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Spanking yourself and corner time

When you misbehave, you need explicit self spanking instructions. Otherwise, you won’t execute real punishment. As your virtual spanking disciplinarian, it’s my job to make sure your self spankings are embarrassing, punitive and painful.

You need corner time as part of your self spanking punishments. Here are some reasons why:

~To reflect on what you’ve done wrong
~To fully experience your remorse, guilt and shame
~To give your punished bottom a break so the next round of spanks will hurt even more
~To anxiously anticipate the next part of your spanking
~To practice discipline by maintaining a certain position
~To feel the humiliation of being treated like a naughty boy

Recently, I’ve been getting quite creative with my corner time instructions. Expect your corner time to be just as difficult to bear as the actual spankings!


Email me one or two sentences on the 1 corner time task, position or activity that you absolutely hate!

The subject heading of your email should read:

“My Least Favorite Corner Time Task, Position, or Activity”



If you want to integrate accountability in your life, become more goal oriented or just want to spank yourself anyway, you should consider, apart from reading the other articles here, to get the The guide for self spanking. It will teach you the backgrounds of spanking, some things to consider when starting first, and various scenarios in which spanking yourself is necessary. 

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15 thoughts on “Spanking yourself and corner time

  1. Standing there cring with a bar of soap in mouth bare butt nake for 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Hands alway on head folded.

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  2. There are 3 times that I do not like corner time.
    1. Before the spanking, made to stand in the corner with my pants and underwear pulled down and my bare butt twitching from the cool breeze and reflecting on the few swats I received on the way to the corner to remind me of what was going to happen to me.
    2. Mid way in the spanking, after I have had the warm up – thinking if that was just the warm up, how was I going to tolerate the next phase.. Scared about what was coming. Thinking of what I did to deserve the spanking.
    3. After the spanking, trying to get control of myself, wishing that I could rub my butt and do something to stop the terrible sting. Standing there trying to compose my apology when all I want to do is put out the fire in my bottom. Promising myself never to be naughty again. Thinking how painful the spanking was and how I now had to thank her for spanking me, kiss that horrible hairbrush, give her a hug, pull up my underwear and pants and go running to my room.


  3. There are two things that work for me half an hour with my feet tied together and hand on head and nose in corner with my bear bottom on display! or having to sit on a chair with my face in the corner with a tight pair of pants on! after a very hard long self spanking! my bottom is on fire and the tight jeans act like sitting on a grill.


  4. I consider corner time essential in conjunction with spanking time. I have my pants pulled low down, my hands on my head. I have a small beer mat between my nose and the wall and must hold it there. In addition I stand in my bare feet on 4 Lego bricks for one minute. If I move then its 10 smacks in my punishment book.


  5. Hi miss jessica this uncomfortable corner time has come to me of late of the last 3 corner times you have given me. One being 30 minutes! The other two being 45 minutes. At this time it is the middle of our winter! And i have put n g self in the corner 3 times out in my patio. As it is cold and all i want to do is go in! I have found it the best place to make my time inbthe corner that more unbearable and make the time go that much slower standing in time out with a sore bottom in tight jeans. At the end of the time in the corner! The punishment has well and truly sunk in. Regards your loyal student joel.


  6. Sorry about the spelling mistress jessica i doing this from my i phone and i make a few mistakes. Regards your loyal student joel.


  7. Hi Mistress Jessica it would seem I missed this email this morning as I did not get it! which I am very sorry about. I shall do the 200 lines for spelling mistakes plus 20 minutes corner time. I Have gone through the other blogs and havent found any other spankings except putting on the cage! So I shall do 200 lines for spelling mistakes! 100 lines for getting your name in correct and 20 minutes corner time. I have also done 100 swats with wooden spoon on my bear bottom and taken photos of which I shall send too you with my 300 lines. Still have the cage on by the way. Your loyal student Joel.


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