Spanking / Spanking yourself

Your Mandatory Self-Spanking Assignment!

Hello naughty one,

You’ve been a bad boy this week, haven’t you?

You deserve to have your underpants pulled down, and your bare bottom spanked until you cry!

Confess your naughty misdeeds within the next 24 hours and I’ll give you a self-spanking assignment sure to blister your bottom, and then some.

You’ll think twice before acting up again.

And you’ll be sitting on a very sore bum.

Do you understand me young man?


Confess what you’ve done in the comments section and I’ll deliver the punishment you so richly deserve!

Miss Jessica


If you want to integrate accountability in your life, become more goal oriented or just want to spank yourself anyway, you should consider, apart from reading the other articles here, to get the The guide for self spanking. It will teach you the backgrounds of spanking, some things to consider when starting first, and various scenarios in which spanking yourself is necessary. 

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171 thoughts on “Your Mandatory Self-Spanking Assignment!

  1. Dear miss Jessica,
    Please punish me. I’ve been procrastinating my studying so much that I have 2 exams next week and I will probably get a terrible grade. I feel so guilty but can’t stop waisting time


  2. Dear mistress,
    I am new to this, and I’m usually very good and respecteful. But in the past week I have stolen my parents alcohol (I’m 19), and I cheated on my math test. Please help me


  3. Dear mistress,
    I am new to this, and I am usually polite and good. However in the last week I have stolen my parents alcohol(I’m 19), and I cheated on my math test.


  4. I’ve had difficulty disciplining myself to go to sleep on time. Sunday night I went to sleep an hour late and Monday night 2 hrs late. I feel like I’m out of control. Any suggestions?


  5. I’ve been falling behind with work recently and I think I need to be motivated to work harder. What should I do?


    • … I want you to
      a) give yourself 50 smacks until next Wednesday
      b) stand in the corner for 20 minutes today and on Sunday
      c) and write 250 lines “I will work as hard as possible or Mistress Jessica will punish me”. Upload a picture of the lines, too.


  6. Dear Jessica. Today the boss made me notice that I had created a mess in the workplace, I did not follow his instructions and was distracted. Help me to improve.


    • … Vladimir, a severe punishment is in order. I want you to
      – stand in the corner for 45 minutes.
      – write 250 lines “I shall keep the workplace in order”
      – and give yourself 80 swats with your hand. You need to feel the pain!


  7. I need a punishment. I have cheated on my girlfriend a few times recently and I always lie to her. I need something severe. VERY severe.


    • … Aiden, that’s very bad. My punishment: Stand in the corner for 1 hour.
      Eat 5 sheets of paper.
      Give yourself at least 110 swats this weekend with your hand on your bum; another 20 in your face. Make it sting!


  8. Mistress Jessica,
    I’ve been unmotivated to complete my schoolwork following an illness, and I’ve fallen behind. I need to be punished for submitting late assignments, even with my university approved additional time.


  9. Mistress Jessica,
    I have been unmotivated to complete my schoolwork and studies following an acute illness. I have fallen behind on my assignments, and I’ve submitted late assignments despite my university approved additional time. I deserve to be punished.


  10. Hello,
    I have been very blunt lately. Also I lie almost every day to my parents. I have also stolen money sometimes. I have done other wrong things like bunked class. I don’t feel guilty though I need to be punished but I am very scared…


  11. Dear Mistress Jessica,
    Lately I’ve been acting very lazy and irresponsible. I barely do any housework, and since I live alone I get stuck in a bad circle because i keep thinking that “its only I who suffer because I never clean, and do my laundry way too seldom, so it doesn’t matter”.

    But it’s even worse with my schoolwork. I’m studying at a university, and now I’ve reached the point of writing my bachelor’s essay. During the past terms I’ve been procrastinating my work more and more, and I don’t put in all the effort I should nor could. I’m afraid I will not pass my bachelor’s if my behaviour continues.. I know about my poor behaviour and discipline, but I’ve got a hard time motivating myself to change. I really need a punishment for how I behave, to help my change and really face a consequence for it.


  12. I haven’t been doing my homework or chores and have been rude to my parents but I’m scared to spank myself. I’m sure thats a good thing but what should I do and what should I use. (I have a horse riding crop, I can pick sticks from my trees, a wooden spoon)


    • Hi Spank

      Looks like Mistress Jessica missed your email😕.

      Sorry that happend! I am one of Mistress Jessicas students, that often needs discipline my self.

      Just to let you know when Mistress Jessica can not get to your comments on time! Or she has missed them I normally reply and advise on what I think would be the best move for you to do in Mistress Jessicas absence😊.

      Looking at the things you have done wrong! such as missing set dates with your homework! Being rude to your pearents, and not doing your house work duties on time this is what I would do to start your punishment shedule!!! I should know I have had lots of experience😕.

      To get started go set up two or three pillows on your bed and to start give your bear bottom 20 good hard spanks✋! 10 on each cheek✋.

      After this go have a shower and scrub your mouth out with a bar of soap! For the bad things you said to your pearents.

      Next go sit at the desk in your room and find an empty exercise book and write 100 lines… I must be good to my pearents and get my work done.

      At the end of each line that you do! Stand up and give your bottom a good hard spank with the wooden spoon! Then sit down and do another line! Then stand up and give your bottom another hard spank.
      At the end of the 100 lines send the lines by email to Mistress Jessicas Email on here.

      After that you need to go and stand in the corner for 30 minutes with a coin on your nose! If you drop it your time starts again.

      After you have done this! You need to make up with you bad behaviour to your pearents and make sure you give them a very good apology☝☝.

      I hope this really can help you get back on track through self punishment until Mistress Jessica gets in contact with you😊.

      Kind Regards Joel


  13. Deep Curtsey Mistress Jessica. sissy jane have not doing the household chores and skipped training the last months. Deep Curtsey from sissy jane.


  14. Mistress Jessica,
    i haven’t really done anything too bad the last several weeks, but have lacked motivation. i mean i am doing what i need to do as far as career & housework, etc, but feel i need some motivation to get more done. Perhaps writing lines at a restaurant or a sissy shopping assignment (those usually motivate me for some reason, but often lead to the pleasurable type of self abuse as well). Just something that will motivate me to rise earlier, get in better shape & get to work on time and more driven.


    • Stacie, I want you to write 500 lines: “i need to get in shape, become disciplined and follow the orders my mistress gives me, or She is going to make me a sissy.”


  15. Miss Jessica,

    I need to be more motivated, as my job is ending next Friday and I have no plan after that. I havent even tried yet please help me.


  16. Hello miss Jessica,

    I need to be nore motivated I have fallen behind on things I have to do and instead stay in my room and not do them. If you can find a punishment to make me motivated it would be appreciated. Not for just this instance but for when I act up again I would appreciate it.

    Thank you


      • Hello Mistress Jessica

        I have done the 120 swats, 60 with a belt and the other with a wooden spoon. It did help as I was far more productive.Thank you as it did help me to become motivated.I may try it more often if I start to get behind on work. One thing I have been struggling with is masturbation as I feel as though I have been doing it far too much lately. If you have another punishment to keep me from doing so it would be appreciated



  17. Hi Ryan

    My name is Joel I am one of Mistress Jessicas students like you who she likes and trusts to answer when she can not😊. I am also very experienced at self spanking myself and being punished by a Mistress.

    My advice for you would be to start with something simple! Not hard but simple! Believe it or not some of the thing’s you already own the leather Belt! That slipper and that long handled wooden spoon just bites every time you spank so so hard.

    As you have been so naughty I would take the belt and spoon and give half with the belt! And half with the the spoon!😊👍.
    Now it is time to do my weekend assignment Punishments! and send them to Mistress Jessica.


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