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Today’s Spanking Assignment

Hi naughty ones,

for today’s spanking – prepare yourself !

1. You have procrastinated this week and are in for a real butt whipping. I plan on tearing your behind up, and then beating it some more. Proctastination is usually a chronic habit, and I’ll be doing a number on your ass to ensure that you’re motivated enough to make some changes.

2. Use the calypso hairbrush (or another sturdy, solid, wooden hairbrush), and the long-handled bath brush (or equivalent). Keep this in view until Friday’s punishment session.


If you want to integrate accountability in your life, become more goal oriented or just want to spank yourself anyway, you should consider, apart from reading the other articles here, to get the The guide for self spanking. It will teach you the backgrounds of spanking, some things to consider when starting first, and various scenarios in which spanking yourself is necessary. 

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10 thoughts on “Today’s Spanking Assignment

  1. Yes Miss Jessica I have been a bad procrastinator! and need your firm guidance and a sore bottom tomorrow and other. I shall do everything that you wish for me to do.

    I agree I have let Procrastination to get the better of me of late! and have put things off! There can be no excuse for this, and I must be made Accountable for my life choices.


  2. Hello Miss Jessica,
    Procrastination is one of my biggest problems and has been for a long time. I have been putting off assignments at work that I dislike and are now overdue. I have also neglected projects at home I could have easily completed long ago.

    At home I now have a Boar Brush Paddle Hairbrush laid out and although I do not have a bath brush I do have a long handled thin wooden board that can leave sting that makes me cringe to even think about.

    The time has come for me to do something to correct this chronic beahvior. I will await your assignment and carry it out to your approval.


    • Mark, a Boar Brush Paddle sounds good. Do the following: as a punishment for the overdue assignment, use this brush for 20 swats at once tomorrow morning, first thing after getting up. Then, upload a picture of your ass and answer how it went.


      • Hello Miss Jessica,
        The brush was used as you instructed first thing this morning. It left quite a sting just after waking up but I suppose it is not as bad as it could have been had I been just out of the shower. The oldest overdue assignment was completed at work and I could still feel that sting some as I sat working on it.


  3. Hello Miss Jessica,
    This is am issue I have been doing since high school. This past month I have procrastinated on 2 projects and am scrambling to finish one of the projects. The other project I lied about a friend’s mother dying so I could get out of doing the project. Please help me with this problem and I await the punishment you feel should be carried out.


    • Mike, procrastinating is really bad and that ‘s why you’ll stand in the corner for 45 minutes (use a timer) as a reminder not to procrastinate. Your projects are important.


  4. I have been lying to my boyfriend, and I have been procrastinating work a lot. Please give me a harsh punishment. I have plastic hanger and wooden paddle.


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