Spanking yourself

What implements do you need for self-spanking?

I require all naughty spankees to have the following 4 implements on hand when guiding them in telephone-directed self-spankings (I also suggest you enhance your self-spanking with these tips):

1. Calypso Hairbrush


This packs a wallop when delivered with medium force, and a hard, biting sting when delivered with full force. When you are naughty, bratty, irresponsible or ill-behaved, you can bet I’ll use this hairbrush liberally across your deserving backside.   Whether you are listening to Spanking Podcasts or remorsefully yelping on the other end of your weekly telephone-directed Accountability Session, you’ll wince when you hear the ominous words: “bring out the hairbrush!.”

Buy your Calypso Hairbrush at a local CVS, or order it online.

2. Long-Handled Bath Brush


After one good whack with this monster you’ll be blubbering your apologies and begging to go home. Lift the bathbrush high above the target behind you, hear that air whisp around your ears and get ready to jump and yelp as the stark round back lights a fire on your ass. The round wooden back covers a substantial surface area and puts you in mind of a study sorority or fraternity paddle. I bring this one out when you need to feel the effect of a spanking for hours or days, for an unyielding butt-beating sure to make you a very sorry boy or girl indeed.

Buy your long-handled bath brush at Walmart for only $4.

3. Medium-Handled Cactus Bath Brush


Upon impact with your quivering cheeks, this nicely weighted brush will deliver the perfect combination of sting and thud, producing a culminating pain that will make you think twice before acting out again. I use this little lesson-teacher when a butt like yours needs a fast lesson in respect and obedience. You’ll be made to show off the bruises of a lesson truly learned when I stick you in the corner to show off your freshly punished bottom, balancing this bath brush an top of your head. And it had better not drop, otherwise it’s another spanking right across those punished cheeks.

But your medium-handled cactus bath brush at the Body Shop for $15, or order it online. (note: it looks different on The Body Shop’s website, but it’s the same bath brush as shown above)

4. OUCH! Leather Strap with Holes


You’ll do real penance for your misdeeds with this 3.5 inch thick instrument of correction. The intensity will continue to build air compresses through the holes and the leather attacks your bare skin. Naughty girls and boys will show marks from their strapping under thier skirts or shorts. When I say “Get the strap,” you can be sure I’m about to make you pay.

Happy spanking! Jessica.


If you want to integrate accountability in your life, become more goal oriented or just want to spank yourself anyway, you should consider, apart from reading the other articles here, to get the The guide for self spanking. It will teach you the backgrounds of spanking, some things to consider when starting first, and various scenarios in which spanking yourself is necessary. 

Check out the guide here or click on this image, to go directly to Amazon:


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33 thoughts on “What implements do you need for self-spanking?

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  2. Hi Miss Jessica

    The Wooden Back Scratcher Spanker

    Though I have all the above already in my tool kit! and many others I have recently found something cheap and also that has a very nasty sting on a naughty bottom!. I recently tried a few of those wooden back scratches’ made from hard wood! with a nice shaped end on it like a dong! this side is not the hand shape which you scratch your back with! but the handle.

    Out of interest I slapped it on my bottom when I the shower hard and boy does it sting on a bear bottom on the handle end and well worth adding to the tool kit above any spankers tool kit a can tell you! Haha good for the other end for soothing an ich! So it has two purposes!! In my book, one for soothing when needed! one for stinging when needed.



  3. Hi Miss Jessica

    My Leather paddles! have been starting to get warn out for some time now so I thought It was time to go to one of those fetish shops! that sell them. I have not needed to go into one for 8 years, as my paddles, have lasted well for years! however the time had come to get some new leather paddles! and some wood ones and some canes! whilst I was at it.

    I must say I was also very very surprised! of the amount of different paddles! now that are also made of rubber that pack a stinging wallop just as good! if not as hard and lasting sting as the leather ones! I Know as I have felt the pain over the last few days, with my dose of daily maintenance spankings!. I got a few new leather and rubber ones! and I am as impressed with the rubber paddles! as the leather ones. I also got a new wood paddle and a few nice hooked thin canes! for when I am very bad.

    I normally buy my wooden spoons, spatulas etc! from a hospitality supply shop! in town as their spoons! are very good spanking grade, and length.



  4. Hi Miss Jessica

    First of all thank you for your advice and yes I like good paddles.

    I have purchased items over the internet before and the items are good! but I still do like going into local stores! now and then! as I like to test out the quality of the items sometimes! that the perfectionist coming out of me again! before I purchase them.

    The canes and paddles, I purchased the other day, were just perfect! for the pain and walloping that I want on my behind. You know it amazes me when you see just how many really good discipline spanking items! that are out there now! that you can purchase now to turn that behind of yours a sorry cherry red! without much effort!! not sure why people have issues’ finding items to spank themselves’ with to punish themselves, or others with! as there is just no stone unturned to do the job with in this day and age! as far as what you cant spank your bottom with. If you truly are serous’ and want to get the right tools to punish yourself and get yourself in better discipline shape! with some good old fashioned spanking!! there are all the right levels of pain items for spanking out there! at every ones level and needs!.

    Thank you once again for your advice Miss Jessica.



  5. Hi Miss Jessica

    I normally send you a report at the end of each month as a record of each month but I can send you a mid month progression report if you would like me to do you one. I shall do you one right now in this section.



  6. January Mid Report 2017

    Joel’s mid January Report 2017

    This month has been the start of a new year for me! and so far I started the new year with a new year spanking daily program! that is really working wonders for me.

    As I had decided from my December 2016 report, my behaviour had improved so much from my every Sunday Maintenance spankings’ over the four months that I have now gone on to increase that to an every day spanking of 20 swats per day! every day.

    I would also like to mention! I have of also of late gone into one of those fetish stores, that sell these spanking items! as I was out for some new canes! and spanking paddles! ! really am impressed with the range out there of the different spanking items! all round that are on the market! now that you can purchase now! that don’t cost the earth! and boy will set fire to your behind without much effort at all.
    The other day I purchased 3 new leather paddles! 2 rubber paddles! the rubber ones worth it! they have just as much sting and swat! as the leather ones and a nice stinging wood one. I also purchased the perfect hooked thin length canes’ that bite and leave those red lines on a bottom nicely. I don’t know why people have issues in this day and age finding items to punish themselves’ as there are so many spanking items out there now just for nothing else but for one thing! to turn your behind a sorry cherry red! without any fuss at all.
    It would also appear that they sell spanking items for every thing under the sun, and level of spanker!.

    Any how I also found another nice slogan for my new years resolution for 2017 that I found in on of those spiritual shops! and I think it is so great, and I am inspiring to it and think everyone should read these words from it as I do every day I think it is just great!!

    Source is Unknown but listen to these words


    Be Thankful that you don’t already have everything you desire, if you did, what would there be to look forward to? Be thankful when you don’t know something For it gives you the opportunity to learn. Be thankful for the difficult times. During those times you grow. Be thankful for your limitations Because they give you opportunities for improvement. Be thankful for each new challenge Because it will build your strength and character.
    Be thankful for your mistakes they will teach you valuable lessons. Be thankful when your tied weary Because it means you’ve made a difference. It is easy to be thankful for the good things. A life of rich fulfilment comes to those who are also thankful for the setbacks. Gratitude can turn a negative into a positive. Find a way to be thankful for your troubles and they can become your blessing…..

    I really like this and read it everyday and try to follow it a long with my 20 swats.

    My maintenance Program looks like this so far…..

    Day one 1st Jan 2017
    Pulled down jeans and underpants and laid on bed on pillows and gave my bear bottom 20 hard stinging spanks with wooden spoon.

    Day two 2nd Jan 2017
    Pulled down jeans and underpants and laid on the bed on pillows and gave my bear bottom 20 hard spanks with the wooden back scratcher.

    Day three 3rd Jan 2017
    Pulled down shorts and underpants and laid on bed on pillows and gave my bear bottom 20 hard spanks with a plastic hard paddle.

    Day four 4th Jan 2017
    Pulled down jeans and underpants and bent over desk and gave my bear bottom 20 hard spanks with rubber paddle.

    Day five 5th Jan 2017
    Pulled down shorts and underpants and bent over desk and spanked bear bottom 20 hard times with wooden paddle.

    Day sixth 6th Jan 2017
    Pulled down Jeans and underpants and laid on bed on pillows and spanked bear bottom 20 hard times with wooden spoon.

    Day seven 7th Jan 2017
    Pulled down Jeans and underpants and bent over desk and spanked bear bottom hard 20 times with plastic spatula.

    Day ate 8th Jan 2017
    Pulled down pants and underpants and laid on bed on pillows and spanked bear bottom 20 hard times with thick hard long wine testing spoon.

    Day nine 9th Jan 2017
    Pulled down jeans and underpants and laid on bed on pillow and spanked bear bottom 20 hard times with wooden back scratcher.

    Day ten 10th Jan 2017
    Pulled down shorts and underpants and bent over desk and spanked bear bottom 20 hard times with rubber paddle.

    Day eleven 11th Jan 2017
    Pulled down Jeans and underpants and spanked bear bottom with the wooden spoon 20 hard times.

    Day twelve 12th Jan 2017

    Pulled down shorts and underpants and gave my bear bottom 20 hard spanks with the rubber paddle.

    As further Maintenance spanking from My Tutor Miss Jessica I had to bend over the desk and drop my shorts and underpants! later in the evening and give my self a 30 strokes with one of my thin hooked canes that left me with 30 even red strokes on my behind! I deserved it and I am now focused.

    So far I have not had to really have to punish my self for anything real bad this month! as I have more good news to report than bad! my behaviour is much improved and the Maintenance program is really working very very well, thanks to Miss Jessica.

    I am going to go and have a monthly visit with my Mistress this Sunday night for a monthly over the knee spanking! I have been very good! but as per my plan I plan to keep to daily maintenance spanking program and seeing my mistress once or twice a month as my firm discipline continues along with your continued advice, and added spankings Miss Jessica, when you think I need it.

    That brings an end to this Mid month Report. At the end of the month I shall send the months report.



  7. Hi Miss Jessica

    Something else Real helpful that I have not done for years! but did today, despite the soreness! of my behind already from the spanking I received from my disciplinarian a few nights ago!. I shaved my behind! something I did on a regular basis, when I was in my 20s’ for a spanking as it is true, it does sting twice as much I find on a shaved bottom! add oil before the spanking, and it really increases the heat and sting to the spanking no end.

    It really increased the sting and soreness to my daily maintenance spanking today! when I pulled down my pants! put oil on my bear bottom, and gave my bear bottom 20 hard swats with the wooden paddle today! it really stung! and I have been good all day! as that stinging 20 swats does the trick for me.




  8. Hi Miss Jessica

    I have had a very large improvement in my self control and behaviour mind set since I began the every morning 20 swats Maintenance program! and also getting a good spanking of my Mistress Sunday just gone! to make it all sink in with a sore bottom for a few days! I must say with all honesty and I do mean this! I am running out on things to report as far as serious issues have not been on the table of late which I must say thank you Miss Jessica and Miss Melissa.

    My good things

    .I would like to say though I am now wearing my clothes that I did in my 20s.

    .I have loads of energy and Im’ still living on my salad Asian tea diet that no one else likes! but the health pros all keep say what ever I am doing keep doing it! so I shall.

    .Got loads done with my home and made heaps of changes and all ready for the new year.

    .Sorted out my sports team line up for 2017

    .Contacted and sorted out everyone and got the ball rolling as far as my volunteer postings are concerned so I don’t let anyone down there like the stuff up I made back in November.

    My work is going well and sorting out big things there in 2017!

    Health over all going from strength to strength and my over all happiness is very good.

    In many of my positions in life! I need to be a leader! so I need to lift and the extra discipline! has more than done that! hence why I whish more people would realise they need it in there lives, not just me. I have found that out! now that up to others’ to find out or not I guess would you agree!.

    Miss Jessica if I am giving my self a daily Maintenance spanking! and seeing my Mistress once or twice a month! however I found that 30 with the thin hooked cane you gave me as extra maintenance the other day! also did me a stack load of good!.
    Please even if I have been good! I still always need that little more discipline, from my Disciplinarians’ too keep me in line! so please Miss Jessica when you do your normal online Tutoring of your pupils! please give me a punishment to do even when I have been good! as it is all discipline at the end of the day! and I don’t know if you realise how much I am feeling the benefits from all this discipline.

    Big Thank you to you again Miss Jessica




  9. Hi Miss Jessica

    I certainly will do! and started punishment last night! it just after 6am in the morning my time! Tuesday. Last night I gave my self 50 strokes! with the thin hooked cane! across my bear bottom, and put myself in the corner for half an hour for half an hour in tight jeans on hard bench!. As extra punishment, I also washed my mouth out with a bar of soap! in the shower and will do so tonight, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as you have justly given me Miss Jessica! I shall also keep up with my 20 maintenance spanks, a day as well as they help me out heaps, to stay focused and in line.



  10. Hi Miss Jessica

    You must have missed my last email I sent above! about my maintenance spanking schedule.

    I have a few ideas! I would like to run by you by email and will send them to you when I have finished my punishment later tonight with my last soaping and 50 with the Cane! I have already given myself the 20 maintenance swats for the day.

    It is a public holiday today in my Country today but shall still follow my tough diet and discipline routine as always! and follow through




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  12. Bath Brush Vs 4 by 4 wood cuts….

    Hi Miss Jessica

    I have found an implement that hurts! and stings about as much as a Bath brush! as I recently broke my other one a few weeks on my backside. I found some wood cuts of 4 by 4 and boy I think it stings as much if not more than a bath brush with just as much SMACK! and CRACK! as the bath brush.

    Will take photo of it, and send it off to you! let me know what you think.




  13. Good morning Miss Jessica

    I have had that bath brush for years! and it was wood! but it had also had many years of scrubbing and being wet! as I also use it every night to have a shower. Think the combination of its age, being wet often and also the hard spanking it’s done the head cracked off on my bottom! so that was that.

    I have looked at a few bath brushes since around the place! they are of good potential spanking material! but the problem is that they are all made of plastic. I don’t mind plastic! but they not the same as the good hard spanking wood ones that really give that stinging real hard spanking the wood one’s do.

    I will use the 4 by 4 in the mean time! however I did buy a wood bamboo hair brush the other day! and though it a short tool for spanking it has a real good hard sting for spanking I gave myself 75 swats with it yesterday for my Wednesday punishment spanking.

    I gave my bear bottom 20 more spanks with the short thick wooden spoon I have after! the result was another red, sore bottom.

    I shall send you the photos of that spanking as well.




  14. Hi Miss Jessica

    I left you a email in your email box on this so you will get this anyway. Think this email would also go well in the Fem Dom Blog as well but I think it goes well in this one.

    From time to time as you know though in truth I know we are all spanko’s at heart seeking those that are the disciplinarians’ and those that are for the punishment!. In truth there has to be some other form of consequence! and punishment put in place! to change things up! so that the person being punished does not get use to! or complacent with the same form of discipline! or punishment. Now I stop and really think long and hard about it! it reminds’ me of when I was at School! and at home and every now and then the normal spanking side of things’ along with mouth washing! some times would change to grounding, and bans’ etc every now and then that also would make an impact and change my behaviour from time to time.

    I have recently stopped and thought though! though my mother never did it to me! I always got hard long bear bottom spankings and mouth washing’s out with soap when I was a boy and teenager! I can however remember my much smart mouthed older brother when he was a teenager in the late 80s and 90s. He was always being so horrible, nasty and rude towards us all! and my mother at times! and well he was going through that real horrible! eldest brother, teenage brother rebel thing. My mother would start to when my brother was around being so horrible, and he thought he was so big for his own boots’ so to speak!! my mother would wear these leather boots with the long pointe nose! or tip at the end! you know the sort! and then my mother would wait for him to bend over to do something when he was least expecting and she would give him one big BOOOOOT to his behind! and boy would Mr Big then let out a yelp and bring him back down to earth and sorry to us all. He would also have a sore bottom after that I can tell you. Though my mother never Kicked my backside! as I guess I was the submissive one that always went over her knee when needed! I have always been interested in the Sub dom part of ladies boots! and yes bending over and having ones bottom kicked. I even thinking at some point! if my own mistress is ok with it getting her to experiment a bit with this in one of our future sessions!!.

    I have put this in this blog! as I went out and got a pair of ladies black leather boots! simular to the ones my mother once kicked my brothers bottom with! and I am looking at with wood! creating a handle and rod so I can boot my own behind with the boot!!! to get a feel and experiment with it a bit!!. I shall also create a artificial foot to go into the shoe. When I have finished making it! I shall take a photo of it and send it to you! I think it could be a real effective! and new tool bottom stinging message way of punishment! and discipline we could use between You Miss Jessica and I. Others on this blog reading! may be interested in doing something simular! as ideas and new ideas is what it’s all about! or have a better idea that they may be able the share on this blog.

    Please Miss Jessica please let me know your thoughts on bottom kicking! is it toooo extreme ! I think if it’s not too hard and of adult age! it not so bad! and hey! it was the only thing when my brother was being a complete obnoxious brat at 14, 15,16 and 17 all those years ago! was the only thing that sorted him out! and pulled his head in at times! so I have seen it work first hand.




    • Wow Joel your idea is great! Yes please go ahead and do it, and send me the picture then. Honestly you always come up with something new (I would have never had this idea.) Do it!


  15. Thanks Miss Jessica

    I Don’t think I am a deviant and I genially seek discipline, punishment and guidance! but I do often look at trying to improve ways! of doing things! and trying new ways of punishment that will work. Though everyone is different and results are different for different people! sometimes when we compere things, and try different ideas out we can all improve things for everyone.

    Like I said in the last email! I also think this topic may have gone well also in the Fem Dom blog as well! as I do have a bit of a fetish for leather boots! don’t know why. Like I have said in other email messages! in Fem Dom previously a lady can be dressed in real tight leather from head to foot! and it would not make me flinch that much!! but a lady dressed just in a normal dress! blows or in jeans! but got a pair of (KILLER HIGH HEAL LEATHER BOOTS ON) like my mother once use to get around in and I melt. As I say I remember those boots’ doing a lot of backside kicking! in our house hold, in the late 80s’ and early 90’s and I am going to complete making that (BOOT KICKER) this weekend! and send you a photo of it! and then we can start looking next week at how to best use it Miss Jessica….




  16. Hi Miss Jessica

    Just to let you know I have completed the Backside Kicking Tool this weekend! and I am very happy with the way it came out I hop you like it!!!. I took 4 photo’s and have sent them to you! I think it is going to be a very very goooood PUNISHMENT tool from now on! and hurt heaps to deter any bad behaviour just like it did when my brother was a very bad boy.

    Please Miss Jessica Let me know what you think! I think also the use of a old crutch along with leather pants and a leather belt! rope and also plasta! and a wood carved food foot to go inside the boot! make a great combination for this punishment! I have already booted my bottom once with it! and that was with my pants on! and I can tell you it hurt and it got a belt to it! and it don’t need much force to do that nether.

    Day off for me tomorrow as well Miss Jessica as I worked today! will get my Accountability report out to you as well tonight or tomorrow.


    Your Loyal Student



    • A great report and the kicking tool is a great idea (you really are a creative person).
      I am considering making a post about it, what do you think.
      No punishments for today as I await your report. mistress


  17. Thanks Miss Jessica

    I thought you would like it! I think a post on boots! and backside kicking would be fantastic! it good for dominance! discipline, Fem, punishment and it hurts anywhere as much as a hard spanking! if not more! especially with the pointe end of a ladies leather boot!! and as you can see, if one can get creative!!with a few ladies boots! and a few other items at hand and use their imagination!! you can make your own to kick your own backside under your instructions of course. If you like you can use my photo! as an example.

    I had another idea of another invention of another model I am going to give a go that will be hand size that will make it easer for people to be able to use in a sitting! or on the bed position! as it is the model I have made at the moment is best used in a standing! or bending over position.




  18. Hi Miss Jessica

    Another Report for you Miss Jessica that I think you will like….

    As well as the other four comments I have sent in Fem Dom Blog! Accountability Reports Blog! and How to find a Mistress Blog and this blog, I have made already as well as the diet report and Accountability Report I sent through! I promise this is the last one for now! just to let you know I have completed the other Backside Kicking tool that I said I would give a go! and as it worked out! it has turned out much better than the first one, I think! it can be used in any position! and it is a hand held one!.

    I think it came out quite well! I have just sent another two new photo’s off to you. Hope you like them and I think they will be useful for using on me Miss Jessica in the future for booting my behind when I have been very very naughty.




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  20. I would love an ordered punishment. I haven’t been very good…very disrespectful and my attitude has been bad. My partner told me to post this and accept whatever punishment you see fit


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