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Self Spanking Testimonials

It seems that Self Spanking ignites a lot of fire in people.

For example, Facebook tried to close down the Self Spanking Facebook Site (over at, because they thought its content would be harmful. Finally, I convinced them that the  contrary is the case, but still I had to pull a post.

Next, I received some Emails from other Spankers and there was one person who called Spanking Yourself “absolutely dumb” (I will not post the Email here because of privacy, as I respect privacy, but still.)

On the other hand, my readers prove that this is not the case. Instead, I receive regularly comments of different people looking for instructions to spank themselves and for guidance along their way.


Here are some examples with links:

Comment 1 by Mommeezboy [Quite fitting, I might add.]

Comment 2 by  Kev Smit

Comment 3 by Lilbilly 

That’s great and it proves that people benefit from doing this.

The Guide on How to Spank Yourself is selling well, too. It sells around a copy per day, which is not bad, given that Spanking Yourself is not a huge topic.

It should be, however!

That’s why I decided to put a testimonial in the new post, and it’s by our regular reader and follower, Joel Crawford.

Here’s Joel’s recent comment on his experience with Spanking Yourself:


Hi John and Jessica
That would be wonderful! and yes I hope my testimonial will be valuable to others! out there who feel the same as I do.
For those who are still questioning themselves! I hope that they can read my story, and be full of motivation! to realise that they can have a happy and productive spanking relationship with someone or with them selves! without feeling that they are in the dark or strange in some way as I did in my late teens until recently.
I hope for them that by reading this they will be able to wake up to who they are and not feel bad about themselves! it took me all this time! to except myself and my correction self needs. I hope this helps others to not take as long as I did and move on with their lives with lots of happy healthy spanking and correction in their lives! at the end of the day no matter how old you are! we are never to old for life’s correction! and a good spanking when we need one! and hope others come to realise this with themselves.
I always feel great after it and good about myself! even with a red behind.


Joel is a great guy, who has managed to improve his life with Spanking Himself.

Now he has the discipline which his life is in dire need of.

What is your story? I would like  to read and see more success stories like his.

By the way, here is a video of a guy spanking himself:


Maybe he did feel better after this!



One thought on “Self Spanking Testimonials

  1. Hi Miss Jessica

    First of all thanks for your comments, Second thank you for standing up’ for Personal Self-Spanking! And Adult Spanking of one another and oneself.

    It is important that people! out there who are in need and help of good solid advice on these matters! Are able to seek that help and advice on self discipline! By someone on line, and also that they can also express themselves as well.

    I agree with you on the opposite of the labelling you are getting on Self-Harm! Having a red behind mends quickly! and the only harm that is happening on this blog! is the removal of peoples bad habits, bad behaviour and bad attitudes.

    Think there are a few people out there who need to learn the difference.

    Again Miss Jessica, thank you so much for all your efforts on helping all of us that need your on going advice in the form of mentoring, attitude adjustment, and correction discipline.

    Well done on all of your good positive work, and correction on all of us that need your help! I know there are many that come to this site needing your help that are very thankful, and appreciate your big efforts.



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