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Confess Your Bad Behavior Now And Complete This Assignment!

Every Friday, bad boys have a chance confess their naughty misdeeds and receive bare-bottom punishment in the form of self-spanking. Before confessing what you’ve done. complete all pre-punishment tasks listed here.

Afterwards, tell me the 1 or 2 most naughty things you’ve done this week, and tell me what implements you have laid out in a prominent location in your home(as per these pre-punishment tasks)


If you want to integrate accountability in your life, become more goal oriented or just want to spank yourself anyway, you should consider, apart from reading the other articles here, to get the The guide for self spanking. It will teach you the backgrounds of spanking, some things to consider when starting first, and various scenarios in which spanking yourself is necessary. 

Check out the guide here or click on this image, to go directly to Amazon:


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122 thoughts on “Confess Your Bad Behavior Now And Complete This Assignment!

  1. I would love to thank you mrs Jessica for helping me i have been better and have passed my english class with a b im so proud of myself and have you to thank. But i have been slacking on my notes and doing the essay i have to write how should I punish myself?


  2. Hi misstress Jessica. I need punishment. Regularly during work I am distracted by extraneous matters and the chief constantly makes observations and threatens with punishments. Help correct this behavior.


  3. Hello miss Jessica I’m very sorry but I have been a really naughty girl I have been really bratty towards my grandmother. I also have been swearing a lot please please correct me i feel so ashamed I have done corner time but I want to be scolded what should I be told


  4. Hi Mistress J. I’ve been a very naughty boy this week after school ended. I’ve been up late for like 2am and slept all day. During the day I,ve been wanking atleast 2 times a day. Once I even stalked the neighbours hot girl and wanked the same time. I think I need a punishment for being this naughty. I feel like I should be treated and punished like the man-slut I am. I will do ANYTHING you say and I submit to being your slave. I can post a video or a picture of my spanked ass for proof if you want.

    Your naughty slave.


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