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How To Discipline Yourself With Mouth Soaping!

From time to time, even I as an experienced disciplinarian am introduced to new things in discipline, and of them is mouth soaping. I have honestly never done it, but various comments here made me realize that some of you like it.



My regular reader Joel mentioned in an email, for example. Here’s his opinion:

As you know I tend to wash my mouth out a lot with soap! as well! with a bar of soap to this day as extra punishment, to this day for cussing. This also goes back to my child hood, a bit like Harvey! to my mothers punishments! often before my bottom got a good bear bottom hiding! I would also get the mouth scrubbing soap treatment! only my farther and siblings was never around to witness it or be involved in it! it was always a private punishment affair in our household and she was the one that did the punishing! I shall give my mother that grace and boy she was always the best at it.

These days if I find my self mouthing off! or using bad words! then I think the best punishment, is when I go home is in the shower mouth gets washed out with a bar of soap, bottom gets a dam good paddling, and half an hour in the corner in tight jeans! on a hard bench to think about behaviour! and possibly if my behaviour has been bad enough another dose of the soap another bear bottom paddling! and 100 lines on top to really send both the message and lesson home!.


Reader Harvey also mentioned details on his mouth soaping here.

Ma’am, so sorry for not responding sooner. This time it was just a dry bar in my mouth, but I could still taste it. I have had several through soapings growing up though and let me tell you, they are no fun what so ever. Then I would have a lathered up washcloth shoved in my mouth and had to keep it there for the count of 90, then I was taken across moms lap and thoroughly spanked. I think I could benefit from something like this because of lying and language. I have tried to do so several times, but talked myself out of it. I think I need to be ordered to do so.


… of course I ordered him to do. Also, I wanted to get more details on soaping, and Harvey explained how it went down for him.

How To Do A Mouth Soaping

The following is a good explanation, I will order it only for those who have become too resilient for normal spankings. Here’s his comment on mouth soaping. His mom was the disciplinarian, and she did a great job.


Well Ma’am. growing up I had my mouth washed out with several times. They would always come before the spanking. Mother would escort me, very unwillingly of course into the bathroom and made me remove my t-shirt. I watched with tears running down my face as mother took a bar of Ivory soap she kept under the sink out and began lathering up a wash cloth. She asked me politely to open my mouth, I knew if I didn’t she would get my father involved.

That happened only once and that time Lava soap was used along with a trip across my fathers lap, then handing me, a crying mess with soap lather on my lips and tears streaming down my face to mother. My father watching, she began the punishment she was going to give me. She again politely to open my mouth. I did and her lathered washcloth put into my mouth. Every inch of my mouth was scrubbed even under my tongue.

She pulled the washcloth out and asked me if I was sorry for what I had done to earn this punishment. My mouth covered in Ivory lather, I managed to get out a yes. I was then handed a clean washcloth and a glass of water and told I could rinse. I was taken across her lap and she blistered my bottom.

Harvey described soaping an extreme, but also incredibly powerful way to discipline. If you need more discipline in your life, you can find out more about by reading here on this blog, or leaving a comment and asking me to discipline you. Also, reading the guide is necessary to find out about the best techniques for self spanking and self discipline!

Finally, another comment from Harvey on his most recent soaping experience can be read here.


Miss Jessica


If you want to integrate accountability in your life, become more goal oriented or just want to spank yourself anyway, you should consider, apart from reading the other articles here, to get the The guide for self spanking. It will teach you the backgrounds of spanking, some things to consider when starting first, and various scenarios in which spanking yourself is necessary. 

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11 thoughts on “How To Discipline Yourself With Mouth Soaping!

  1. Wow great review. Joel is very right but this is such a difficult punishment not sure I want to relive it but worth a try


    • It’s defintefely not easy. However Joel regularly surprises me with his good development – you’ll read more from him in the next time. He’s a good scholar!


  2. Hi Miss Jessica And Ron

    Another thing you can give ago if soaping is tooo hard Ron is the Swearing Jar or tin! Every time you say a bad word in goes another Gold coin which hurts the pocket! not the mouth! one way or another you cant get out of it! so my method of a mouth Soaping! or Cuss Jar and Spanking works for me most of the time! and when I Mess up! I can expect a sore mouth! a empty pocket! with money going to charity, and a sore red bottom with lines to do! so better to keep that tongue clean, from bad words! Discipline and good punishment reminders always help me stay on track.

    Miss Jessica sent you my update in Self Spanking Report for the 15th March! as I have been sick for a week! my report a bit ordinary please let me know what you think! If it not good enough and you think I need to be punished please let me know! you know I respect what you have to say.




    • The swearing jar is a good idea, really- Ron you should use it like Joel suggest. @Joel I read your report. Your maintenance discipline has been assigned, but I recognise your health wasn’t ideal.


  3. Hi Miss Jessica

    After I gave my self my normal 20 swats this morning for my maintenance! and then pushed my self through a full on day schedule, as well playing sport this night I am spent! however I still managed to drop my pants’ lay on the bed on pillows and give my bottom that 40 hard stinging swats’ with the Bath Brush! you gave me the order to use Miss Jessica!.

    For that I thank you for my stern and correct discipline! again thank you for your help and discipline that I was in great need of, I do appreciate it.




  4. Hi Miss Jessica

    A week on I have just sent you another update report to your email this morning on how everything is going. Please let me know what you think.




  5. Hi Miss Jessica

    Just to let you know I gave myself my daily Maintenance 20 swats across my bear bottom with the leather belt, followed by 75 hard swats across my bear bottom as advised as my Mistress away.




  6. Hi Miss Jessica

    Just to let you know that this morning I gave my self 20 maintenance swats across my bear bottom with leather belt! and then gave my self the 75 swats as requested across my bear bottom with wooden paddle as my Mistress is away.

    Not sure if you get the next post as I have sent this through twice.

    There was a submission problem with the first one.




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