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Do you deserve or wish a birthday spanking?

Birthday spankings were once given to toughen up a child because it was feared that evil spirits would be especially active on such a big day (and obviously a spanking was the cure!). Those don’t exactly sound like fun spankings to us. The more modern tradition of fun birthday spankings might have something to do with that first ever spanking the doctor delivered after birth.

Did you get and/or give birthday spankings growing up? How about now as an adult? Is it fair if they GIVE someone their birthday spanking?

I invite you to leave a comment below!


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10 thoughts on “Do you deserve or wish a birthday spanking?

  1. I used to get birthday spankings in my family. Mother always have us a hand spanking followed by dad giving us our age in belt spanks.


  2. Hi John and Miss Jessica

    I have never been given a loving Birthday Spanking, the only Spankings I have ever known from my self or someone else is for (Punishment).

    But you know is there anything not right in giving oneself a good Birthday spanking? if those around don’t like it?.
    I think in some ways, giving oneself a fun light spanking across your clothed seat, also lets you know that there can be times to give yourself a fun spanking for special times! And let you know that not all your spankings need to be the pants’ down! hard stinging spankings that one gives themselves when they are in need of correction punishment! or maintenance spankings.
    Next year on my birthday I am going to gave my own spanking! of my age in spanks! and I am thinking of doing a simular spanking to myself to bring the new year in on new years eve or day!!

    It will be my first two fun Self-Spankings I have ever given my self.



  3. Hi Miss Jessica

    Thank you so much for your advice, on my next birthday next year I shall be giving myself a good 37 swats on my behind with a paddle! I am hoping to try and get my lovely partner to give me one as well.



  4. I received birthday spankings from my step-mother growing up until the age of 15. Now, almost 40 years later, I get them from my wife, women at play parties, and of course, myself if no one else is around, or I’m just feeling a little naughty


  5. Hi Miss Jessica

    I am due to give my self 37 Birthday swats this Monday! as it will be my Birthday.

    Which implement do you think! I should use across my behind. I have never been given a Birthday spanking! or given myself one before! this be my first one and I am very curious about it! despite years, of giving myself lots of discipline punishment self spankings! and getting spankings, off disciplinarians.




  6. Hi Miss Jessica

    In the end my choice of spanking implement was 37 Birthday swats this morning’ with my trusty leather paddle! across my bear bottom bending over followed with my 20 Maintenance spanks, across my bear bottom with a wooden spoon.




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