Self-Discipline for Procrastinators

Self-spankings deliver a much-needed dose of punishment for the distracted and unproductive among us. The key is to deliver your self-spankings in a strict, controlled manner. I mean, if you were across my lap getting your bottom blistered, the spanking wouldn’t end at the first yelp, now would it? If your naughty tail deserves a thorough spanking and there’s nobody around to deliver it, grab that hairbrush and whack away! Here’s how to make a procrastination punishment all the more effective:

1. Dress for your self-spanking: Before you start your self spanking, slowly roll down your boxers, briefs or panties so that they rest jumbled up just below your sit spot, like this:


Leave your pants or shorts at your knees. Naughty girls, flip your short skirt back down. Dress in heels, a skirt, and blouse, or a school girl uniform – whatever invokes that “I’ve been bad and now I’m gonna pay for” feeling. Naughty boys, dress in something equally appropriate – perhaps a special shirt with the words “Bad Boy” spray-painted on, or other articles of clothing that make you feel especially naughty and vulnerable.

2. Prepare for your self-spanking. Sit at the dining room table or kitchen table, place the wooden hairbrush in your lap (a solid wooden brush with a textured back like this works best for a self-spanking), and write down the reasons for your punishment: List all the projects, assignments, duties and obligations you are behind on. Title your list “Reason’s I’m About to Get My Bottom Blistered.” Next to each delinquency, write out how many spanks you think that deserves – a minimum of 50 spanks per offense, and up to 300 spanks for particularly unacceptable negligence.

3. Spank yourself. March into the bedroom, prop your butt atop a few pillows, and wallop away, delivering swift and speedy cheeks in quick succession. Give yourself a spanking for the first offense you listed.

4. Spank yourself again! Complete the first task while the heat is noticeable and the sting fresh. If it’s a big task, complete a small portion of it. After completing the first task, proceed back into the bedroom and spank yourself for your second offense. Then, complete that task, Repeat this process untill you have completed (or at least started on) each one of your tasks.

Why This Self-Spanking Regiment for Procrastinators is Awesome

1. It lasts quite a while, depending on just how bad a procrastinator you’ve been. This spanking session could easily last a day which means you butt will be in sorry shape by the time you go to bed.

2. It doubles as a grounding punishment. Working all day on what you’ve let slide means you’re not doing other more enjoyable things, like watching TV or hanging out with friends. Take breaks for things like eating, resting, and bathing – but don’t interrupt your punishment to watch streaming Netflix videos! (After all, that’s nothing but MORE procrastination!)

3. It drives the point home. Repeated spankings over a relatively small period of time hurt! Having to spank yourself over an already sore behind turns self-spanking into punishment and will leave you very remorseful at the end of the session.

Finally, here’s a motivational video of a guy spanking himself.

Happy Spanking!

Miss Jessica, Spanking Disciplinarian

If you want to integrate accountability in your life, become more goal oriented or just want to spank yourself anyway, you should consider, apart from reading the other articles here, to get the The guide for self spanking. It will teach you the backgrounds of spanking, some things to consider when starting first, and various scenarios in which spanking yourself is necessary. 

Check out the guide here or click on this image:


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