap! and also finish up with some corner time.


    Your Loyal Student



  5. Hi Miss Jessica

    Yes I donated a number of years ago! I got the idea and inspiration! when years ago a family member had married a nice lady, but unfortunately through difficult situations of nature! they could not have children naturally!. No matter how hard they tried, or what they did until they tried going through this line of way of doing things.

    Though the sperm obviously used to create life! in this instance! belongs to someone else! it can create much joy to other wise broken relationships! and a chance for a child to be born into this world that would not have been! if this was not done! and if people did not donate their sperm. Years on now from that family member and his wife now having had a healthy son from this! he is now a bright teenager doing very well at sport! Music and gets high grades at School! because he is so bright. I am sure my family members are eternally Thankful, I know I am so thankful to that donation! and I am very very sure the boy most certainly is.

    So like I say these Sperm Banks are around! and especially if you are a healthy young man with no STDs etc! or issues that need sorting out before hand! and especially if your single and sorry to put it this way! you have a big load to get clear of! give it to a sperm bank! and they will then put it in the refrigeration! that way instead of wasting it! you have just given hope to a family, and life to a little boy or girl that would have never been! if it was not for your visit and generous donation it would not have been.


    Your Loyal Student



  6. mistress jessica, i still do not have control over my wanking. i am wanking even on daily basis. please discipline me.


  7. Hi nader whilst waiting for mistress jessica to punish you read my emails and try getting control that way. I think if you get control of your desire for porn! on a daily basis then and only then will you get control of your wanking problems as you put it. If i was you i would wash my mouth out with soap every morning in the shower and give my bear bottom a daily maintenance spanking like i do even if your not being punished of 20 hard spanks accross your bear bottom every day. This will improve your behavour. You must first get control of your porn intake and lust for porn before you can get control of your on going wanking. You do need to realease at some point as the males body must get rid of sperm at some point. However you do not need to do this over porn!or unhealthy filthy acts. Please read my emails and you will get an idea. Just remember though that you must first tackle porn before wanking! And give your mouth a good washing out every day and 20 hard swats every day. Once a week give your self 300 lines saying (i must not watch porn or have sex with my self and make mistress jessica angry). Miss jessica shall deal with you soon! in the mean time why not take what i have told you and start making your self more accountable and disciplined for mistress jessica. Kind regards joel.


    • Thank you jeol for your valuable advice. You have rightly detected my addiction to porn. I will, from now on, fight agaisnt my lust for porn in order to please mistress jessica. Your idea of soap and maintenance spanking is great. I will report to mistress jessica after a week. Hopefully i will be able to gain self control. Thanks once again.


      • How did it work out? Have you followed Joel’s ideas? You should follow his ideas in cases in which I don’t respond soon enough. Right now, unfortunately, I have a lot of other things going on. Mistress


  8. Hi nader good on you for taking the right steps to helping your self. Remember daily consisstency is the key with the mouth washing and twenty hard swats. Try using a leather belt paddle spatula or wooden bread board or wooden spoon for best results!! And remember to do those 300 lines every week on top and you will get there. Kind regards joel.


    • Dear joel,
      Today i took a soap wash and 20 hard swarts also. It was a good puishment. Please suggest me a way to lock my dick so that it may not be erected. Suggest technique for dick discipline also. Your advice is welcomed.


      • … there is a blog called myfemdomlife, in which the owner describes a lot of interesting techniques. I want you to get a cock cage ! Then, write down your experiences with it. The soap wash is good. We’ll get to your dick discipline. Mistress


  9. Hi nader good to see that my advice has helped. The key to improvement is to make sure you do it every day! Dont be too concerned about the erect penis. This happens when one is nervous! and pain especially from your behind as is close to the private area can cause this to happen as this is a normal thing that happens if your tender skin is not use to the sting and heat from your bottom. If you keep spanking it every day! Properly the erect penis shall stop! As your bottom and you become use to the sting and heat from the spanking. To get use to the heat of the spanking try rubbing baby oil into your bottom before spanking. This shall increase the sting of a hard spanking and also create a lasting heat in your bottom that will last like sitting on a grill. For best results put on a very tight pear of jeans and sit down! It works like as if the spanking never stopped. If your erect penis is a problem after that! Then try putting ice in a bag! Wet the bag And (gently dab it on your privates and penis) until it cools down bringing the penis down with it. Do not add direct ice to it! Or you will get ice burn. Remember though your erection is more down to the pain due to heat in your bottom! This will sort itself out once you train your self for regular spankings! and you will find after some time that will stop happening. As well as daily self spankings and assighned punishments from mistress jessica i get a sound hard spanking from my mistress melissa every tuesday. Today i got 500 swats for not getting my home jobs done and another 500 swats accross my bear bottom for bad language. She also gave me a further 12 swats for good measure! With a leather paddle, wood paddle and a long thick spoon. I also gave my self a maintenenance spanking of 20 swats with wooden spoon this morning. In total for me i have had 1032 swats accross my bear bottom for the day!and right now i have a very sore bottom but as i so use to it i dont get an erect penis. I have been getting bear bottom spankings all my life though and it is something you dont just get use to over night. Hope my advice has helped and miss jessica will be able to help you with this soon and punish you correctly. Keep up with the daily 20 swats and mouth washing though as this is helping you lots. Kind regards joel.


  10. Joel, you have always been a good councellor. You have an immense experience of spankings. I have learnt a loy from you in this regards. The idea of ice seems to me good one. I will definitely apply swats on regular basis to make my bottom used to.


  11. Good work nader just keep soaping your mouth out in the shower and spanking that bottom every day with 20 hard swats bear with a stinging iplament and you will see results and start to get there. Mistress jessica will be with you soon. Ps dont forget to do your 300 lines! That also helps me out a lot doing lines to stay focused and on track. And as well as being a boring punishment! it helps you to train the brain to not do the incotrect thing you are disciplining your self for. Kind regards joel.


  12. Hi nader and mistress jessica. I have a cock cage and it does work! Mistress jessica i will take a photo of it when i get home after i have punished my self and sent those photos to you. I did not get it by the way! My lady partner got me it after a year of going out with her way back in 2005. As long as it fits! It does go a long way to stopping the thing from going up! As it restricts your penis. You have plenty of good options now nader and got your punishment from mistress jessica! plus your maintenence from me. If you follow everything miss jessicas punishment! The cock cage! My advice as well then you shall see results. Keep doing…..
    Iceing, a daily maintenance spanking and soaping! you should be starting to get there and improve. Remember though do those 300 lines every week! they really help as well nader.


    • Joel, my self control is improving. Soaping, 300 lines and maintenance swats are changing my attitude. But dick is not yet disciplened.


  13. Good day Miss jessica
    My name is tim and i am new here.
    I look at almost every day pornos.
    With her help I would like to stop.
    Warm greetings from Germany.


  14. Hi Nader

    Keep up with the same daily and weekly discipline with the Maintenance spanking 20 swats daily! 300 lines a week and soaping also great for you and will continue to improve your behaviour. Remember it will take time to train your rectum as to completely stop going up and down when you punish your self. Remember to try the Ice treatment! but be gentle with this as I mentioned in past email about putting cubes in a plastic bag! wetting it, and then gently apply to erection!.

    After each daily 20 swat spanking! try giving your self 20 minutes corner time strait after spanking! to help you think about why you have a sore bottom! and also it is a good punishment strait after that helps to get the erection down. Also How did you go with the Penis Cage! I have one! I can say they do work. Try and get one put it on before Spanking! and when you are standing in the corner with your hands on your head for 20 minutes! also leave the penis Cage on! please let us know how you go with getting one! as Mistress Jessica has mentioned it will make a big difference to getting erection control.

    You sound like you are making much better improvements so please keep going with this! and you will get the control in all things that you seek! you need too stay strong in mind and self discipline! over a period of time too achieve your full potential and goals that you are over all seeking too reach and achieve.

    Keep also doing Mistress Jessica’s Punishments’ when Mistress has time to get on line too get round to finding out how you have gone of late and then the discipline that she finds you too do! her advice is very good and balanced.

    Keep in touch with Mistress Jessica! and Myself when Mistress is not there, with your latest developments! and need for Punishment and discipline from Mistress Jessica and need for advice from myself.

    Kind Regards



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  16. I started spanking myself at age 13, and from the outset, masturbation was routinely the closing act. Especially if the spanking happened in my parents’ bedroom, there were mirrors that I could stand between to give me a perfect straight-on view of my saucy bare backside as I paddled and strapped it to a stinging rosy red.

    When the spanking was finally done to my demanding satisfaction, I don’t know if it was my mum’s skin lotion or whose it was, but my left hand could not have been happier to rub lotion over every square inch of hot, burning, teenage bottom flesh as I gazed transfixed at the thoroughly enchanting sight in the mirror. Meantime, my right hand was lovingly servicing my stiffened, spank-lusting cock with more of that yummy lotion. Addiction City!

    That was pretty much my habit all through my teens and into my twenties. The one fly in the ointment was my chronic post-masturbation guilt. I felt perverted for pleasuring myself so sinfully with a traditional children’s punishment. Spanking magazines and books would be thrown out to prove my repentance. Hours later, I’d either reclaim them or, if they’d been purposely damaged, resolve to replace them. Spanking had its hooks in me too deep even for religion to save me.

    Once I became acquainted with female laps in my late twenties and beyond, I still indulged in self spanking, but the masturbatory finale was no longer automatic. I wasn’t
    necessarily paddling and strapping myself to get off. I craved the sting like a narcotic, but just because I’d fixed didn’t mean I had to jerk off. That erotic association from my teens wasn’t a hard and fast rule anymore.

    That’s true even now, decades later, when I paddle my bottom. I rarely masturbate afterwards. I’m more likely to get turned on that way by enjoying some spanking material online – either writing, pictures or videos.


  17. I wank about 2 times a day. I have tried to stop loads of times buy have failed. I don’t know what it will take to make me stop…


  18. Right these days I wank at least once a day, I have tried to stop many times but again I find myself wanking after 2 or 3 days free. I feel that i dont have control over it anymore. Please can you be gentle enough to help me get over it?


    • … I feel like I need to introduce a wanking regimen – a program to punish you for wanking…! For now, go stand in the corner for 30 minutes and after this, I want you to write 150 lines “I shall not lose control over my body and indulge in wanking”


      • Thankyou for your punishment. The corner time was very hard to do but I did it as well for the lines (do i post them somewhere sobyou kniw i did them?) I did on the 3rd and yesterday i managed to keep without wanking but today i couldnt hold anymore and lost my control im sorry 😦


      • Mistress Jessica, Can you please explain what is a wanking regimen please? I am willing to do anything to stop wanking 🙂 thanks


  19. Hi EAZ615 My name is Joel I am one of Mistress Jessicas needing students of correction as well. I have a number of ideas that may also help you whilst Mistress does you up a plan. Try this! Go buy a penis cage like I have and put it on! It will stop you from being able to to do the act! Also to help you get it down I find if you get some Salt! Does not matter what kind of salt if you have an out of control erge! And you rub a just a bit of water and Salt on the end on your penis it will go down! As it will sting for a bit! But then again that the point it supose 2 be a punishment as well as a lesson. After it goes down on its own accord have shower self spank your self and put on cage! 😊. Hope my advive helps until Mistress Jessica gets back too you. Kind Regards Joel.


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