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Spanking instructions for peeping toms!

Hi Naughty Boys,

Peeping Toms Need Extra-Hard Spankings!

I will order them here for each commenter.



If you want to integrate accountability in your life, become more goal oriented or just want to spank yourself anyway, you should consider, apart from reading the other articles here, to get the The guide for self spanking. It will teach you the backgrounds of spanking, some things to consider when starting first, and various scenarios in which spanking yourself is necessary. 

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5 thoughts on “Spanking instructions for peeping toms!

  1. Hi Miss Jessica

    I am ashamed to say that of late when I am at work or at home or out socialising which young women present themselves! I am finding my self of late checking them out. I have a female partner and this behaviour really is not healthy or ok! I do find myself wicked and in need of hard punishment and correction in this matter.

    I was going to punish my self and report this at the end of the month with my other self spanking punishments! but I feel as part of the punishment I shall put this wickedness in your hands! on my punishment and the humiliation of posting this wicked issue is also punishment for me.

    Please advise me on my punishment! and I shall do everything you order me to do.

    Thank you Miss Jessica.


  2. Hi Miss Jessica

    I followed through with punishment and also made it more severe by using a switch.

    30 lashes on each cheek! a total of 60 lashes that stung so much! I told my partner and she is the one that suggested that I use the switch and she was much happier with me when I had punished my self with it. I also gave my self a long 60 minute’s in the corner with my wiped bottom on display! and also did 100 lines! and wrote I must control my wicked naughty eyes from being a perve.

    As further punishment! as I see this offense as so bad! I am going to organise 2 hard long spanking with my miss this month. The normal monthly spanking plus a second long hard spanking for this bad offense! not just for my own correction to get the message home! but also satisfaction for my partner.

    Again this time I am very very ashamed of my self.

    Thank you miss Jessica for my 60 lashes with the switch I did deserve it.


  3. Hi Miss Jessica

    My partner was not happy when she found out what I have been doing, and so am I for that matter. She has told me! that from now on I should give myself a maintenance whipping with a switch every Friday night a long with my Sunday Maintenance spanking and corner time to reflect my behaviour. As she told me she does not want me being a pervert anymore! and she is most cross with me, and I don’t blame her as I deserve it.
    I told her I agree and will do it! and I deserve to be whipped with a switch across my bear bottom every Friday night! and put myself in the corner for 30 minutes.

    How many switch lashes I give myself every Friday night! I would like to leave to you as you know best Miss Jessica.


  4. Hi again Miss Jessica

    Before giving me spanking advice for Friday nights! something great has finally happened.

    After what I did this week! I managed to talk my lady partner into spanking me on Friday night. We had a long conversation and for the first time ever I received a bear bottom spanking from her. She was very very angry with me! and rather than watch me self – Spank my self or get someone else to do it! she gave giving me a spanking a go. I gave her a wooden spoon and a leather paddle to start off with! and she started off with her hand for 5 minutes’ and then for about the next 35 minutes she spanked me with the spoons and leather paddle.
    This I must say was good for us! and she told me she had a lot of pleasure and satisfaction taking her anger out on my bottom! and she has told me from now on she is going to do it to me every Friday night. She still wants me to keep myself in line with Self – Spankings as she knows that gives me self accountability and Self – Attitude adjustment and correction.

    I am so happy a partner has finally gone the next level and spanked me her self. I think her taking her anger out on my bear bottom for my stuff up’s is in the long run be so much better for our relationship. and on top of that so will the on going self – spanking in front of her.

    Must say for a first time she did a good job! my bottom was still sore yesterday the day after her spanking me.




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