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Why spanking should be a part of your life

You live in the realm of the everyday. You go to school or to work, you have friends and family, you read, browse the Internet, cook dinner for friends, or go to the movies. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, you do the things people expect you to do, the things your friends do. You hide your interest in spanking. If spanking comes up in conversation, you conceal your arousal and fascination. Spanking is a joke to everyone else, something a little kinky and sexy but nothing more.


Spanking is much more to you, and you think about it all the time. You are different.

How different are you? The internet’s answer is frightening; it suggests that people like you are all perverts who lead twisted lives. This second realm is crowded with BDSM porn. It looks like a repellant place that claims the souls of losers who can’t control themselves.

You may fear that your interest in spanking will lure you toward this darker world represented by online spanking porn, a world composed of depravity generously laced with stupidity. If this were what adult spanking is like, you would better off without it.

Remember the first time you typed “spanking” into a search engine? Did you think God was going to strike you with a thunderbolt the moment you hit “enter”? What actually happened was almost worse if you concluded that there are people like you and they are deeply disturbed.

I just typed “spanking” into a search engine; the results page includes five ads. One of them promises “Real Slaves Real Torture Real Time. Watch female BDSM slaves suffer.” Another offers “Dirty Local Girls – Browse Local Photos and Profiles: 100% Free.” A third sells whips and “electroplay,” whatever that is.

The listed results aren’t much better. One of the items is a news story from CNN: “A study published this month links spanking and other physical punishment with mental health disorders.”

I tried again, using “Adult Spanking” as the search term. The first hit is “My First (as An AdultSpanking From Dad: A true, personal story from the experience, I Am Still Spanked By Dad.” Fantasies are fine, but a “true, personal” story about being spanked by Dad creeps me out.

A little further down the list we get this: “My wife and I are both 54. We have been having some marital difficulties the last few months. The other night at bed time she wanted me to hit her and spank her. I thought she was joking at first but she became angry when I refused to strike her or spank her with a paddle or belt. I am ‘dumb founded’ we have never done anything like this.”

These searches reveal a wretched brew of incest and insanity. You’ve probably done a search like this and been alarmed by the results. I wouldn’t blame you for concluding that your spanking desires are sick and that if you let them out of their cage, they will become uncontrollable and destroy you. I wouldn’t blame you for concluding that you are alone—that nobody else with spanking desires is normal like you.



If you want to integrate accountability in your life, become more goal oriented or just want to spank yourself anyway, you should consider, apart from reading the other articles here, to get the The guide for self spanking. It will teach you the backgrounds of spanking, some things to consider when starting first, and various scenarios in which spanking yourself is necessary. 

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9 thoughts on “Why spanking should be a part of your life

  1. Hello John and Mss Jessica

    I have had many years with this struggle! and now at the age of 36 I am just coming around to understanding myself and understanding a lot more about the realm in which we are placed.

    I agree with the article and these few comment’s! I also find that Self-Spanking ones self relieves me of self frustration! with myself and also makes me feel so much better with one’s self after having done so! especially if you have done something that you know in the back of one’s mind you have done something that needs correcting! and I have always found the best remedy for me is to take my self to my private room, or the kitchen and spank that rear end until you feel you have paid for the wrong that you have done.

    I Always feel refreshed and not guilty with myself after a good Spanking, that being myself spanking my rear! or someone else.
    And If you no longer feel bad or guilty about your self! which is not healthy to do so! then Spanking for me at times is a bit like a medicine and keeps me in a physical way healthy and also mentally sain and healthy.




  2. Hi John and Jessica
    That would be wonderful! and yes I hope my testimonial will be valuable to others! out there who feel the same as I do.

    For those who are still questioning themselves! I hope that they can read my story, and be full of motivation! to realise that they can have a happy and productive spanking relationship with someone or with them selves! without feeling that they are in the dark or strange in some way as I did in my late teens until recently.

    I hope for them that by reading this they will be able to wake up to who they are and not feel bad about themselves! it took me all this time! to except myself and my correction self needs. I hope this helps others to not take as long as I did and move on with their lives with lots of happy healthy spanking and correction in their lives! at the end of the day no matter how old you are! we are never to old for life’s correction! and a good spanking when we need one! and hope others come to realise this with themselves.

    I always feel great after it and good about myself! even with a red behind.




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  4. Hi Miss Jessica

    Not yet but I shall look into it. I have found everything else helpful thus far on this site.



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