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Self spanking in public

Mystery, surprise and excitement are key components in any spanking relationship, even one you’ve got with yourself! The next time you catch yourself doing something naughty in public, march yourself to the public restroom, pull down your pants and undies and give yourself 20 – 40 hard wallops with the hairbrush.

The possibility of someone walking in on you will hieghten the experience, as you hurriedly smack your behind hoping to finish the deed before you are “caught.” Plus, paying for your misbehavior on the spot is stronger reinforcement than waiting till you get somewhere safe.

Naturally, your short public spanking is only a reminder of the longer treatment you’ll receive once home. I enforce public self-spankings with many of my spankees. Sometimes I will call, email, or text message a boy and ask how he’s been behaving that day. If he has anything negative to report, I’ll make him deliver a self-spanking in public, on the spot. The calypso hairbrush works best for these public mini-spankings.

I also tell him that, if anyone asks why he was yelping so loudly in the bathroom, he must say with a straight face: “I was smacking my ass for being so bad, and when I get home Miss Jessica is going to make me smack me naughty ass some more.” Then, he should return calmly return to his business.


If you want to integrate accountability in your life, become more goal oriented or just want to spank yourself anyway, you should consider, apart from reading the other articles here, to get the The guide for self spanking. It will teach you the backgrounds of spanking, some things to consider when starting first, and various scenarios in which spanking yourself is necessary. 

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8 thoughts on “Self spanking in public

  1. Hi Miss Jessica

    At a sports Venue last night I was in a hurry to get home and left the room not very tidy. Though I did apologize to the sports manager of the Venue about the mess and that I would make an effort! and told him I would come back later today and clean up!.
    I felt this was not good enough! and this morning when I got up I took my self into the bathroom and gave myself a good 30 HARD spanks with a wooden spoon on my bear bottom and gave myself 30 minutes corner time.

    After giving myself a long hard switching on the weekend I still have a sore bottom so the 30 spanks really hurt! but I felt another need to correct myself and needed to be punished on the spot today! even though I cleaned up eventually there is never any need to leave other places untidy I think.

    Should I give myself another punishment on top of this.


  2. Hi Miss Jessica

    After having had a shower today as it is my day! I gave my self 100 lines, and a real good hiding. I gave myself another 30 hard spanks with a wooden spoon on my bottom! and I slapped my face good. I gave one cheek 15 slaps, and the other side 15 slaps! my face was smarting and my bottom was very sore as I am still sore from the weekend Switching! so every time I have to spank my bottom it really hurts and I have a lasting sting.

    I have cleaned up the mess and feel I have atoned! and been justly punished now for my laziness and disrespect the other night through punishment. 60 spanks across my bear bottom with the spoon, 30 slaps across my face, 30 minutes corner time and 100 lines.

    Thank you once again Miss Jessica I have been once again correctly punished and corrected.


  3. I would love to do that! but having issues sending pics of late! once I get sorted out I will start sending on a regular basis.

    I still have some very dark bruising below on my right but cheek, from the switching the other day! and still some bruising but mostly sore on the left! so that switching by the time it goes away! will have lasted at least a week.

    I am still having to spank in between! as I just need it! or I fall into a hole of bad behaviour and attitude.


  4. Hi,I have taking honors and AP classes this year, but I really feel like I’m really lazy in doing homework and not try hard enough in school, and I really like spanking. I want to ask you if you can give me some proper discipline to stop being lazy.


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