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How Self Spanking Can Help You To Lose Weight

This month’s topics is weight loss, and it’s an evergreen. I have assigned so many spankings for not following through on eating, it’s among the top 3.
The first step is to send me a detailed monthly report with your daily diet and exercise, like Joel does.
He comments,
I will send you a daily diet and exercise day by day movement! of my day to day schedule! I think you may find some days’ as some think! I may be pushing my self too hard! but I am very fit and hey I did not get there sitting on my butt doing nothing!
No, you’re not, and your fitness is a serious issue, which is why I order you spankings  if you don’t behave appropriately.
As usual, measuring your values is a good start. Joel had his blood sugar, blood pressure, and other main indicators measured.
Next is your diet, here’s an excerpt from Joel:
Thursday 9/2/2017 my diet was as such
Gluten Free Quinoa Porridge
small serve with almond milk. Also had Pot of Japanese Green Tea! and bottle of water to wash food down
As exercising and working hard cleaning up! and setting up for big event tomorrow! during the day I am drinking water do stay hydrated.
lunch – Small serve Greek salad with Artichoke added and apple. Also had pot of white tea and bottle of water to wash lunch down with
Dinner – Small serve of chicken breast without skin! I added Paprika which is good for you and weight loss and also Cinnamon as well! also good for blood pressure! I added seaweed and small brown rice with raw vegetables.
Also with pot of Japanese Green Tea and bottle of water
— and of course his exercise. Joel has lost lots of weight, thanks to self spanking. If you follow through with my advice, you can become like Joel, and his recent statement really makes me proud:

I am just so rapped that I have in two years’ gone from being crippled! to playing sport and being over weight! to now being toned and being able to fit in my young cloths’ again, that I did when I was 25 or so! that makes me soooo happy! and the tough stance I take on my self makes, it all worth it.

Don’t forget your sharp but caring instructions’ at times is just what I need at times! for me to spank my self every now and again! this helps me to just stay focused and earthed! and in good disciplined mind set! like the 30 strokes of the cane! I gave my self today! thank you so much Miss Jessica. You also give me lots of great tips and advice! which is why I consider you as my online Tutor.

If you want to improve yourself like Joel did, go read the guide on How To Spank yourself and contact me to send me your reports.
I look forward to it!

If you want to integrate accountability in your life, become more goal oriented or just want to spank yourself anyway, you should consider, apart from reading the other articles here, to get the The guide for self spanking. It will teach you the backgrounds of spanking, some things to consider when starting first, and various scenarios in which spanking yourself is necessary. 

Check out the guide here or click on this image, to go directly to Amazon:


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9 thoughts on “How Self Spanking Can Help You To Lose Weight

  1. Hi Miss Jessica
    If I ever ran through my normal diet I would not be able to sit for a month! But I exercise daily and work out daily so I am ok.


  2. Hi Ron

    It Joel, good for you yes the exercise is just as important. I ended up with Arthritis in 2009 due to playing too much physical sport throughout my life.

    I had major issues with not at times being even able to walk in 2011 – 2014 even though I still worked and tried to keep active it took those 5 and half years to get right again in which even having a non acidic diet and healthy diet could not stop me from putting on the weight! as I bloomed fro 58 kilos in 2009 to being 111 kilo by the time they had got on top of the problem! much work and physical work later with specialists and changes to medication as well and by May 2015 I was able despite being totally unfit! able to once again work out and play sport.

    I have now had a successful 2015 and 2016 sports results and due to my diet and gym work out every day with only one arthritis mild attack in those two years.

    What Miss Jessica is saying is right! between the physical Disciplinarian I visit and Miss Jessica’s Life Coaching, Mentoring and tutoring as well as discipline of course! help me stay disciplined and on track with staying healthy and fit! despite the challenges the on going discipline from the two of them, helps me stay earthed! focused and staying on track day by day! week by week.

    I will take tough discipline and a sore bottom over Arthritis and lack of movement any day. By the way since may 2015 to now, I have gone from having little mobility and gone from 111 kilo to 62 kilo so I just about there now! remembering that I was a thin 58 kilo in 2009 before the Arthritis got to me.

    Miss Jessica keeps on top of me every week! and I appreciate her discipline and ongoing work with me! I appreciate her help up there with the specialists and Dr I see on going. I see Miss Jessica and my physical Disciplinarian up there with the team that helps me stay fit.

    Hope all is going well Ron and look after your self.




  3. Good Morning Miss Jessica

    Yes thank you so much again for your encouragement, I have achieved a lot through keeping discipline the last few years! but need to keep at it and on top, and both yourself and my physical mistress are doing a great job keeping me going! so thank you for what you have helped me to achieve so far.




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  5. My health so much better now! Been more than 12 months since any arthritis issues. Lots of exercise and real healthy diet apart from 1 tablet a day playing a big part I Believe. On top of that lots of hard spankings lines mouth washings and corner time also healp me stay on the ball and keep solid discipline thanks too my two good Mistresses Mistress Jessica and Mistress Melissa. Your loyal student Joel.


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